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Default Interior & Exterior Detailing : 3M Car Care (Andheri East, Mumbai)

3M India Car Care has opened a new franchisee in Andheri East.


Midc Centrel Road,
Near Seepz gate no.1
Andheri East
Mumbai - 400093

Contact Person:

Manish 9820112348

Products sold

Car detailing services
3M Nomad Mats
Meguairs detailing products
3M Underbody coating
Engine addtives, flush, etc.

What I like

Great customer care
Attention to detail is fantastic.
Adequate parking.
All services under one roof.

Services I've used

Since this is a new center which has been opened I wanted to get an experience first hand so opted for a foam wash. I already have got done the under body treatment so I thought it'd be worthwhile if the same can be checked and re-coated if required. However Manish informed me that since the under body treatment was done at 3M Andheri West, he cannot re-coat the same, but will certainly advise if the any particular areas require a touch up. Apparently 3M follows a franchisee model hence services opted by a customer from a 3M store cannot be transferred to another store. Found this quite funny.

Interior & Exterior Detailing : 3M Car Care (Andheri East, Mumbai)-img_20140720_182315.jpg

Interior & Exterior Detailing : 3M Car Care (Andheri East, Mumbai)-img_20140720_182329.jpg

Interior & Exterior Detailing : 3M Car Care (Andheri East, Mumbai)-img_20140720_182343.jpg

Interior & Exterior Detailing : 3M Car Care (Andheri East, Mumbai)-img_20140720_182417.jpg

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Default Re: Interior & Exterior Detailing : 3M Car Care (Andheri East, Mumbai)

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Team-BHP Directory. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Bad Service - Not Recommended!!!

Hi guys,

I am writing to give my disappointing feedback on the services used at 3M Car Care (Nipun Care) located at SEEPZ at Andheri East.

So I have always been using Kamyo Detailers since 2012 and was always very happy with their work and services. However, I have now moved residence and so my current society had some reservations on having outside vendors using the society premises. Even though this is a temporary issue, I desperately needed my car to be detailed especially since it needed a through clean after the monsoons. I hence decided to visit Nipun Care who are the authorized dealers for 3M Car Care. Spoke to Mr. Sameer who assisted me with details on their services.

The initial booking procedure through was smooth and I decided to do an interior and exterior cleaning which costed me Rs. 2200 and Rs. 5950 respectively. Due to limited time we decided to break the service between two days. So we first did the interior on one day and then the exterior the next day.

During their cleaning of the interior, they managed to damage and break the grill on right hand side AC vent near the driver’s window. Not sure whether they knew of the damage they did but I noticed this once I was getting ready to take delivery of the car. I brought this to the notice of Mr. Sameer who told me that since I am coming to get the exterior detailed; this will be fixed then as it is repairable. I however knew that this damage was irreparable and the part needed to be replaced. I still gave them benefit of doubt.

The next day I arrived for the exterior and work began as usual. At almost the end of the session, Mr. Sameer called a mechanic from outside somewhere to check on the AC vent. The mechanic tried his level best to get it fixed but finally informed Mr. Sameer that the part is not repairable and needs to be replaced. On hearing this I decided to privately call the guys at VW and check the availability and cost of the part and found out that it costs Rs. 1000. Mr. Sameer however was not convinced with the mechanic’s solution and told me that this can be repaired and that he will fix it before the car is ready for delivery. I understood by his attitude that he would do a temporary fix and show that he solved the problem and if anything happens later, it would not be his responsibility since the car left their premises with the AC vent fixed. So he continued to try out all sorts of things to try and fix the vent but in vain. By this time, the car was ready for delivery. I finally told Mr. Sameer that we need not waste any more time on this and that I would need to get this replaced. He also finally confirmed that the vent would need to be replaced and asked me what would be the cost for the same. I informed him of the cost and told him that I had already ordered the part. I expected him to offer to compensate for it but there did not seem to be any effort from his end.

Mr. Sameer left me for around five minutes and came back to prepare the bill. In the mean time I saw one of the workers start to install a paint protection film on the edges of the driver’s door. I immediately told him to stop and asked Mr. Sameer as to what was going on. He told me that they are doing that as a complimentary service. I understood that he was trying to make up for the Rs. 1000 that he cost me but I told him that I do not want the paint protection film as I was not interested in it. He kept trying to convince me of the benefits but I stayed my ground. He finally prepared the bill of the full amount which I paid without a fuss and left.

The above incident left me very disappointed especially because I felt cheated and found Mr. Sameer and Nipun Care dishonest. I did not ask for compensation as I expected them to do so as they admitted to damaging the AC vent and even had the audacity to ask me the cost of replacement but did not bother to offer to pay for damage. Instead, they tried to force a product on me which I did not want so that they can later say that the same was offered complimentary to make up for the loss. I even filled their feedback form as ‘unsatisfactory’ to which Mr. Sameer asked me what went wrong. I was shocked by his question and told him that it was obviously due to the fact that you damaged my car during the cleaning process. He had the audacity to further ask me that other than that is there anything else. I did not know if this was a joke or what. I decided to leave immediately.

I must say that 3M is a superior product and that I am very happy with the outcome of the work done on the car and so full marks to 3M as a product but a poor rating to Nipun Care as a dealer. This is another example of how a good product like 3M are handled by unprofessional dealers with dishonest motives which unfortunately leaves a stain on the brand

For my next detailing job, I will probably consider the 3M store at Borivali hoping the dealer is better; else I will just stick to good old Kamyo if all necessary permissions are granted in my society.

Overall, I will recommend using 3M as a product but I do not recommend getting it done at Nipun Care located at SEEPZ.
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Default Re: Interior & Exterior Detailing : 3M Car Care (Andheri East, Mumbai)

Hey Epic, Thanks for sharing your experience. I was just about to select a 3M service center for some polishing work, And i will rule out the seepz one now, Will probably try out the one at palm beach or borivali
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Default Re: Interior & Exterior Detailing : 3M Car Care (Andheri East, Mumbai)

Having heard good reviews about the place from fellow bhpian friends, decided to take my cousins 10 month old innova for an interior cleaning (Germkleen in 3M lingo). Appointment was taken over the phone. Went there and handed over the car and waited over there to oversee the work. It was the first time for my cousin to enter the detailing world and he was very curious on how its all done. There was a white TUV getting the paint sealant treatment.

Now coming to our Innova, we opted for the Germkleen package costing 3519 and also wanted to get the foam wash done. Sameer, one of the person in charge, waived off the charges for the foam wash and provided that as complimentary.

I'll divide this into 2 parts.

Interior Germkleen:

4 guys were deployed and the work started. The roof liner was cleaned first. The entire car was vacuumed. Some cleansing spray was used on all the interior parts including dashboard, seats, doors etc. The overall work took about 2 hours.

Verdict: 5/10

The interiors were not cleaned to satisfaction. The middle row seats were not even folded and the carpet vacuumed and cleaned. The backside of the rear seats had some minor stains which were not taken care of. The boot door had dust marks which had not been cleaned. All these had to be pointed out and then taken care of. The AC vents were not cleaned and when pointed out, it was cleaned however was told that the AC vents of many cars are delicate and break and hence to avoid any issues with the customers they do not touch the AC vents (i guess that's after what happened with the VW in the earlier posts). With 4 guys, the results should've been great and this was nowhere close. I regularly clean my car interiors and can vouch that i could've done a better job than those guys. The team needs to have more attention to detail. Its 3M after all.

Foam Wash: 8/10

Sameer personally took charge of cleaning the frontal area of the car and mentioned that at times his staff miss a few areas. The wash was good and the underbody was cleaned well. Since i had instructed that the engine bay should not be sprayed with water, they used engine dressing stuff that's sprayed on and used compressed air to blow away all the dust. We are happy with this. I have deducted 2 points for the post wash cleaning. Could have been done better.

Overall verdict: 6/10

Didn't like the fact the customer points out the mistakes. You go to 3M with higher expectations and also shell out more for quality stuff. And to give due credit to my friends, they have always got the exteriors done, never the interiors so maybe this 3M outlet is better on the exterior stuff. So if you ask me whether its bang for the buck, i would say no for the interior treatment.

Other points:

Staff is courteous. Had taken my little niece with us and there was a nice sofa to put her to sleep while the work went on. Tea / Coffee was served as and when required. Chocolates were given to my niece and that lighted up her sleepy eyes while leaving. Just train the team to be more attentive and i guess that should sort those negatives.

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