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Originally Posted by aaggoswami View Post
Pulsar has sharpness, but with modulation, Uni is more linear as compared to Pulsar, but gets the job done, which is what is needed in commuter bike. Sharpness king is Pulsar, but the brakes in Pulsar are not grabby.
Unicorn and Pulsar's brakes are manufactured by KBX(Kalyani Brakes)* and so they are similar in use and feel but modulation feels a wee bit better on Unicorn
Ride a RTR/R15/FZ to see how brilliant the brakes are

*correct me if i am wrong
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The GS150R is essentially what the Unicorn should have been today.
Good points:
- Features (twin tripmeters, six speed gearbox)
- Engine (vibration-free and extremely torquey)

Bad points:
- Riding position is good for commuting, not for sport riding.
-Engine braking takes a lot of hurried downshifting
-Rear tyre needs to have more grip. I've fallen under power in 2nd gear while taking a turn on a damp road, something I've never managed with other bikes with the same rear tyre like the Hunk, Unicorn and even the Karizma.

Pulsar owners might feel the front brake lacks power, but it is simply the fact that is doesn't bite as well as the Pulsar's does. It isn't spongy like the Karizma's, though.

If you ride quickly most of the time, get the Apache. If you're a commuter more than anything else, get the GS. Don't worry about the plastic quality - if you're going to choose between TVS and Suzuki, it's six of one and a half dozen of the other.

Karizma fairing rattles are due the the fairing rubbing against the instrument cluster. A little rubber beading and glue is all it takes to eliminate them
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Had a recent test ride, considerably long one of the GS150R last week.

Extremely refined motor (and I felt totally vibration free). At times I felt like I couldn't almost feel the motor running. Maybe its because my current ride is my trusty RX-135, which definitely lets you know its running.

Superb suspension. The damping was just phenomenal. I rode it on concrete and on the new disgusting interlocking tiles they are laying down all over the city. On regulation tar, it feels like you are gliding.

Riding position is very comfortable.

Sixth gear is a major advantage if you are inclined to do long rides.

Brake feel was vague.

Motor feels underpowered. What I mean is it definitely FEELS like it takes ages to put on some decent speed. Whether, this is in fact true, I am not clear on, as the speedometer was disconnected. Or maybe, the extremely refined motor made it feel that way. Point being, I never felt I was going at speed, or picking up speed, no matter how much I was wringing the throttle.

Rust issues. This might be worrisome. The bike I rode was supposedly from the latest lot, and there were tell-tale signs of rust on the fuel tank mouth. When I pointed it out to the dealership, the guy appeared shocked, and immediately rushed the bike to the service area to get the issue addressed.

The sixth cog is impractical and unusable in city stop and go traffic. Most times you will never employ it, and when you do, it will be a pain in the *** downshifting 4 times to get it to 2'nd in our kind of stop and go city traffic.

Overall, the impression I came away with was this was a bike, if you wanted absolute comfort and refinement, and excitement was not on your list of priorities. Its a bit difficult to digest its very sedate nature for me after being used to an RX-135 for 11 years.

However, yesterday, I happened to ride two RTRs back-to-back. One was a carburetted 160 and the other a FI 160, and man-0-man - I think this is the bike that comes closest to the RX's sense of urgency and involvement among the current crop of bikes. But needless to say, refinement levels are nowhere close to that of the Zuki.

So, its really apples and oranges.

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Guys,I went on a test drive of GS150R today. I think the bike is good for city driving, which I what I require. I was given a quote of Rs.69,300 and they are willing to waive of the insurance cost(Rs.1500). The bike has saree guard and crash guard by default but not helmet lock.

I have a 4 year old Honda Activa and they are willing to take that for Rs 16,000 in an exchange offer with the bike. Do you think this is a good deal?

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Hi Roadracer,

Go for it, this is a very good deal. Which dealer are you looking at?

I bought a GS150R yesterday, here is the link below.
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I just Booked the GSR in Chennai today, waiting for delivery
Man this bike is a monster
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Thanks AbdulRahmanM for the feedback. I may not go for the exchange deal as my brother now wants to use the Honda Activa. I know that it's a good deal. I had enquired with ABT Nandhanam,Chennai.

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