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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

I was a proud owner of Pulsar 150 from 2002 to 2008. It was the only bike that I have owned and it was the best one. I also got a chance to ride the one with fairing (1st facelift) and the DTSi one but I was never comfortable with its riding position than I was with the original one. It served me well.

2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar-dsc00232.jpg
At End-point, Manipal.
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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

I firmly believe that Pulsar's success made the other two-wheeler manufacturers consider the 'Performance Motorcycles' segment. In a way, its success paved way for other >=150cc motorcycles.

Now that the world is all going nostalgic and retro, Bajaj should release a 20th-anniversary edition with a round LED headlamp, chrome exhaust and keep the original look to the possible extent. I know Pulsar has only evolved and hasn't got any drastic changes, still, why not?
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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

As a brand I feel Pulsar is bigger than bajaj. Although I never owned one, spent a great deal of time with/around those as my roommates had 150,220 etc. However quality wise personally felt Apaches were a tad bit better than the Pulsars over long run. I still own my 2007 RTR, while most of my friends parted ways with their pulsars within 7-8 years due to niggling issues. One contributing factor was ofcourse the maintenance. While I stuck to timely servicing, they stopped doing it after some 3/4 years leading to the bikes giving up eventually. Never the less PULSAR brand name has tremendous brand pull even now

Back in 2007/08 we used to have a lot of weekend party debates around pulsar vs apache. What wonderful memories
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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

Originally Posted by Ganapathy View Post
Unfortunately, it is my honest opinion, that of late, Bajaj seems to have lost its way. It is frustrating to see many other brands offering blue tooth connectivity in their motorcycles and even scooters, Swichable ABS and other features, which Bajaj has so far, not intrroduced even in its flagship model the DOMINAR 400. BAJAJ needs to get its act in order, and fast, if it is to not lose its position, as the preminent manufacturer of high end motorcycles in India.
True that Bajaj off late hasn't introduced the latest technology in it's motorcycles. Something not expected from them because one of the big reason of Pulsar's huge popularity was it's timely upgrade.

Originally Posted by ebonho View Post
Nostalgic thread, taking me back 18 years, to the boom of the internet biker forums (Yahoo Groups and the 2 BHPs initially), biker wars, biker clubs, factory visits, and biker festivals, and group and club all-India ride meets!

The Pulsar(s) that started it all ... in 2002!!!! Many old friends still in touch and on this forum.

Attachment 2086666

Attachment 2086669

Attachment 2086670

Attachment 2086671

Attachment 2086672

Attachment 2086673

Attachment 2086674

Cheers, Doc
Good old pictures of 1st gen Pulsar. Thanks for sharing.

Originally Posted by tchsvy View Post
Now that the world is all going nostalgic and retro, Bajaj should release a 20th-anniversary edition with a round LED headlamp, chrome exhaust and keep the original look to the possible extent. I know Pulsar has only evolved and hasn't got any drastic changes, still, why not?
That's a good idea. That bulky fuel tank has it's own charm also.
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What a bike !! Currently owning P150 2005 Nov DTSi model. Drove about 1lakh km , never broke down, never any surprises, always a half kick start ( may be two at max). Did numerable long drives, had lots of late night fun on roads around Bangalore. Only issue which I felt was the rusting of the fuel tank and seepage of water in the fuel tank via fuel lid. Amazing bike !! Kudos to Bajaj for making me graduate from a chetak to Pulsar in terms of two wheelers and boy they did well.
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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

Wow, what fond memories!
My cousin owned a black P150(round headlight) in early 2000ís. I bought an Adreno FX and he went ahead with Pulsar. Gear shift pattern was all 5 down while the one on Adreno was the usual 1 down 4 up. Sometimes, I used to shift up accidentally instead of putting higher gear. But, the sound was so awesome in Pulsar that I loved whenever that happened.
In my opinion, sound of first generation pulsars were best.
Down the line, I bought a P180 in 2009 when I moved to Pune and had done multiple pune-Mumbai trips on it. I sold it in 2018. I rode the P220 when my cousin bought it (non FI) in Mumbai.
All the iterations were great value for money and fairly reliable.

PS - I still regret of not riding the first generation CBZ.
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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

Here is a very interesting read, and probably the article which I have kept saved in my list of gems. Read and appreciate this baby giant, gentlemen:

“The tank and exhaust are too big,” droned the agency chief. “Reduce the size of the tank or else it will limit the relevance of the bike,” he forewarned. The engineer patiently heard out the agency honcho. And ignored his advice.

“The very same tank and its character lines became the signature of Pulsar,” he says more than a decade later – a period in which some 50 lakh Pulsars have been sold (till May 2012).

The engineer in question is Abraham Joseph, now Bajaj Auto’s chief technology officer, who has gone on to develop a series of wildly successful Pulsars – ranging from 135 cc to 220 cc – along with other thriving models like the Discover range.

But Joseph’s biggest break – and for that matter Bajaj ..

“Pulsar was not just a bike for Bajaj Auto,” says VG Ramakrishnan, vice-president , automotive and transportation practice at Frost & Sullivan. “It was a do or die product. It was one single product that virtually saved the company.” The company could just not get its earlier launches in the 100 cc and 110 cc right.

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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

Who can forget these ads?

Initial progression was 150, 180, 220 and good. Then they decided to go back 200, 135 etc. That is where Pulsar lost its brand value.

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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

I have a 2011 Pulsar 180, which is my first bike, and still going strong (touchwood), with more than 72K in its ODO and about to complete 10 years in upcoming May. During those times, it was always Pulsar when you consider bikes of 150cc and above category and I have never test rode any other bike during my purchase.

During those days, first bike to race away from the signal would always be a Pulsar . It has never let me down and if you maintain it properly, it still feels like a new bike.

2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar-20201129_013155.jpg
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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

I remember that issue of Overdrive where they had the review of the Pulsar twins. Just reading it, I was sold. Unfortunately as they came out, I was leaving India for work and was away for the next year and half. As soon as I came back, I booked the 180 cc OG Pulsar and had it for over 8 years and 50000 km. It didn't age well though, which is a testament to how bad Bajaj service centres were.
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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

I love the 2006 variation of the Pulsar, drove a friend's extensively for a while. The grey color 150 was very rare and would turn heads all the time! Reliable, tech-advanced and way ahead of its time.

Somehow, the charm of the pulsars now is lost. It doesn't evoke the same excitement like the earlier models.
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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

This was the bike that changed my view of Bajaj. The launch of the Pulsar twins was a complete surprise. This was a brand known for its scooters, 100kmpl motorcycles and the ubiquitous RE auto.

I first read about the Pulsar in Auto India. It was a revival of the performance motorcycle market after Yamaha and TVS had to drop their two stroke missiles. That left us with a void.

The 180cc had a cult following. I often looked for that badge just to know which Pulsar it was. This was not a bike to mess with. The 180 was fast enough the scare the old two stroke champs.

I got to ride a 180cc Pulsar when I went for a holiday to Goa. It was a rental and the 180 was considered premium. The bike was abused but boy oh boy, I won't forget the fun I had on this bike. The engine begged you to cane it, all the time. It just made you ride hard and fast. It was almost like an addiction. The bike was flawed with its gearbox and heavy steering but you tend to forget all that once you're on the move. The induction note combined with the excellent exhaust was another reason you wanted to gun the bike.

I had the opportunity to ride the 200 as well. Another brilliant motorcycle from Bajaj. This was a bit more polished than the first gen Pulsar motorbikes. The increase in power was nice and that exhaust note was music to the ears.
Not quite the bike for scraping pegs. The weight somehow never gave me the confidence to do so. The bike was more at home flat out on the highway. You can't ignore that nice big fat MRF Zapper tire at the rear too. Made you look like you were on some superbike.

A Pulsar 200 I loaned from a colleague, alongside FM Tharian's Royal Enfield Electra. Told him I'll take it for a 10 minute spin and returned the bike after 2 hours. Picture dates back to 2006-2007
2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar-dsc00293.jpg
2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar-dsc00294.jpg
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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

I lived with one for a short period. Black Pulsar 180 from late 2008 to 2010, when it got stolen.

Always brought a smile to my face and it was super comfortable to drive.
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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

The Pulsar love is eternal! You cannot describe it in mere words, you have to live the feeling that comes with it, to understand why it is(even now) revered among bikers!

In recent times, Bajaj has cooled off a bit in giving timely updates to Pulsars. I hope they go on a offensive once again just like the period from 2001-2012.

Sharing a recent pic of my 2013 Pulsar. Not only it still looks very good and kind off new, it still has the same grunt from 2013!
Attached Thumbnails
2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar-whatsapp-image-20201201-2.28.06-pm.jpeg  

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Default re: 2 decades of the Bajaj Pulsar

My brother and I shared this bike (along with his HH Passion) from 2007 to 2012. Was not keen on selling her but had to as I shifted to Bengaluru and we had got another bike.

In 5 years we rode the bike for about 55,000 kms till one day its speedometer gave up before repaired it after a year. Suffice to say we did about 65,000 kms on that bike, riding it everywhere, from grocery shop 200 meters from our house to Mahabaleshwar. The bike had seen it all : Our first girlfriends, our first big falls, our first jobs, our first street fights, first traffic violation, first 0-100kmph dash... everything ! Icing on the cake: My wife (then girlfriend) proposed me while we were waiting at a signal on the Pulsar !

The bike was fairly reliable with the clutch still intact at time of selling her considering how badly we had ripped the bike for all those years ! I got a Yamaha FZ16 when I went to Bengaluru, it was a nice bike, but definitely did not have the character of the Pulsar 150. The high pitch exhaust sound, the less than sure-footed feel which would thrill you, that rear wheel which had a tendency to lock under moderate braking, clunky gearshifts, leaking oil, those niggles, all added to its persona.

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