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tsk1979 20th April 2005 15:53

Indica mod?
Hi people,
Just wanted to know anyone modded an indica for performance :D
I know its a stricktly value for money car, but after 40000+ kms i could do with more power, provided it does not hurt reliability and engine life. FE is not a concern at all.

Boom Shiva 20th April 2005 18:00

Tie a rocket to the back. It's the only thing that will help. I have an Indigo so I know...

jesal 20th April 2005 18:30


Originally Posted by Boom Shiva
Tie a rocket to the back. It's the only thing that will help. I have an Indigo so I know...

i would suggest u to save the cash and no do anything to it. most of the indicas in my group and there are about 10 of them dont seem to last in one piece after 2 years. mods not advisable

dragger 21st April 2005 05:30

hey and modification dont go together...well we can wokr on some basic mods...but well first do let me know if it's a diesel or a petrol me if you need any info...cheers...!!:)

Vulken Auto 21st April 2005 06:25

turbo and intercoller should fit, or sell and get a new indica, it should come with the above

tsk1979 21st April 2005 08:04

Its a diesel, and i guess even if 5HP more is possible, it should be good. Most probably i will go for a CRDi by this year end, and will keep the indica for experiments :D

Mpower 22nd April 2005 09:36

Fit the turbo and intercooler from the Marina

iceman91 22nd April 2005 10:14

well if it was petrol i would have said take it to leela krishnan. he has two amazingly fast indicas..used as zero cars quite often.
since its diesel best is to turbo it!!

tsk1979 22nd April 2005 11:38

But wont engine require major changes. I guess for turbo charging you need to stregthen the pistons etc.,? Any idea about somebody who does after market TC in Delhi

Stratos 22nd April 2005 18:48


Originally Posted by Mpower
Fit the turbo and intercooler from the Marina

Who told u that the Marina comes with an intercooler?? :confused:

Mpower 22nd April 2005 20:15

Oops...sorry my bad. stupid: Therewas talk about an intercooler before it was launched and somehow it was stuck in my head.

Redarding the piston, just buy the Indigo piston from a TATA dealership. TATA engineers have done all the homework for you.
You just have to figure out how to lower the compression.

nikhilv12 21st January 2007 13:27

perfomance mods for an indica diesel!!!!
hello guys.... i know it might sound a little stupid, but can any one tell me, what i can do to make my indica go faster????

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aZa 21st January 2007 23:30

Tanveer : INTAKE First ;)

faithless_1984 22nd January 2007 01:19

oye aZa check out the date of the thread yaar ,it was brought back to life by nikhilv12`s post.!

nikhilv12 22nd January 2007 10:42

i already have a CAI, a modded exhaust, and polished cylinder head!!!!

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