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Originally Posted by ramzsys View Post
The solution is to paint the area white and paste stickers of the registration detail.
An excellent idea !!!
And the stickers should be of the Tamper-Void variety, which leave the sticker worthless if removed. Background need not be white.

Name:  TamperVoidlicenseplatesticker.jpg
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Well i think a good solution to this would be embossing the registration number on the body itself.
The section of the body/bumper where the number plate is to be fitted can be painted white with a black border and the registration number to be embossed within it.
As the vehicle is registered by the dealership, the registration number embossing should be done by the dealers.
This solves two major issues.
1) Stealing of number plates
2) Use of fancy/illegal number plates.
The onus then lies on the dealers/manufacturer to make sure that it complies with all standards.
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Apart from the monograms and name plates, now is the turn of the side indicators covers too. A couple of car owners in my neighbourhod have been seething with anger over the stolen side turn indicator covers. The owners hade to get a cover on the exposed lamps in the monsoon fearing water ingress and leading to god know what failures.

Now why would some one steal those plastic ones, what would they gain from them. I dont think its even worth 50/- in the market or is it more?
This is pure sadistic pleasure activities.
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I wonder what use it is for a thief for a number plate except the material of which it is made of. I spoke to a person who had my number plates made since my Honda issue standard ones turned yellow. He said these are stolen since the material used is imported. But still I don't get it how does one re-use a number plate , except when a stolen car with bogus plates is to be used.
I can understand a monogram can decorate another lower category vehicle , as I have seen rikshas sporting monograms of Audi's , Cadillacs etc.
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This reminds me of an incident that I had to face when I was in Junior college. I used to go to Private tutions early in the morning on a scooter and park it in a well lit place along with the others. One day when after the class I came out I saw the front number plate bent from both the sides and then on a later day it was the number plate at the back. It irritated me a lot. I wonder why people take such sadistic pleasure in destroying others property or steal their property which though not nessessarily expensive are extremely important.

Maybe they should introduce number plates with scannable chips which can be scanned by some special device and the chip should contain important details like VIN number of the car and the registration details, so that it also becomes easy for the authorities to see if the vehicle is stolen.
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we need to agree that there are some people who find so much happiness in destroying other's properties!

OFF Topic:

I for myself, lost my hella headlamps which was not even 1 week old! -- problems of parking on the road side. my DDiS badge on the side[above indicator] was broken by some one and only one "D" was left there. there were numerous scratches on the car ! one day I saw two kids using the front windshield as a "SLIDE" and were having whole lot of fun sliding from the top of the car to the bonnet with all those sand / dirt in their feet.

One day I saw lot of rice on the bonnet which was the obvious wastage after feeding a kid !

I have seen kids kicking and hitting my car so that the alarm starts buzzing for some time and the parents watching the kids in absolute satisfaction !

We just cant help it ! Now I took a flat where I have a covered parking and security as well -- and after shifting there, I got to know what a peaceful sleep means!!!

My friend had a Zen VXi [back in 1999] and some one scratched the bonnet in a diagonal line. When he took that to the dealer for checking, they said even the primer was gone in that one scratch !
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Originally Posted by swiftnfurious View Post
my DDiS badge on the side[above indicator] was broken by some one and only one "D" was left there. there were numerous scratches on the car ! one day I saw two kids using the front windshield as a "SLIDE" and were having whole lot of fun sliding from the top of the car to the bonnet with all those sand / dirt in their feet.
Now I know where you got your handle from
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Not a big fan of displaying Number Plates with Dealer Signage, dont believe is wasting plastic either (its harmful enough as it is ). Just turn over the plates, get the back side cleaned up and put the stickers on.

The idea of just having a sticker as a plate is very sensible if you stay in an area where you could lose your number plates to a theif. I would go with GTO and rather keep the Plastic/Fibre plate on the car.
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How about using industrial strength double sided tape behind the plate prior to also using the screws to secure it. For a robber this will be an additional effort after removing the screws. This might be sufficient deterrent to not invest more time and risk getting detected.

Originally Posted by ghodlur View Post
How about getting the registration no embossed either on the car rear bumper or on the rear glass or nay other such location which may be visible to car owner as well as the traffic guys.
OT : When I went for my Xylo servicing couple of months ago, a vendor at the service garage suggested getting the registration number etched on the door glasses.
I though it would be a good thing provided not so easily visible and unobstusive. However this guy was planning to do it using the thingy found in stainless steel utensil shops.I realized it would only as good as the guy's handwriting and declined. Some acid based etching in a regular font? I might have gone for that.

Couple of weeks ago, saw a old zen at Hinjewadi, Pune with an MH12DY plate, but with one window sporting a 'hand etched' DL3C reg number. Post reading this thread, I am wondering if the car had a false number plate or was the window replaced?
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Default stolen number plate - ever happened to you?

Hi all
I don't know if this is the right place to post a thread like this, and would request the moderators to guide me with the right section.
I recently have bought a pre worshipped honda civic from my friend hiren mistry. I stay in a gated society (kalpataru aura) at ghatkoper (w), which has got the so called 'securitymen' positioned even in the parking slots...
I parked my car yesterday night in the underground parking slot, and decided to take my bike today to go to office. I was horrified to see when I came back tonight at 10, that the entire front number plate panel (the entire black component which is attached to the bonnet) was missing. Somebody has deliberately removed the same, damaging the paint near the surrounding area since the person has used some sharp object like a screw driver to pull it out.
I've heard and experienced the badges getting knocked but this episode is really disturbing, specially when it happened in my own parking lot. Why would a person steal a number plate?
We have immediately registered a police complaint, and I think I will have to go for not just a new number plate but also for a repaint of the bumper.
Has anybody had a similar experience before? Any other precautions to take apart from lodging the complaint? Also, though I know there will be information available on other posts, but can anybody suggest a great painting person in and around powai/ghatkoper (W)?
Thanks in advance.

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