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My Nissan Terrano 85 PS

Disclaimer: This is my first ownership review on Team-BHP. These are solely my opinions, not to be generalized in any manner, no offence meant to any other cars/brands.

I am passionate about cars since childhood and go crazy when I see rare species on road. We had an Ambassador at home during my studies in 80’s and 90’s, I couldn’t convince my Dad to replace it with a Contessa, finally a new Zen replaced it in 1999. When I started earning, I kept changing cars every 2-3 years right from Maruti 800, Zen, Wagon-R, Hyundai Accent, Suzuki Baleno (my favorite), Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Verna (non-fluidic) – All cars were pre-loved.

During my stay in the US, I had owned and driven many brands, including Indian’s favorite in USA ==> Toyota Camry. I owned a Nissan Sentra and drove Nissan Ultima and Maxima extensively on rent during vacations, that’s when I started developing affinity towards Nissan’s design and characteristics of their cars. Their legendary off-roaders Patrol and Pathfinders were my dream.

In India, my most recent car was Hyundai Verna CRDi SX ABS 2008 model, I bought in 2012 from a doctor. Great power, pick up, mileage, after-sales-service, but it lacked the road presence, accelerated like a flight take off, crude behavior on high speeds, it was not a confidence inspiring drive at high speeds, wife was allergic to winding roads and Verna’s boat-like ride always created problems for her, since the car was aging, I decided to change the car – targeted a new one through my company car lease scheme.

Being a driving enthusiast, I was looking for an imposing, exclusive, one that glides on our potholes. Exclusive doesn’t mean a market dud, bottom-line was I shouldn’t have problems sourcing spare parts.
Considering our road conditions, family size, my travel to country side and for the desire of trying something bigger than regular sedans, I decided to go for an SUV with priority to safety and handling. My budget was around 12 lakhs.

SUVs considered: Hunt started in 2014 mid, started studying and observing every SUV present on road. Short listed Safari, Scorpio, XUV, Duster and Yeti (pre-owned due to cost). Nissan Terrano was not considered since it was the Duster in premium looks with higher price tag. Does the premium pricing worth it? I was not convinced.

Removed Safari for it dated looks, massive size, fit and finish, city drivability issues.

Removed Scorpio for dated squarish tall boxy looks and I felt it is a bit overdone in the rear.

Removed Yeti for its smaller size, higher price (even for the pre-owned) + maintenance and didn’t want to gamble a pre-owned Skoda especially after hearing ASS nightmare stories on T-BHP, moreover it looked like under 4 meters, the same reason why I didn’t consider Ecosport.

Finalized XUV and Duster, started reading T-BHP official reviews and ownership reports. In between Terrano made its appearance in my mind and on roads occasionally. My thought was clear, why to pay more for Terrano just for looks when you can get Duster for a lakh+ cheaper. But I started looking at Terrano enviously whenever it passes by. To add to it, my wife and Dad told it has more attractive and proportional looks compared to Duster. then I slowly started giving way to Terrano just to have a glimpse while it over takes me and to look from the back. What do you call this?

I work for a French Company so this connection brought me further close to Renault. Went to Trident Renault at Hosur road, Bangalore and took a test drive, driving experience was just awesome, perfectly balanced size for daily city and occasional long drives, car like feel, butch looks, road presence, but still there was a feeling something is not to my liking may be exterior or interior – I was half hearted, honestly I don’t know the reason, so dropped it.

After that, I test drove a XUV, it has all the bells and whistles, 7 seats, good road presence, excellent quality improvement from Mahindra, but oh my god, again I had the same feeling of “half heartedness”, I didn’t fall in love this time also. It didn’t take longer to realize I was already fallen in love, so everything else had some reason to reject. There was news of possible SUVs launch from Maruti, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota etc but I was so madly in love with Terrano , I was not even ready to wait for new launches.

One of my friends who had bought a Duster has spent atleast 75k on accessories to make it look premium (Alloys, LED break lights etc).

My revised thought process was ==> All the while I saved money by owning mostly pre-owned cars and fortunately didn’t incur big losses while selling them (all my cars were in excellent condition when sold), so I got reasons to spend more on the SUV I liked.

Already inclined towards Terrano, below post from GTO hit the nail on the head, there was nothing else to convince me better than this to drive straight to Nissan Dealership:

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-gto.jpg

Choosing the color: I saw all 6 colors of the Terrano ==> White, Silver, Red, Black, Sterling Grey and Bronze Grey. Black looked very rich and attractive, but I already had the painful experience of maintaining black cars, it is not suitable for our Indian conditions. White and Silver were ruled out due to commonness. Since my Verna was Red, I didn’t want another Red. Sterling Grey was looking simple and plain. Bronze Grey won my heart, though I wanted it to be little more bronzy, it stands out and it is the only color Duster doesn’t have.

Choosing the variant: Diesel was my obvious choice for the SUV. Choosing the power was the biggest challenge as I always wanted more power. 110 PS top end was beyond my budget, moreover after reading the reviews I found 85 PS is not really low on power. I drive about 35-40 kms daily in dense city traffic with high way trips once in 2-3 months. Considering my requirements, I decided on 85 PS XLD PLUS considering safety features and attractive diamond cut alloys.

Booking Experience with Dealership: Bangalore has only two Nissan Dealers, spoke to both Shahwar Nissan and Surya Nissan. I felt Shahwar was more responsive, they offered the Terrano test drive immediately at my door step at my convenience. Sales Executive Mr.Jayant was very customer centric and polite, spent good amount of time patiently during test drive. Bronze Grey Terrano was brought to my apartment one evening, I checked it on the parking space at our apartment, took it over the familiar good and bad roads around, felt comfortable. Immediately next day I went to Shahwar Nissan on Kasturba road and booked the Bronze Grey Nissan Terrano 85 PS XLD PLUS by paying Rs.15k.

I wanted to inspect the vehicle at stockyard before finalizing, though Jayant tried to discourage, finally agreed due to my insistence. He didn’t come with me, I took the VIN number and drove straight to Nissan stock yard at Manyata Tech Park near Hebbal flyover. All Nissan models were parked at the top floor (with covered roof) of the multilevel car parking. There was lot of dust on all cars. I could find only two Bronze Grey variants with one matching with my VIN. I inspected the vehicle carefully only from outside as the security didn’t have the keys. It looked in perfect shape without any glaringly visible problems. I gave my OK to Jayant to process the same vehicle. I won't be able to reveal the on road price since it is company leased.

Below are the pictures taken at stockyard:

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_1153.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_1156.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_1157.jpg

Delivery Experience with Shahwar Nissan: I wanted to take the delivery of the vehicle on the Thursday 30th April 2015 as it was my II son’s birthday. He used to show Terrano on road whenever he sighted one. All the payment was made through the company, but couldn’t do the registration before 30th, so I got temp registration done. I bought the extended warranty for Rs.11550 covering 24 months / 80,000 kms. I couldn’t take my family as there was Bangalore bandh on that day, so no cabs and autos. My Dad and I found an auto with difficulty and went to the Shahwar Kasturba showroom by 10am and started waiting impatiently looking at other Nissan products. Finally the wait was over at 11:30am, my dream arrived with ultra clean wash, glossy paint finish and it was really glowing under the sun. It was brought inside for final polishing. The keys were handed over to us by 12:30pm in a small ceremonial way. Jayant explained me the vehicle features and operations, I was well aware from Team-BHP official review but still listened to him with patience as he was more enthusiastic to explain. Took the vehicle directly to shell gas station on Vittal Malya road, filled the tank and head straight to home. It was an awesome experience, I was feeling as if the people were making way for Terrano like a we give way to a beautiful lady to passby. All were waiting at home including the original birthday boy, we all got in and went to the temple. After the pooja we returned home to celebrate the birthday of my son. I could hear he was telling his friends about the new SUV brought on his birthday.

Receiving the keys and kit from Jayant:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_1246.jpg

With Dad and Terrano:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_1234.jpg

At Shell Gas Station:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_1235.jpg

Birthday boy Anish with the new comer:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_1242.jpg

Anish stretching full in trunk:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_1241.jpg

Daily Drive: I drive 35-40 kms daily in heavy traffic at Bangalore. Roads full of potholes, unscientific humps, bumper-to-bumper traffic, some crazy drivers, pedestrians on phones, all 15 kms from Bannerghatta road to Marathahalli (and return) was a daily nightmare. Though situation on roads not improved after owning the Terrano, the office commute was never so comfortable with respect to handling and driving pleasure.

I would like to recommend two experts for steering cover and seat covers:

Steering cover: Devaraj from JC road is a familiar name among the Team-BHP members, though I knew about him, I never tried for my old cars. This time I wanted to get the best, so I spoke to him and booked an appointment for a Sunday morning. It was very nice to deal with him, no attitude, answers all your questions without any ambiguity and he is the expert in his field. He takes extra care for the steerings with airbags. Sunday is better as there would be no traffic in that narrow gully beside JC road, I chose the beige and black leather type, black is perforated. He stitched them together in 20 minutes. Nicely fixed it to the steering with manual stitching, gave final finish with quick-fix glue. Fixed Price Rs.1500.

Devaraj at work:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-devaraj.jpg

Finished Steering:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-finishedsteerin.jpg

Seat covers: I did some research, as I wanted a good looking, comfortable and long lasting seat covers. Reviewed many many designs and visited few shops as well. I finalized SP Sports at Vijaya Bank Colony. Mr.Shivu is very flexible and goes all out to make his customers happy. I selected beige Slink Leather with perforations at bottom and back for some breathing and cooling effect. I didn’t want pure leather, Slink leather is closest to the pure leather. Shivu and team are true professionals, it took almost half day to fix the seat covers. He put the same leather for all the door pads, it’s a real pain to remove door pads carefully and fix it back without any damage, its time consuming, normally many try to avoid this work. He even put the same leather on my armrest as well for free. I liked the fit and finish, it really looks royal, perforations help in summer days. Bargain price Rs.13500.

SP Sports shop:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-sp-sports.jpg

Choice of Leathers:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-leather.jpg

Shivu at work:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-shivu-work.jpg

Armrest got looks (fixed and removed):
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-armrest1.jpg

Finished front seats:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-front-seats2.jpg

Finished rear seats:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-back-seat-open-arm-rest.jpg

Since I bought the car during summer vacation, I had opportunity to do few long drives immediately. This helped me to test the capability on different terrains.

I have narrated four short and crisp travelogues:

1. Our first long trip was to Shimoga: We had to attend my sister’s house warming ceremony and a wedding at a village temple. It was total of 1000 kms trip. It gave us first long drive experience with Terrano. It handled straight, winding, broken, narrow, village, rain hit roads alike offering first satisfying long drive experience.

During Dasara Pooja:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-pooja2.jpg

Reflection of Arecanut farm at Guli Guli Shankara temple pond:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-guluguli3.jpg

Full seating capacity:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-full.jpg

2. BR Hills via Mysore: The Biligirirangana Hills, also known as BR Hills, is a lofty hill range in Karnataka that is known for its diverse species of flora and fauna. It is situated in the Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka, at a distance of about 254 km from Bangalore. It is considered to be the wildlife corridor that connects the Eastern Ghats to the Western Ghats. We went to Mysore to visit Chamundeshwari temple and zoo, stayed overnight. Next day visited chamarajeshwara temple at Chanarajanagar and drove straight to BR Hills. It was real test for Terrano as roads were broken, heavy rains, hilly and slippery region, finally Terrano came out in colors, as if it was Terrano’s familiar Terrain.

Mysore city in heavy rain:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-20150516_161233.jpg

Posing at deep forest at K Gudi:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-dsc03802.jpg

Spotted a wild Tusker near BR Hills:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-dsc03792.jpg

Posing in style:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_1351.jpg

3. To Chitradurga and Davangere: Attended a wedding at Davangere (~350 kms from Bangalore) and visited the famous Fort of Chitradurga. Chitradurga features bold rock hills and picturesque valleys, huge towering boulders in unimaginable shapes. It is known as the "Kallina Kote"(Stone Fortress). Its a massive fortress on top of granite hills that rises dramatically from the ground. The fort was built in stages between the 17th and 18th centuries by the dynastic rulers of the region, most famous being Madakari Nayaka. Heroics of Onake Obavva is another legendary story one should witness the "Onake Obavva Kindi". Its on the national highway to Mumbai, fantastic stretch to test the straight line capability of the vehicle. It’s a very hot region, AC was satisfying. With the Terrano’s confidence inspiring drive, you won’t get bored of miles and miles of straight and wide roads, it is planted to the roads, you can have some adrenaline rush.

Elephant ride at Harihara temple:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_1412.jpg

Inside the Chitradurga Fort:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-20150523_113351.jpg

Pond Inside the Fort:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_1440.jpg

Vanivilasa Sagar Dam:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-vvsagara.jpg

4. Short drive to Shivanasamudra: The Shivanasamudra falls are formed on the Cauvery river. It is around 140 kms from Bangalore, takes ~3 hours to reach. It has two water beautiful waterfalls – Gagana Chukki and Bhara Chukki. You can do coracle boating, trekking, play in water, picnic etc, nice place for 1 day outing from Bangalore. Our return was after the sunset, Terrano’s large headlights and fog lamps were very effective guiding through narrow roads at dark.

Bharachukki Falls:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-falls1.jpg

Coracle ride:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-falls2.jpg

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It has been 6 months since I owned Terrano and driven extensively in different terrains and all weather conditions. I have shared my experience on each of the below aspects:

Exterior Styling and Design: As mentioned earlier, I wanted the right balance between average and luxury, flops and crowd (hits), mass and class. Terrano is exclusive, not a chart buster yet has an advantage of sharing many spare parts with Dusters. Typical Nissan face with logo in the center of the honeycomb grille, smoky twin barrel squarish headlights and tail lamps, blackened pillars in the window section, diamond cut alloys on 215/65 R16 MRF Wanderer Sport Tyres provide adequate grip and look very attractive. I was amazed by the fact that the Terrano still turns heads even though it has its presence on our roads for more than 2 years.

Build Quality, Fit & Finish: Overall robust, abuse-friendly build and construction. There are few stray areas where finish could have been better like quality of plastics, outside door handles, rubber beading. But overall quality is generations ahead of what some our popular and locally grown SUVs have to offer. Paint quality is also very good, glossy finish is retained even after 6 months of all weather testing.

Driving position and visibility: Naturally driving position is high compared to my previous drives, provides excellent visibility and superior comfort with steering. It took some time to adjust the seats to get suitable driving position. Large rear view mirrors gives clear view of objects on your back.

Equipment Levels: I would say decent, though far from competitors like Hyundai, no climate control, steering mounted controls etc. OEM audio quality is good. Double-DIN head-unit with 4 speakers. CD, USB, AUX & Bluetooth compatibility. Bluetooth just works perfectly with full clarity, most useful for me, easy to pair and allows two phones. Mobile charger point at front and rear.

Interior Space & Comfort: Space at front is excellent and no complaint on rear space. Rear seat is wide enough for 3 well built adults. I would have loved 7 seats configuration. Getting in and out is a breeze, airy cabin with lot of light and visibility makes it even more specious. Driver arm rest is missing, which is a necessity for me during long drives. Air condition is good, but gets a bit noisy at level 3 and more. We have to be careful air condition starts operating in one turn of ignition key which is not case in most cars. You will never run out of cargo space, 475 ltrs of boot space is very good by standards.

Gearshift & Transmission Quality: Extremely comfortable to drive in city or highways with perfect feedback from steering, smooth clutch and accurate gear shifts. Dead pedal missing, but I got used to it.

Engine Performance & Fuel Efficiency: Outstanding in-city driveability, don't feel any turbo lag, 85PS pulls clean from as low as 1200 rpm, very less gear changes in city traffic, closer to auto transmission !!

Power delivery is linear unlike my old verna which used to accelerate like a flight take off. 85PS is great up to the speed of 130-140, struggles after that. It is more than enough for our road conditions. Need to be watchful while overtaking at high speeds. I got mileage up to 20kms/ltr in decent speeds on highway with AC, with crazy highway drive ~17kms/ltr, in heavy Bangalore traffic I get ~15kms/ltr consistently, which I think is a benchmark for the size. My friends with Swift diesel are not able to match these figures.

Noise, Vibration, Harshness levels are well controlled even at high speeds, full marks to insulation all around, you can feel the calmness inside the cabin even at 3 digit speed.

Handling, Suspension & Ride Quality: It is the USP of Terrano. The ride quality, in one word, is OUTSTANDING. Excellent handling and dynamics with 205mm ground clearance. High ground clearance is a boon for Bangalore CITY roads, it is like every day off-roading here. Well balanced and planted ride quality improves overall comfort levels. Predictable behavior and controlled body roll, it was well proven during my trip to BR Hills on winding roads. Turning radius of 5.2 meters is a boon for city drives. Emergency breaking is adequate, so far in 6 months there was no instance of heavy heart thumping with breaking, it always stopped where I intended to stop. Terrano flattens and dismisses off broken tarmac with arrogance. You don't have to slow down or search for better space on road, it just glides over. I have instances to prove it – my wife and mother’s experiences.

Instance #1: As mentioned before, my wife had travel sickness, allergic to winding roads, Verna’s boat-like ride always created problems for her, she would feel claustrophobic at back, so forget about sleeping, wouldn’t even sit at back. Even when seated in front, I had to drive in such a way we don’t have pit stops. I have completed 8000+ kms in Terrano, we never stopped for her travel sickness and moreover she sleeps in back seat comfortably, I can enjoy my drive, without having to listen to driving instructions

Instance #2: My mother doesn’t know much about cars, she can just differentiate between big and small cars. We have a small car at home town for parents usage. She had traveled in flight few times to USA. Recently when I visited my home town Shimoga, we went to a nearby place called Sagar which is around 70 kms away, road was straight with windings at some stretches, I was driving in decent speeds, we made it in good time. While traveling she just told one thing “In your car, I am feeling like I am traveling in a flight”, it was enough for me to convince I made the right choice. My parents had no issues getting in and out of Terrano which was a bit struggle in my Verna.

Night drive: I would be generally comfortable with night drives if the car has good lights. Terrano took me to the next level with its high stance, powerful headlights and fog lamps. I get respect from truckers and buses, they also respond by switching to low beam. Headlight upgrade can elevate the experience further.

Accessories fitted:
• Steering Cover Leather (Excellent finish by Devaraj, JC Road)
• Seat Covers in Slink Leather with perforation (Delighted with SP Sports, Vijaya Bank Colony)
• White light inside (at front cabin)
• Body Cover (Silver with two blue stripes)
• Exhaust finisher (To be replaced with straight one)
• Suitable arm rest (To be replaced with the one to save big bottle holder)

Accessories planned later as it requires original wiring to be tweaked:
• Good music system with DVD, rear view camera, sat-nav etc
• LED Blinkers on OVRM
• New horns
• Illuminated Scuff Plates - NISSAN

Exterior Showoff:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-logo.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-avatar1.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-avatar2.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-facia.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-frontopen.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-rearclosed.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-rearopen1.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-rearopen2.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-side1.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-side2.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-sideclosed1.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-sideclosed2.jpg

Interior Showcase:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-frontseats.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-rear-seat1.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-front-seat2.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-rear-seat2.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-steering.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-stereo.jpg
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-dials.jpg

Nissan doesn't provide pad for bottle holder - this is courtesy SP Sports:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-bottlepad.jpg

Chrome border looks elegant:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-ac_vent.jpg

"Renault" make pads for cup-holders ahead of the gear lever:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-renaultspare.jpg

What I liked about Terrano so for:
• Style, exclusivity and respect on road
• Car-like to drive
• Fuel efficiency considering the size and speed
• Airy and spacious in cabin and boot
• Handling, suspension and ride Quality
• City driveability of 85PS with short turning radius
• Good feedback from steering
• Headlights and fog lamps are effective in dark
• No niggles or any issues tilldate in 6 months, 8000 kms of extensive driving
• High ground clearance
• NVH levels are well controlled

What I didn't like:
• Equipment level (no climate control, steering mounted audio controls, 60:40 split on rear seat, dead pedal, folding keys etc)
• Noise of AC vents is a bit high in 3rd level speed
• No rear view cam, GPS, DVD playback
• Old flap type outside door handles and closing doors doesn't make solid thud sound
• Lack of storage bins
• No driver seat adjustment and rear AC vents for 85PS top end
• No arm rest (after market arm rest blocks the only big bottle holder!!)
• 7 seats configuration could have been offered for the price

Small and convenient things missing in Terrano comparing with my older (non-fluidic) Verna SX ABS:
1. One touch down on driver side window
2. Power windows were operational up to 30 seconds after the key was removed from ignition
3. Automatic climate control
4. Lot of storage bins all over (rear doors in Terrano has no storage at all)
5. Dead pedal
6. One touch wiper without water spray
7. Head lights will switch off automatically with the key removed
8. Armrest for driver
9. Vanity mirror for driver
10. 60:40 split of rear seats
11. Driver seat height adjustment
12. Extension for sun shade

Final Showtime:
Regular service station at hometown (since 20 years!!):
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-wash.jpg

Face-to-face with Dad's Alto K-10:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-face.jpg

Kinds enjoying at back:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-inside.jpg

Dad busy during Dasara pooja:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-pooja1.jpg

Climbing Chamundi Hills was a breeze:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-chamundihills.jpg

Coffee at BR Hill Top:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-brhillsccd.jpg

At a friendly Terrain:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-topview.jpg

Can't be happier:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-dp.jpg

Conclusion: Overall I wouldn't have been happier with any other SUVs in the same class - smiling every mile with my Terrano.

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re: My Nissan Terrano 85 PS

Finally a proper review.congratulations on your acquisition. I have driven the car over 12000 km in the last 1 year it's been awesome. The arm rest can be installed without obstruction. I have been using it for last one year without any problem.
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Post deleted by the Team-BHP Support : Please do NOT post messages that add little or no informational value to the thread. We need your co-operation to maintain the quality of this forum.

Please read our rules before proceeding any further. We request you to post ONLY when you have something substantial to add to a discussion.

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Re: My Nissan Terrano 85 PS

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Re: My Nissan Terrano 85 PS

Originally Posted by terra85 View Post
Finally a proper review.congratulations on your acquisition. I have driven the car over 12000 km in the last 1 year it's been awesome. The arm rest can be installed without obstruction. I have been using it for last one year without any problem.
Thank you terra85.

After my arm rest installation, I had lost bottle holder space and operating hand brakes was also inconvenient, so I removed it. Luckily I didn't drill holes as I just wanted to check out.

Pls share some pictures of the arm rest installation, so that I can get some idea. Since you are also from Bangalore, let me know where did you get in installed.
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Re: My Nissan Terrano 85 PS

Sure no problem . It doesn't require a drill at all the screwdriver will do the job. Just need to remove the seats .There is a newer armrest available one of my colleagues fixed it in his duster. I forgot the name I shall find out and get back to you. A tip the boot should be closed very softly otherwise the lock can become loose, my central locking mechanism needed some adjustment. The service people told to be careful
Attached Thumbnails
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_20151207_224354426.jpg  

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-_img_000000_000000.jpg  

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Re: My Nissan Terrano 85 PS

Hey Hummer.
Great review and congrats for your new Terrano.
You can install glass up module from outside. I have done that for my 2015 Duster and I am sure that the socket size should be same for both the cars.
It cost me around 2500 INR, and above that its plugnplay.
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Great review hummer. It was nice to read your experience in selecting between the various choices available and finally going in for the one your heart liked. I agree, when your heart is stuck somewhere, it is hard to find satisfaction in any other thing, be it a class above or below. This applies to our personal lives also!

Congrats on your pothole-eater, though it has been 6 months now. Wish you a trouble-free ownership and lots of happy miles. Keep us updated on the mods you have planned. I have a Duster and Terrano looks more premium, classy and modern as compared to rugged, butch and original looking Duster. I would also have picked Terrano but there were hardly any cars up for sale in the used car market.

Regarding the lack of thud-sound on closing doors, I think damping would be the solution. I have got the doors damped day before yesterday and it makes a noticeable difference. It costed me around 20k for all 4 doors, used Dampmat for front and cheaper Stinger for rear.
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Re: My Nissan Terrano 85 PS

Thank you divyankar and swift_guy.

I am very much interested in installing the glass up module but service guys warned against any wiring work as it voids the warranty, so I didn't want to take risk of even adding an additional horn. I would go for door dampening probably after few months.

I got my first servicing done last week at Shahwar Nissan Service Center, Nandidurg Road, Bangalore. I did the service booking online, got a prompt call from service station next day for appointment confirmation. I opted to drive down myself on a Tuesday.

Good things about Shahwar service:
1. Staff are very polite and listens to you patiently each and every complaint
2. Customer lounge is good with AC, TV, news papers, magazines, coffee/tea service (Toilet was in bad condition)
3. Foam wash, exterior cleaning, internal vacuum, engine bay - all done nicely
4. I had some scratches on the body, on my request same color paint applied on the scratches to cover up to some extent, I was delighted for this "extra mile" service
5. I was amazed by the CSAT follow up, I think Nissan is serious on customer satisfaction. I received 2 calls from Shahwar and even a person came to my office to get hard copy signed !! (Yet to get a call from Nissan)
6. Opted for Synthetic oil over normal oil for long life

Areas for improvement:
1. No one picked my call at 8:30am to 8:50am to provide the directions. I had to find service station myself with some struggle
2. Wheel balancing machine wasn't operational
3. They ran out of proper invoice format, I received the invoice on Repair Order sheet
4. The "60 minutes service" is not really 60 minute service, it took 4 hours as many technicians were in a "training" that day

Overall I was happy with this service. Hope this trend continues for many years to come. I am not sure why such seriousness is lacking in sales and marketing division of Nissan.

Here is the final bill of Rs.8497:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-first_free_service_nissanterrano2015.jpg

During foam wash and after:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-foamwash.jpg

Some pictures taken on different trips:
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-brhillcd.jpg

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-dhalli.jpg

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-jhpatel1.jpg

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-jhpatel2.jpg

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-mysore.jpg

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-royalmeadows.jpg

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-shade.jpg

I will update more about after service experience like engine smoothness, mileage, brakes etc in coming months.
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Re: My Nissan Terrano 85 PS

What a wonderful review of your Terrano - Malnad Wanderer aka hummer.

Surely this mention below is the best appreciation of the Duster/Terrano ride and handling abilities and simply loved it!

My mother doesn’t know much about cars, she can just differentiate between big and small cars. We have a small car at home town for parents usage. She had traveled in flight few times to USA. Recently when I visited my home town Shimoga, we went to a nearby place called Sagar which is around 70 kms away, road was straight with windings at some stretches, I was driving in decent speeds, we made it in good time. While traveling she just told one thing “In your car, I am feeling like I am traveling in a flight”, it was enough for me to convince I made the right choice
Overall a super first review of your very own Terrano and love to keep hearing from you in the future. Happy motoring!
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Re: My Nissan Terrano 85 PS

I got my first service done at Shahwar Nissan at 9000+ kms in Jan 2016, total bill came to Rs.8500.

General stuff like Wheel alignment, Oil filter etc were done. I went for the SYNTHETIC engine Oil, so the total cost went up. Car was delivered on time as committed. No complaints on the first service.

After the first service, I started getting an average of 15 kmpl in Bangalore traffic (Bannerghatta Road to Marathahalli), it may be due to synthetic oil. Need to check after the II service.

In April, I received a call from Shahwar Nisaan about the Free Check-Up Camp from 10th May to 17th May. I took an appointment for 14th May Saturday and went there.

There were too many vehicles that day but I could see the crew were trying their best to keep the customers happy. Nissan does things but never gets noticed or doesn't bother to get visibility.

I would say it was decently organized, with lots of games for kids like shooting balloons, dart board, archery, music, dance, tattoo, lucky dip etc. Free health check up was also arranged, eyes check up, ECG and blood donation. Even the lunch was arranged. I got Rs.500 coupon in lucky dip, used in amazon.

Got the vehicle checked, washed, interior vacuum done and also exterior polishing done. They said oils topped up, I am not sure. Vehicle was glittering when came out.

Only concern was, it took almost full Saturday and they should have informed me about the event plan, kids zone so that I could have planned well. Nevertheless, it was a great effort by Nissan.

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_3659.jpg

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_3660.jpg

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_3655.jpg

I got my original horn changed to SKODA type paid Rs.1250.
My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_3663.jpg

I got the second free service done in Nov . Though I didn't have any complaints with breaks, break pads were changed. AC vents and interiors were cleaned, filters changed, chose regular engine oil this time. Total bill came around Rs.10k.

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_2749.jpg

My Nissan Terrano 85 PS-img_2750.jpg

After running 20000 kms vehicle drives like a new one, happy with it, smiling every mile truly Nissan A$$ team tries very hard to achieve good CSAT, felt good, the same vigor should be seen on sales as well.

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Re: My Nissan Terrano 85 PS

Hey hummer,

How is your Terrano doing these days? Do you mind coming up with ownership review phase II ?
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Re: My Nissan Terrano 85 PS

Hi Nalin1,

Sorry for my delayed response.

Terrano has been doing great, I have no complaints to make

Completed 36000+ kms in 3 years with absolutely ZERO problems, it has a gem of an engine and excellent ride quality.

I am planning to post my 3 years ownership review shortly.

Thank you.
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Re: My Nissan Terrano 85 PS

Originally Posted by Nalin1 View Post
Hey hummer,

How is your Terrano doing these days? Do you mind coming up with ownership review phase II ?
Here is an update on 44 months of my Terrano ownership:

- Installed a new head unit with In-dash DVD Video Player + Rear view camera + bluetooth + GPS SAT Navigation (GPS maps not loaded as I use my mobile for maps)
- Installed a dashboard camera
- Got it serviced at Shahwar Nissan in Oct 2018, completed 40000 kms
- Battery changed in Oct 2018 - AMARON

Will share the pictures later...

Travelogue of my recent trip to Ajanta and Ellora caves: (Hummer’s Travels: Bengaluru to World Heritage Sites, Ajanta & Ellora)

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