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Old 22nd July 2008, 19:17   #16
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UGLY! I think it looks rather weird. And look at the sides, Fiat Coupe anyone?
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Old 22nd July 2008, 20:17   #17
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Congratulations to ferrari for their first ever chic sports car...
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Old 22nd July 2008, 21:03   #18
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Nice cars, But give me the city by the bay any day.
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Old 22nd July 2008, 22:01   #19
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Wonder if it shares something with the Alfa 8C
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Old 22nd July 2008, 22:09   #20
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Very confusing design. Too many lines. It would have looked a lot better had they kept it simple. Like the hardtop though. It'll still find a lot of takers.
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Old 22nd July 2008, 22:54   #21
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I stand by what i had said!! RUBBISH!!
Damn, the Scuderia Gods will be bearing down on me any time now!! I need to Run and hide!!
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Old 23rd July 2008, 02:48   #22
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Looks very much unlike a ferrari. Too high a rear. YUCK
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Old 23rd July 2008, 03:16   #23
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Looks ugly, they've ruined it before even launching it.

Not that the Enzo was any prettier. The F430 is the only "sane" looking modern Ferrari right now.
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Old 23rd July 2008, 13:11   #24
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This has got to be the most "unFerraried" Ferrari I have seen of late. Going cheap? Going cute? Going down the food chain? You bet. But then, cheaper doesn't necessarily have to equate to a massive compromise. Look at the Cayman; what a fantastic Porsche at a relatively lower price. I still haven't been able to decide on the poll between an F430 & a P 911, but if the California's performance is within the realm of a Cayman, I'm putting my vote on the Cayman right away.

I agree with previous comments that the design is too fuzzy. Many unnecessary design cuts & curves.

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Old 23rd July 2008, 22:23   #25
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Agree with you all. A very 'un-Ferrarish' design. Especially the rear end with the low placed lights and the normal circular ones extending into the boot.
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Old 23rd July 2008, 23:27   #26
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A Ferrari is not meant to be an Eclipse. This one's almost that already. Too little drama? Maybe red will make a difference. And the exhaust note will fix whatever else people have against it. I disapprove, but not that it matters much, hehe.
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