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MillionSwords 6th July 2008 15:36

Black Estilo - dent paintjob done - but I find small dots on the surface and edges...
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A motorcyclist hit my front right fender and crushed it, I had sent the car for a fender replacement and repaint, and to fix some minor dents on the bonnet.

The total cost was about 9800/- (tho under insurance), I had taken delivery yesterday and found some small, very small dots all over the newly painted surface, (like pin points). And the edges are rolled with some thick rough paint in couple of places. Dunno what to do about it now! Please suggest, why is the surface with so many small dots or holes (must be air bubbles?) not sure.

I have attaches some photos, here, hope u are able to see the dots.
Should I ask for a re-paint, it would be nicer if I know why these spots appear in the first place. Some help would be nice friends!


manikjeet 6th July 2008 15:49

tell them to do rubbing again its nothing serious

dadu 6th July 2008 20:52

It seems like a very unprofessional job, as if one is learning.

Tell them to redo it and the finish should be crystal clear and smooth.

MillionSwords 6th July 2008 20:53

Would they re-paint the whole?

Originally Posted by manikjeet (Post 892852)
tell them to do rubbing again its nothing serious

Hi Mnaikjeet, u mean they would rub the whole again, and re-paint, or just touch up the portions that need to be corrected? Grrr... im sorry I dunno much about this painting stuff :Frustrati

Jaggu 6th July 2008 20:56

Take it back to the workshop and ask them to fix it up, its a bad job and you have all the right to demand a fix.

MillionSwords 6th July 2008 21:12

Thanks for writing Jaggu, I would now go and ask them to redo the job, I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the kind of work they have done to my car. That too not a single small piece but three seperate parts - The Right Front Door, they Bonnet and the Front Right Fender!! jeez

PatienceWins 6th July 2008 21:20

That is a bad job. Tell them to rectify it.

MillionSwords 6th July 2008 23:05

yes patiencewins - it sure is a damn bad job!

can some one explain why these small spots have come in a spray paint in the first place??

Rudra Sen 7th July 2008 07:19


Originally Posted by Jaggu (Post 893054)
Take it back to the workshop and ask them to fix it up, its a bad job and you have all the right to demand a fix.

It has to be painted again. Looks like they've done this paint job in an open area. Also air pressure in paint gun wasn't right. Hence those bubble spots.

mnhegde 7th July 2008 08:33

@ Million : Where did you get the work done?? from a maruthi dealer or others???

zoom_vroom 7th July 2008 09:31

Hi MillionSwords
That's a bad paint job being handed over to you.In technical terams we call them as pinholes which occur due to moisture in the compressor that supplies air to the paint spray gun. Other chances can be that the paint has got blistered due to improper primer coat/phosphating done by the supplier before painting.
I had a similar problem in my Wagon-R's company fitted spoiler just after one monsoon. That was sent back to the dealer and the new spoiler was painted and sent to me.Also i was given complemntary Wagon-R anniversary stickers.
For all Maruti owners, make sure you fill the customer feedback form sent by Maruti in the first year of ownership. Maruti guys do care for that and your complaints are majorly addressed by them.

esteem_lover 7th July 2008 11:54

Did they actually deliver the car like this ? Guess that shows their un-professionalism.
Where did you do this ? I thought ABT Arumbakkam was the worst. Either a case of low pressure in the gun (Which is unbelievable) or a case of super low quality paint (Which is believable). Either way, ask your insurance folks to hold their payment.

nitrous 7th July 2008 13:48

A BAD job.
Get them to redo it.

SumitBahl 7th July 2008 15:59

You will need a re-paint.
These spots will not be gone with rubbing or anything.

MillionSwords 7th July 2008 23:28

hi All,

I had got it done from ABT Maruti GUINDY.
They took it silently and accepted to redo it, and spent a whole day to repaint it, and came out with something similar and I'm not satisfied again, what to do now.

I dont know where to escalate this issue now. All their managers from bodyshor, paintbooth came up to see it, and said it was a pathetic job and promised to get a neat job done, but in vain.

Now how do i escalate this!!?????????

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