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Please people, dont make assumptions on the resale value, problems occuring after 2/3 years etc. Second Hand Indicas sell very well.

Frankly, its wrong thinking that a diesel is high on maintainence cost. If you maintain a diesel car properly, nothing is bound to happen. There is no written theory that Diesel = High Maintainence. I have had an Indica V2 for 2 years and now a Indigo LS diesel for 2, havent had a single problem on both, maybe because of the way I maintain them.
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I really dont think you can compare the Indica Turbo to the Swift/Getz as they are entirely different.

For starters - The Indica is a diesel. And though I appreciate the turbo addition, it is by NO means a hot hatch. Dont expect CRDi stonking performance. Second, the Indica can only dream about the sheer depth of engineering that the Swift/Getz have within themselves.

I love the Indica and am considering one as a rough use runabout for the house. But its just not in the league of the Swift/Getz.

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Default Yes

Note from the Admin : Post Deleted. You have been warned before on this count and consider this as a final increment. There is absolutely no need to drag Fiat into each and every thread on this board. Stick to the topic being discussed, or take your opinions to the many existing Fiat threads
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I agree with GTO above...first of all Indica is a diesel and Getz/Swift are petrol. No doubt on the fact that the addtion on the turbo will give better power/FE and overall better VFM.
But as for a comparison...I would rather wait for the Swift with 1.3L multijet diesel engine to come out for the comparison.
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for a diesel hot hatch comparo, i would wait another year for the 1.3JTD and the 1.5Crdi from the swift and the getz respectively...

but even then, i can predict the results right now..the 1.3 JTD swift with an expected 70 bhp would be in the turbo indica league, whereas the getz with the 3-pot 1.5 motor from the accent, boasting of 81 bhp would be definitely a HOT vote, despite being SO early, goes to the diesel getz...

as for this poll, it seems inappropriate to compare the three- the gasoline indica would've been a beaten, but worthy contender....
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Originally Posted by Catamaran
Agree to you dceite,,,but my experience says diesels have more maintenance cost compared to petrol cars...
but not sure of the new generation indica's service costs...if its cheap
The new generation Indica diesels are quite cheap to maintain. As somebody has mentioned already, as long as you stick to prescribed service schedules, you will do just fine.
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Old 17th October 2005, 11:34   #22
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I guess the most important thing is to choose the car that is a best match of your usage pattern and image.

Remember that largest users of Indica, in whatever form, are the fleet operators. All said and done it is good for basic duty. The Turbo will add more power for sure but it does not have the refinement of either the Getz or Swift.

Most Indicas, today, are trouble free for a while. If you plan to change your car in 3/4 years they may not have any issues with large maintenance bills.

I personally think that one cannot compare Indica, Getz and Swift on the same yardstick.

I drive an Indica, as well.
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I think people are missing the point, question asked is not which car is better in terms of engineering, obveiously you can compare petrol with diesel, but which is the best value for mony car for an average indian family considering the space, FE, maintaince cost, safety and ofcourse the price of the car.
I would say if you consider all above, Indica Turbo is an outright winner here. I drive Indica V2, an year old, my only grudge with the car is its underpowered engine (that too when you switch on the AC else it suffices for indian driving conditions). Now with Trubo Indica, I hope, that is taken care. I mean, tell me who would not like to have 16-20 FE with the economy of diesel, ample space, low maintaince cost( high maintaince cost is myth, as stratos said it well, you take care of car and it will take care of your pocket), strong build quality ( not well finished though) and acceptable levels of NVH(much better than earliar diesels). And people keep talking about that you should drive atleast xxx if you have diesel, I tell you when you buy diesel like Indica with FE of 15-20, you will automatically drive more because that petrol cost and mileage figure does not impede your thinking. When I bought V2, I had planned to drive atleast 700 km/month but now I end up driving more than 1000 because I just don't think twice befor dashing out to any place.
Veyon1, you want to wait for Getz/Swigth CRDI then I think you should expect them to be against V2 Turbo but V2 Dicor.
Well I feel with Turbo, V2 has become just too much VFM, people who just bought non turbo recently I feel sorry for them( but that is what is called luck) and those who are buying, I would say, you won't regret it.
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Old 17th October 2005, 18:28   #24
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firstly the comparison between diesel and petrol is not justified
a newer diesel would always be cheaper to run than the petrol
so (apart from looks) between the two petrol models Gets goes with me...
Swift scores with its looks!!
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keeping maintainence costs aside the two things that compare are

Fuel costs. Now that even diesel prices are rising not much will differ but as of now diesels rule.

safety on highway is of prime importance when covering long distances.

hence it depends on what is more important. Safety and performance or value and running costs.
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