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Apache RTR 310 - TVS rolls out update for vibrations and throttle lag

I purchased RTR310 in Nov'23 and the past 6 months with this product has been amazing. I had posted my experience with the product after 1500km [] (TVS Apache RTR 310 - Quick review after 1500 km)

After 8500km, I can say the product is still extremely fun and feels like everything works together so well. Every day is like a new day with the bike and the bike is definitely still a head turner in traffic.

I have completed 2 services in Bangalore. I had three issues nagging me although not a dealbreaker -
1. The vibration at handlebar used to make my hands feel numb after riding for 30-40km continuously. Not a dealbreaker in city limits but in highways it was irritant.
2. When I roll off throttle, the bike used to take around 0.5seconds till the rpm started rolling down. This delay was a bit irritant in traffic conditions where I could not predict how the bike is slowing down.
3. Rider seat vibration - The rider seat has a peculiar vibrating range between 4-6k rpm after which it disappears. It was irritant sometimes.
4. The Quickshifter used to turn off randomly and 2nd to 3rd gear used to become hard.

I complained about this during my service but the advisor at Prakruthi TVS told they have done all the adjustments that have been told to them by their technical team. I contacted the territory manager from TVS to ask for a solution and they had told me they would inform me when the updates are available.

Fast forward last week, got a call from my service center that TVS has planned to do a service camp at their premises in Anekal. I was asked to choose between 8th and 9th June and I went with 8th June.

The Carecraft camp is what TVS calls it, was an amazing experience. We had a detailed technology brief on how the features function in RTR310, interactive session with TVS management to share product and service experience, Detailed explanation of the updates being done on the vehicle, introduction to the Apache owners group(AOG) and also basic DIYs that one can do at home.

The following updates were installed on my bike -
1. The seat cushions below the rider seat were changed - the new cushions have a better fit and hardness specifications.
2. The foam which is placed on the fuel tank were changed - 2 on the right side and 3 on the left side - the density of these have been modified to absorb vibrations better and also to have better fit with the cover that comes on the fuel tank.
3.Handlebar dampers were changed with slightly heavier dampers to absorb vibrations better.
4. ECU software was changed to reduce the lag during throttle roll off and also the software has refinements in the engine map to make the throttle response better.
5. The Quickshifter wiring routing was changed and also my knuckle guard was removed (the aftermarket knuckle gaurd was partially pressing my clutch lever making the Quickshifter malfunction at times). Now, the quickshifter works flawlessly.

After the update I took the long way back home, rode the bike for around 80km and the bike feels more alive and responsive now. The bike is sharper to throttle inputs and the engine braking kicks in instantly when I roll off. The Quickshifter by TVS is a work of art. Beauty!

The vibration kit what they installed is perfect, I was worried the bike would become like an EV losing all the character when they told they are damping the vibrations . But, the bike has just enough vibration to make it feel raw and powerful yet not annoying - just at that perfect balance point.

Overall, I was really happy with the event. Met a lot of other RTR310 owners in the event got to know their riding stories and chronicles with service. All of the TVS Aftersales management team from Bangalore were there at the event to hear us out and I also had the chance to interact closely with them to share my experience with service and sales. It was really nice to see RTR310 customers getting exclusive treatment like this from company, TVS is definitely making serious efforts towards mending the aftersales issues that they have been having lately.

Awaiting pictures from the company as our mobile phones were submitted at the security gate, as this was factory premises. Will share all the pictures on this thread when I get them.
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Re: Apache RTR 310 - TVS rolls out update for vibrations and throttle lag

Oh man we would have met yesterday. I posted the same in another thread about the event.( (TVS Apache RTR 310 BTO Review A Closer Look)).
I am happy to see a crisper response. That exhaust note at higher rpms is like a sonic boom. I see a reduction in vibrations and want to ride more to get used to the new ecu updates.

I remember your case was discussed quite a lot.

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Re: Apache RTR 310 - TVS rolls out update for vibrations and throttle lag

Great to hear, curiousbolt. The RTR310 is back on my consideration set now with these bugbears fixed.
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Re: Apache RTR 310 - TVS rolls out update for vibrations and throttle lag

The 310 engine is inherently vibey! They need to go back to the drawing board and build an engine from scratch.

Too much vibration on BMW 310GS too, so much so that my hands started giving tingling sensation just after 2 Kms of Test Ride. How did BMW even approve of plonking this engine in something like a GS!

Finally bought the V-Strom 250, and boy! What a refined engine it is!
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Re: Apache RTR 310 - TVS rolls out update for vibrations and throttle lag

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Re: Apache RTR 310 - TVS rolls out update for vibrations and throttle lag


Thank you.

Fiat sold in less numbers, was the product bad?

It is made for those who do not want a full blown ADV. Adventure tourer it is. Handles like one.

I can sense that may be that particular motorbike had an issue with the engine. Please take another test ride of a different V-Strom.

The low-end grunt is better than the 310 and loves to chug along in the city. At least mine loves to be revved hard and so did the TD bike. Stays refined throughout!

I previously owned the Ninja 1000 for 4 years (sold it off due to terribly low usage. Just 6000 of ODO)

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