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Originally Posted by ananthkamath View Post
Ok I said I am not gonna get into this. But I feel compelled to point out the following things to your kind self:

1) Master cylinder piston material in no way contributes to braking response. Why? Because it is directly connected to your foot/hand and will move in direct proportion to the speed with which you can mobilize said foot/hand. In other words, it does not matter if the piston is made of steel, lead, or kryptonite. Nor is anything gained by using carbon fiber, kevlar or a popsicle stick.

2) Why do you "feel" the pulsar's brake is better? Dude, seriously man, you must be tapped into the cosmos. Just by feel you can tell the metallurgy of the metal and the manufacturing tolerances.

3) TVS Motor doesn't make any of its brakes by itself. It sources them from Brakes India, of which TVS-Girling is a brand name. The friction lining comes from Sundaram Brake Linings in Padi. TVS also sourced this from China for a while. But now they're back to Brakes India.

4) The previous gems posted by you:

Let me make a blanket statement of my own. TVS's small 2-strokes are the best in the business. Case in point: The in-house developed XL super engine is smooth, torquey and powerful. It gives good mileage too. Never before in the moped industry had anyone made such an excellent moped, and never before did anyone give that combo of power, response, and fuel economy. You think it sucks? The same XL-super engine has been tuned by TVS racing to propel a moped to under 16 seconds in the quarter-mile. In case you dont know how fast that is, that is faster than a stock Apache RTR.

Another case-in-point: The Shogun. That was not a Suzuki design FYI. It was developed through TVS's racing efforts. I am not quoting what some journalist wrote in a magazine somewhere. I have personally met and spoken with some people who were responsible for the Shogun. It was developed as a "race kit" initially for the Supra. It made 18 bhp. For the street they de-tuned it so idiots didn't get thrown off. That's international standards for an 80's based design. It went like stink and walked all over the then-performance king, the RX100 (known to be the best in the business). 150 cc versions of the same basic engine make over 30 bhp in drag tune today and whoop a$$ on the strip even today.

As for 4-strokes. The Victor engine was designed and developed in-house. So was the Apache (even though its engine lineage is from the Fiero). So was the Centra. So was the star. So was the Scooty Pep and Pep+. This is, bar none, THE largest variety of engines made by a single independent manufacturer in India today. Bajaj comes close.

TVS were the first to use digital ignitions and the first to use TPS-based curves. They are among the first to develop fuel-injected motorcycles for the Indian market. They are THE first to race their 4-strokes. They have developed things like variable cam timing and lift systems and 4-valve DOHC heads, which is probably the only known application on small single-cylinder engines (I may be wrong). These are not in production yet.

Based on all of the above, you have absolutely no right whatsoever to claim that TVS doesnt have adequate R&D facilities. They do, and god help you if you still think they don't.

Sorry to hear about your poor buying experience with them. That does not mean you should come and post slander here on a public forum. IF you know your facts, post, otherwise, let others speak.

If you accuse me of being biased to them, that doesnt hold water either because I dont get paid by them anymore. On the contrary, YOU are one that's biased cause you were unlucky to get lemons and now you are on a mission of spreading slander and not getting your facts right.

why dont you just go the link and look as to what "THE HINDU" has to say about TVS

The mathematics of a TVS minus Suzuki
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Originally Posted by greatmana2000 View Post
I do not see how a piston can get corroded when it is in oil. Anyways ,the pulsar kit is a break up of 2 fibre rods and ergonomically , mechanically ,i think they are much better .

I can say that when i did try buying the master cylinder kit , I am sure i saw tvs motor company and not girling .
regarding pulsars rear drum ,i am sure ,because I havent come across any problems .
Didn't you know that brake fluid is hygroscopic? Haven't you come across pistons inside the caliper getting corroded?

I was referring to the Pulsar 220's rear brake which is a disc and not a drum. You may have not come across such a problem but the remark is definitely made in Jan issue BIKE India.
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Originally Posted by greatmana2000 View Post
why dont you just go the link and look as to what "THE HINDU" has to say about TVS

The mathematics of a TVS minus Suzuki

Are you like freakin' 10 years old or something? That article is from 2001 even before TVS were about to prove themselves. Even so there's nothing in there that proves your point (oh, ummm, you dont have one do you???).

And anyone who thinks brake fluid is "oil" should be banned from an automotive forum. Brake fluid is one of the most corrosive substances known to man specially when it gets old and absorbs water (you must be knowing the meaning of hygroscopic, no?)

Right now your arguments are all proving to be of high comic value. As they say, Knowledge is power, but quasi-knowledge is lethal.

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