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Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)

Proprietor: Sanjay Shet- 9880-858-858/ 0824-4279068

Address: Managudda, mlore-3 (next to Karnataka bank)

Services offered:
* Steam wash and vaccum.
* Quick polish (as an addon to the above)
* Engine room decreasing and Dressing
* Intensive interior cleaning
* Ozone treatment - I guess this a sanitizer for the interiors.
* Air con cleaning
* Leather Conditioning
* Paint refinement and protection for older cars
* Windshield and glass treatment- Anti-glare/scrub-polish/nano glass coating
* Anti-Corrosion treatments
* Pain protection for brand new cars
* Paint booth with denting services
* Headlight restoration
* -Other stuff that i cant recall-

What i liked:
* Their setup is by far the best available in mangalore
* the workers are very courteous
* All queries were immediately answered by the Proprietor, Sanjay
* Utmost care is taken not to damage the vehicle in any way.
* Products used are from very good manufacturers/brands
* The Proprietor, Sanjay didnt try giving any sales talk and selling me things i didnt even need. A very to-the-point kinda person.
*They have a nice conditioned waiting room with lotsa auto-mags and comfy sofas. They also served tea/coffee and snacks every once in a while.
* Their fluency in English apart from other local languages was a pleasant surprise
* All cars from jags/bmw/merc/Audi's to the humble maruti are cared for here and all customers are given the same importance. In fact, if you look closely, you'll see a lotta expensive cars in the pics.
* Lotsa greenery around. The place is quite spacious and has a lotta trees around.
* The receptionist was a riot! She could keep talking and reminded me of kareena's character in the movie jab we met! It helped kill time!!

What i didnt like:
* I did wish the wash bay wasnt so close to the area used for polishing/detailing.
* I was hoping a setup like this would have a running water treatment plant - I guess im expecting too much here!

What i used them for: Removing paint overspray

Overall experience: I am going to rate them quite high! These people know their work well, they speak well to the customer(in my case annoying customer- All thanks to the tbhp detailing thread) and the final outcome exceeded my expectations. While other detailing places told me its going to be a very hard job, these guys made it seem like an easy one. I would definitely recommend them to others!!

The story:
My black car had a thick layer of over spray thanks to the careless carpenters working in my office basement parking. It was basically varnish and polyethylene. Everything from the body to the lights to the glasses were coated and to make things worse, the car had a thick layer of dust before the carpenters sprayed the stuff.

I checked out a couple of car detailing places in mlore but wasnt impressed with their workmanship and products used.

On a good friends recommendation, i visited carz spa and was impressed with the knowledge possessed by the owner and his staff.

I took an appointment a few days in advance and landed there at 9am. The entire work was done and i was out of there by around 7PM. it took a bit long in my case because of the damage done to the paint.

Unfortunately i don't have pics of the car before the work commenced but here are some pics of the process.

The Car being given a hot steam and water wash. No diesel was used here and tar and bugs were removed with proper cleaners/chemicals
Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)-1.jpg

The entire car was scrubbed with clay bars till all the over-spray was taken out. I cant quite recall but i believe he used 3-4 bars in total as they kept getting dirty and couldn't be used after a point.
Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)-2.jpg

This is one of the things i really liked. All the rubber beading, emblems and some other stuff were covered with masking tape before the work began.
Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)-3.jpg
Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)-4.jpg

They polished the body with a maroon colored meguiars soft cut buffing pad. followed by a Yellow, orange and white pad along with different polishes and waxes for each pad. The polish and wax used were Meguiars.
Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)-5.jpg
Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)-8.jpg

All the glasses were cleaned by buffing. Along with the over-spray, it took out the water stains that the years of blore hard/borewell water useage had left behind. At this point of time, step 3 of 5(of the process) was completed on the bonnet. Do look at the reflection of the wipers and shed roof on the bonnet.
Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)-7.jpg

The engine compartment was detailed. Pic was taken 2 mins into the process and isnt the final look.
Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)-9.jpg

The interiors were thoroughly cleaned and polished. As the interiors were anyway quite clean, i didnt take any pics. The lighting there didnt really motivate me to do so either.

This is what the car looked like after the entire process.
Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)-10.jpg
Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)-11.jpg

Hope this was of some help to you.


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re: Carz Spa - Mangalore, karnataka (removing paint overspray)

Hey, is this shop in any way related to Carz Spa, Calicut?
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re: Carz Spa - Mangalore, karnataka (removing paint overspray)

James, Can you provide the cost details?
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Re: Carz Spa - Mangalore, karnataka (removing paint overspray)

Originally Posted by dhanushs View Post
Hey, is this shop in any way related to Carz Spa, Calicut?
As far as I know, all Carz Spa outlets are a franchise of the Carz Spa brand. Each outlet has its own first name,but ends with the words "Carz Spa"
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Re: Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)

I had visited Carz spa this week. Got a prior appointment & I was there by 10am. The owner of the set-up, Mr. Sanjay Shet greeted me & explained the various processes.

I opted for the 6-step package for the exterior, Interior shampooing & AC vent cleaning. The cost for my car i.e Punto which is in the mid-size category was ₹3800/-, ₹1300/- & ₹600/- respectively.

The vehicle was given a thorough steam wash & I was surprised by the amount of dirt & dust from the hinges, beadings etc. Claying was done next. All other subsequent processes followed. The workmanship was top-class & Sanjay himself personally took care of over-seeing the work done.. The car was delivered back to me at 7pm.

They also have a good paintshop. I saw a Vento, wherein the front & rear bumpers were repainted. The paint matching was top-notch. Now i know where to head for painting work instead of visiting T.A.S.S. They are competitively priced too on par with the service centres.

All in all, I'm a happy customer & surely would recommend them
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Re: Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)

Had give my i20 at Carz Spa Mangalore for some minor paint work and 6-step paint protection coating. There is almost zero paint mismatch and because of the protection coating, the car is looking as good as new. Nice work by them.
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Re: Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)

My Figo had some rust spots and a bumper full of scratches. I opted to go for Sanjay's Carz Spa at Mangalore. Along with the painting,I also got the exterior, interior cleaning and the 4 step protection process for the paint. I must say, the paint job is absolutely fantastic, it is not possible to make out that it is a fresh paint job. The shine with the protection process gives me a brand new car!. I was more than happy with the process, that I came back promptly with my wife's i10 and got back a shiny new car as well.
I did end up paying a tidy sum. The paint charges are same as in service centres but the job is topnotch. I have no regrets and would happily recommend Sanjay Shet at Carz Spa at Mangalore.
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Re: Cleaning, Polishing, Painting, etc - Carz Spa (Mangalore, KA)

I had a couple of panels of my Manza repainted at Car Spa a few years ago. Small scrapes and scratches which did not need any tinkering work. My first experience was good. Paint matching and quality was good. The proprietor Sanjay is pleasant and communicates well. The charges are on par with ASS.
My second experience was not that great. One of the repainted panels developed “bubbles” and started peeling after a few months. Was readily offered a free repaint. However, when I got the Car back after the repaint, I found the an area of white overspray in a nearby area. While I was offered rectification of this too, it did make for an unpleasant experience. In fact I have not bothered to take it back there as not having the car again for a few days is a major inconvenience.
The increased workload may be affecting their quality control. So if possible, it maybe better to hang around when your car is being worked on.

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