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The title of this topic is not very right because i have alot of questions in this one post but the main issues being performance mods and driving a car for long distances with these mods on it
Well the first question being a Gypsy or Baleno my needs from the vehicles the car needs to do good highway runs 2-3 times a month(1000-1500km runs)
Performance mods to be done are
1.A free flow with the header job
2.A high-flow filter with a CAI kit
3.the car needs to be turbocharged
4.An ECU upgrade
This would be the major stuff with all of this i am looking at the plugs,wiring kits and strut brace with tire change on the handling front
Now i know that a baleno would be the best choise for all of this but me as a driver am much more comfy driving somthing like a gypsy so nif i finaly zero down on a gypsy what kind of performance boost am i lookind at
The next question is abt how much do i need to spend on the turbocharger bit and where do i get it done from
I have just picked up a Chevy Impala(the pics will take few days)which is not in a very good condition infact everything on the car needs to be done up only thing is that it runs matlab it starts and i can drive it down to one of those packers&movers fellow so that it can be sent to delhi
So now i need to decide weather to buy a new car and do all the above mentiond mods to it or sit and restore the Impala which will take alot of time and looking around for parts so lets see i just wanted to get an idea about all the above questions and then finaly decide
thanks alot guys
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If you're going to be driving long distances then reliability is a priority - you don't want to have car trouble far from the city.

A new car will be better. Gypsy is a great car but I don't think she's made to be turbocharged. Gypsy's are geared more for low end torque, and handling will be an issue.

Baleno is a better highway option. Just make sure you get all the mods done by a reputed tuner.
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forget everything else...get the chevy impala done.
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hey buddy..congrats on your chevy not 2 much into classics but i do know that one is a definate head far as you car choice goes..i think the gypsy and baleno both are in absolutely different league's the gypsy is more of an off-roader 4x4..its according to everyone's comfort level..but as mentioned to you earlier the gypsy is definately not a turbo charge worth far as the baleno is concerned yes its very much possible..also i want to personally understand your need for turbo charging..whether your doing it because for your highway use..then i dont think its practical..also the baleno seems to have a fuel cut problem in high revv's when the turbo spool's..its been discussed on the forum earlier..and i also know of another baleno which faced the same problem after turbo works very well..spools well..the pick-up and resposiveness is also amazing..the problem comes in when you floor the car even through high revv's..the ecu start's cutting fuel e-manage was also tried to solve the problem on another tc baleno..but it didn't serve the purpose..then eventually you have to go in for a piggy back/standalone system..may be even resized injector's if the setup there's a lot of effort involved in it..also since your a frequent highway driver im sure you wouldn't want to be stranded in the middle of no where..even if the tuner is well reputed the turbo charging application goes through its share of trial and error in please give it a thought before you plan into it..naturally aspirated engines also can be taken to a very high level to achieve some incredible speed's..hope this helped you..waiting for a reply..cheers..happy revvin..!!
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nothing much to mod a gypsy, i agree with Dragger.
What can be done is you can add,
Power stearing, A.C, carbon Leaf, Good tyres.
For performance, an engine replacement with higher CC, still you cant get much out from Gypsy. The reason being the suspension system. the suspension does not absorb the energy resulting loss in momentum and speed. The leaf spring are not that compintant to support high speeds. One bump and your all momentum lost.
This vehicle is build to achive good advanture on off roader, can also say the best OFF Roader. The max speed as per design is 80 km/hr.
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nonono you got me all wrong my reason behind the mods is not the highway driving part of it but the very fact that i do drive long distances so should i get all this done the reliability of the car after these mods is in question
but i guess buying a baleno will be a better option as you people say now if i do go in for all of this whom do i go to.....?
the only reason behind the gypsy was that i somehow love the car and i need to drive down to the village every 15 days or so.Now i guess i el keep my Sumo for all that and do up a baleno or the impala
thanx guys
should be back with more questions very soon
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