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Originally Posted by 1Day View Post
Seriously how can you compare a sports car to a cruizer like mustang..I mean it would have been ok if you would have compared it to the regular C6...but Z06...jezzz...HP match up is not the only thing that matters, the regular C6 whopped the @$$ of a Shelby, the Z06 will murder it like it was standing still, Z06 is a sports car, mustang is not a sports car but a cruizer, whoever considers a mustang a sports car really needs to revisit what it means to be a sports car..even the 997 TT is not a sports car, its a cruizers, GT3 and GT2 are the only sports are from porsche(save cgt ofcourse) mustang and corvettes are not in the same league, mustang and camro are..mustang is like 650 lbs heavier than a Z06 and about 350lb heavier than the vette...mustangs are very cheap when it comes to quality, really really cheap..ask me, for a second I had considered a mustang when it came out...thank my good stars that I choose to wait a would think just cuz I own a vette i am defending the car, but seriously is no comparison..not even close, its like comparing a sonata to a S class..I am true car enthuziasts so brand loyalty means squot to me..and hence i am telling you mustang not matter with 500 hp or not can not in its dream be a sports car, its a cruizer with a lot of power..

as for the camaro and challenger, I was hoping for challanger to be a good looking car, but it turned out that the sexiest car in this segment is the camaro and it looks mind blowing, this time it will share some racing heritage from the vette to get better handling...lets see how it turns out, it seems like it will have 3 variants, V6, V8 and the Z28 with the 505hp engine from the Z06 but it wouldnt be even close to a Z06...

Btw Ford GT replacement should also be out in few years...the Shelby GR-1 was it??
Mustang is a cruiser? Would you say the same thing about the Shelby GT500. They are cars built mostly for the track much the same logic as a 997 GT3.

However its also wrong to compare the Z06 with anything because that actually falls in the supercar league. Its for going round and round the Nordschleife and giving stares to Ferrari and Lambo owners. However C6 is as much a sportscar as a GT500 would be.

Cruiser would be Mercury Grand Marquis (not even the Marauder).

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