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Originally Posted by pawan View Post
this is actually really dumb they crush peoples car jut because they couldn't take the precautionary measures while allowing a drag car to perform a burnout with people standing close to it.
Originally Posted by v1p3r View Post
Read the first post, Ishaan. zakaaaaaaaas mentions the incident in Tennessee (?) where some teenagers were run over by a drag car, and has linked it to this. Pawan was right.
Eh? I just opened the story link again (I had read it before this topic was opened anyway) and this is what it mentions:

RIALTO, Calif. - Charles Hoang winced when the whoosh went out of the tires. Daniel Maldonado took pictures with a digital camera as glass exploded and rained down to the ground.

The cars the teens had so meticulously souped up and tricked out were crushed Wednesday as part of a crackdown on illegal street racing in Southern California.

"That's my heart, my dream," said Hoang, 18, of Chino, who was surrounded by friends as his 1998 Acura Integra was put into a compactor. "That's my girlfriend, the love of my life. The cops can crush my car, but they can't crush my memories."

Authorities destroyed six vehicles Wednesday at an auto graveyard, hoping would-be racers think again after looking at the mashed machines. Illegal street racing is responsible for or suspected in 13 deaths in Southern California since March.

The thrill-seeking, adrenaline-pumping activity is rampant in Riverside and San Bernardino counties east of Los Angeles where rows of tract homes line wide streets that attract racers.

Nearly 1,000 people drivers and spectators have been arrested for investigation of street racing activities over the past two years in San Bernardino County alone. Police need a court order to destroy the cars. They must prove that the serial or identification numbers on a vehicle or its parts are removed, altered or destroyed.
And here is the best quote by a Ricer!
Hoang said he was caught late last year racing his prized car, on which he spent at least $10,000 to get into top shape. The 350-horsepower engine topped out at 160 mph, Hoang said, swearing it could beat a Corvette or even a Ferrari.
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Originally Posted by iraghava View Post
Eh? I just opened the story link again (I had read it before this topic was opened anyway) and this is what it mentions:

And here is the best quote by a Ricer!

read in zakasss first post before the link.
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As the saying goes 'nib the evil in the bud'. I believe thats their philosophy, and yes Centro-P, those two dudes, i think it was a BMW and a Viper who crashed, totaled their own cars and killed the paki driver.
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Originally Posted by zakaaaaasss View Post
Remember few days ago, few youngsters got crashed by street racing car while performing a burnout on the street....

now the reaction....
Ishan, see, zakaaaaasss links this as the reaction to the Tennessee (?) incident where the teenagers were killed by a pro dragster. That's not the case.

Also, the news report is vague. It says there have been 13 deaths due to street racing. It doesn't say these guys were responsible. The closest thing they have to an offence is having stolen parts in their car, and then too some claim to have receipts.

The ricer claims it tops out at over 160 mph. He could have theoretically tested this on a private, legal dragstrip or disused airstrip.

This story, as reported by the press, is full of holes. No way it would hold up as evidence. Though the press is known to be quite half-arsed when it comes to this sorta stuff. I mean, they've spelled Vtec as Vtech, and I really doubt anyone would swap a B20 into a Civic. That engine is way down on power/displacement ratio, even compared to a D16.

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