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Re: 2022 Maruti Alto K10 Review

Originally Posted by BlackLight View Post
After corporate discounts and festive offers, it should be a good buy for first time buyers or people like me who own and operate cheap, fun cars.
The car has got decent performance as well. I saw a review on YouTube by ‘Talking Cars’, they were all praise on the performance and handling.
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Re: 2022 Maruti Alto K10 Review

Having owned a Alto before I would say that THIS version is a disgrace of a car at THIS price point. Zero safety, hard seats utterly lacking comfort, horrible suspension, horrible interior/exterior quality of materials. Forget the hideous Espresso that looks like an Alto on poorly designed stilts, a better comparison would be with Ignis that has a better engine, safety and better build all around for similar or slightly higher price. When competition like Tata, Mahindra etc can give way better cars at similar price point, Suzuki is bent on ripping of the Indian public with dangerous products like Alto.

Such half baked atrocities should be shown the boot sooner than later. Only then Manufacturers will listen and make safer products

By the way I bought the Alto at less than 50% of current prices back in 2013 as a Secondary car for my wife to learn driving that too inside City roads. The Car was dented all around and promptly sold once my wife was comfortable with driving and we went for a better alternative.

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Re: 2022 Maruti Alto K10 Review

Originally Posted by Reinhard View Post
The new one seems to improve on the older one in almost all aspects.
Really? Thinner tyres, no fog lamps or even the provision to install, and smaller rear seat windows, lack of any insulation in the wheel wells leading to poor NVH, cheapo gear knob etc..., I think this new model is much worse than the older model.

Originally Posted by Reinhard View Post
Goes to show that people will prefer a touch-screen head unit over the safety of good road illumination at night. I'm really disappointed with this move by Maruti. Wouldn't have costed a lot to put a couple of cut-outs with caps for fog lights in the bumper.
People (as in the buying customers) have no say in the matter. Even if the customer prefers better illumination over a touchscreen HU, they don't really have a voice. This is purely Suzuki's decision to cut costs and give a cheap car, but priced at a premium. This is only about maximizing their profits, and nothing else.
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Re: 2022 Maruti Alto K10 Review

I’ve always liked the Alto for what it offered. I could even digest the Alto 800, but this new gen car is just sad compared to its ancestors. Others have already mentioned the mismatch of features and pricing.

That hideous grill up front along with those copycat headlamps are the worst, turning the Alto from a cute and smart little car into a wannabe nerd.
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Re: 2022 Maruti Alto K10 Review

Originally Posted by venbas View Post
When competition like Tata, Mahindra etc can give way better cars at similar price point, Suzuki is bent on ripping of the Indian public with dangerous products like Alto
The only direct competition to the Alto/K10 from another manufacturer is the Renault Kwid. The only other A-segment rival is the SPresso from Maruti stable.

The cheapest TATA and Mahindra products compete in the entry level B segment - priced against cars like the Celerio. Their base variants are priced higher than Alto top variants.

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Re: 2022 Maruti Alto K10 Review

I was listening to vivekji05 and JayD in Talking Cars AltoK10 review. Surprisingly, many observations are contradicting with team bhp review, especially with ride quality and high speed manners.
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Re: 2022 Maruti Alto K10 Review

The Alto as a concept is an automobile (the cheapest possible Automobile conceivable by Suzuki) that is to be used for travelling from point A to point B. Period. I hear people talking about NVH but seriously? In Alto? The Alto was always a car that has great operating costs and is a nimble mover and that's that. Yes, Safety is a non negotiable and a valid criticism. I found the T BHP review to be superb with a balanced view of the expectations from the car. It would be better to look at the product from that viewpoint.

By the way, this Alto is the K10, so naturally base prices that one is comparing against is higher. I understand the root of the frustrations stem from the prices of the car. But such is the reality of the market today. Every existing car, as and when revamped, will keep becoming more expensive as regulations change at the drop of a hat and commodities become expensive. The end of Santro is the reality today which was still a segment higher car than Alto. The juice just is not worth the squeeze. I am not even talking about the end of Nano or Eon. The segment is just not viable anymore as the minimum requirements keep getting costlier. I just admire Suzuki for not giving up totally. Like my friend told me when he booked the new Alto recently as a second car, "It's bloody expensive but when Petrol costs Rs 110 a litre and there is barely a murmur, the how can one say anything to Suzuki?"
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Re: 2022 Maruti Alto K10 Review

How does this AMT compare to Spresso which has hill hold ? I found the gear shifts really obvious while driving Spresso AMT
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Re: 2022 Maruti Alto K10 Review

Iconic Maruti 800cc engine to be discontinued after 40 years.

Tighter emission norms on the horizon, combined with low demand, spells the end of the F8D engine.

Link (Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review)
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Re: 2022 Maruti Alto K10 Review

Is Alto K10 a replacement for the Alto? Or are Altos (without the K10) still available?
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