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Originally Posted by mobike008 View Post
Paddy, i encountered a similar incident on Dec 31st 2006 in my almost brand new viva. We were going to a party in the night and while driving i observed a beautiful church on my right side and i looked at it a bit longer than i should and by the time i looked back i was horrified to see my front right tyre climbing a divider and with superb reflexes ( its natural to acquire when driving in Hyderabad traffic), i steered left and the car came down.

Thank god, nothing happened to either the car nor the occupants. But, it indeed was a close call

whoa mobike!! be careful dude-
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i too happened to see a similar incident when an accent trying to overtake in a seemingly broad road suddenly comes across divider and goes over it. The car had crossed around 10 m and the divider extended another 10 or more meters. The car was lifted on one side and wheels on one side did not touch the ground and driver not knowing how to get out of the situation was looking perplexed.

Dividers start could be simply highlighted by placing a reflector.
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It happened to me while taking my brand new santro from to my home,thinking about some pending work left in office.By the time i regained senses i saw a DCM parked in the middle of the road and saw a ZEN on the left who was trying to push to the right.By the time i realised the guy in the DCM opened the LEFT door and it was too late.The door left a deep Scar on the front right pillar and bruised my OVRM.I was like.. The guy got a red carpet treatment.Now i dont care what's pending in my office anymore!
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Place - Pune, July 2007, Senapati Bapat road in front of HP petrol Pump, 11:00 PM

I was coming back from a house warming party at Sus road. I was raining rather heavily and traffic was sparse so to say. Just 2 - 3 cars in front of me. I was on Senapati Bapat road driving at speed around 30Km/Hr. I was driving close to the divider and I didn't see couple of Road divider blocks removed (probably by 2 wheeler guys who want to cross the road to enter into lane opposite this venue) and strewn on the road. I happened to bump my front right side tyre on one of the blocks. Huge jolt to the car, it jumped over the block due to inertia of the moving vehicle. Thankfully no body was behind me. Manage to control the car quickly as speed was not much. Took it to the curb. Inspected the Tyre, seemed to be OK. Huge dent to the rim. Cursed myself and the blocks on the road. Kept back the block in their place with some efforts. I was drenched completely as it was pouring. Slowly brought car home. Next day saw flat front right side tyre. This was result of last nights impact. Tyre had a huge cut on the wall and had to change it.

Now my car also has fog lamps for additional illumination. lesson learn't inspite of me "trying" to be careful driver!!!

takecare and drive safely
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Originally Posted by Ali View Post
The guy got a red carpet treatment.Now i dont care what's pending in my office anymore!

Mind Elaborating it
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Similar thread exists:
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Good that nothing serious happened. Everybody just realize that what could possibly happen in a second.

Think safety but be careful. You said you are safest driver but you were not careful.
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Hmmnn.. In all the years of my driving, i have had only 1 near miss since when i have become a complete theist..

Quite a few years ago i was cruising in a small back country road in North Caroline in a CRV doing around 60 and got onto a bridge.I see this guy in Ford F350 coming in from the opposite direction. No problems, 2 regular guys driving in their own lanes, passing by.

We come a little bit closer and heyy, i see from some distance.. the guy looks to be sleeping. I honk(big mistake), the guy wakes up from his slumber and involuntarily turns left and comes straight for me. I accelarate hard( easier said than done in an Automatic CRV) to avoid being hit side on and the guy clips my tail end and goes straight to the railing of the bridge, knocks of the railing and voila all of a sudden his truck is balanced 50-50, 50 off and 50 on the road.

I have spun 180 deg and and facing the direction in which i have come. No Airbag deployment ????? Thanks to Honda reliability only bumper damage.

I am in some shock , get out of the car and am inspecting the vehicle when i realize that the other vehicle is suspended.

Thought of turning a hero and towing the truck out of trouble and receiving a mayor's citation and all that, when i realized that i did not decent have a towing hook(the existing one cannot tow anything heavier than a cardboard box0, and neither would my vehicle be able to pull the monster of a truck.

So call 911 and they come over in double quick time,get all the necessary stuff done, like checking my breath for alcohol ,my insurance details and last of all whether i carried any injuries. They also double checked to make sure that i was neither a vigilante, nor did have any personal enemity with the other guy..

Seems like the other guy had siphoned off alcohol equivalent to the production in a distillery(I thought this was possible only in Kerala).

Long story short . Do not honk a sleeping driver. Let sleeping dogs lie
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I had been driving all day and now the light was failing and I was tired. My fuel was low and I needed a break. I was coming up to an intersection and saw that there was a fuel stop with a clean looking Dhaba next to it on the side road I was approaching. I slowed down in the far left lane and made the left turn. Just as I did I hear a tremendous crashing, the sounds of breaking glass and sheet metal from in back of me. I slam on the brakes and turn my head just in time to see a Honda Accord go 2 meters passed my rear end upside down on its roof still at high speed down the highway from which I have just turned. It bounced and sparked another 30 meters down the pavement where it went off into a copse of trees, hit them hard and further disintegrated. The four people in the car were all badly hurt. I think 2 were dead. To this day I do not know why it happened. No one else was involved. But I almost was.
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I have faced a lot of just miss situations, the one I remember the most is when me and my friend were riding on his dad's Hero Honda CD 100 from Coimbatore to Palghat to attend a wedding, I was riding and going at around 60 kmph just when I saw an up slope with a slow moving truck ahead of me moved to the right side of the road and when we had just overtaken half of the truck the upslope starts to descend and there I see a fast moving bus coming towards us and going to the left meant under the truck and going right meant smashing into the bus, the next I downshift to 3rd accelerate well nothin happens the bloody bike aint going any faster, try 2nd the bike infact slowed down (I was used to riding a RX 100 back home in Blr) I remember telling my friend thats it!!! stand up fast and kiss ur b@lls goodbye for that would be last thing we will be able to do) hahaha luckily the bus coming towards us slams the breaks swerves off the road and misses our bike by a whisker.

Second one on my RX 100 we were racing well not exactly roads in Bangalore back in 1994 used to be almost devoid of traffic no matter what time of the day.. we were heading from South End Circle to MG Road and we were crossing KR park i.e. 2 RX 100 and 1 Shogun and 1 KB 100 with a chamber all the bikes with pillion, I must have been doing 80 when I saw a white maruti car stop in the middle of the road without any indicators that his intention was to turn right. There is a school next to this park and the school kids were out as well next thing I remember moving right to overtake this car and recall a bus coming from the opposite direction and I had to get back to my side of the road as soon as I pass the car, well now I have two school girls standing in the middle of the road with just enough room for me to pass the bike between the car and the girls whew and did I manage it yes I did and we did see the look on the faces of the girls was funny then but now it does give me the shivers. Had I hit the girls they would have fallen on the road with me and my pillion included and bus would have mowed us down.

well this happend recently in my swift me and my friend on his OHC 1.5 were racing (I have stopped doing such things now . from Woodlands hotel towards Hudson circle at 4 in the morning and we were going neck to neck and as we closed in on Hudson circle he fell a little behind and I was doing good speed and thought I could take the curve towards Majestic with ease with my 205's (little bald) and I did end up doing a 360 deg turn and the car didnt stall too and now I was facing my friends OHC and he while seeing me doing this had infact stopped. Well this was pretty close to the police station in fact right opposite to it but no cops at 4 am lucky escape and from then on it was 40 kmph all the way home.

I do remember a lot more such incidents where I have been extremely lucky to be alive n kicking. But glad those days are behind me as of this day.
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My one :)

The only ONE I remember, very clearly, took place in 2006 when I was still getting used to driving on the autobahn (it actually does not need much of getting used to, though).

However - I was driving a VW Golf 2.0L TDi on the fast lane just about crossing the 200 mark and I could see an Audi in the rear view mirror approaching. For those who do not know, in Germany you do not overtake on the slow lane you overtake ONLY on the fast lane, which is actually the same around the world but a handful would probably stick to this in India (exceptions always there). Well, I did not want to move into the slow lane as I thought I could overtake the car on the slow lane just ahead of me and then move into the slow lane - the reason being - once you actually go into the slow lane and if the autobahn has continous oncomming traffic it is actually not easy to get into the fast lane and zoom off, the person sitting with me thought otherwise and thought it was better I moved into the slow lane. Usually and mostly I do not listen to the back seat drivers but as this was one of those initial days on the autobahn I thought might aswell.

So - I blink right, move into the slow lane, the Audi is "just about" to pass me when the BMW in front of me decides to go into the fast lane - That was really tight - but I thought well - its the BMW and Audi who would get the headache and I am already on the slow lane. The BMW moves in to the fast lane - and WHAT do I see ??? There is a beetle strolling at 100kmph right IN FRONT of ME! Holy !! My heart nearly popped out as I had not seen the beetle AT ALL! I shift down - try not to panic - ABS is good - I am safe !

If you try to put yourself in this situation - its scary - I mean the time you need to read this is a few minutes but this happened in a fraction of seconds !

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Few over the past weekend:
1. 6th main road connecting 100ft road to 80 ft road - Indira Nagar, Bangalore. Just nick in time breaking saved a boy/girl playing catch-up in front of the church - Sunday mass.
2. Just 5 km from Krishnagiri towards Chennai - 2 sheep - one of them brushed the left side of my car. Wifey says it actually corrected a raised portion of the bumper
3. Further on the NH4 goats - 2 of them - were loitering around. I thought of crossing them, wife suggested we slow down till they have stabilized/taken position. Had I sped, the timing would have been perfect for a big bang!
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Originally Posted by jeevmenon
Had I sped, the timing would have been perfect for a big bang!
I know that trying to avoid hitting livestock comes with its own risks - more so if you are on a bike. But on a car, avoid it if possible, because you could be looking at a big repair bill - I firmly believe that hitting a dog that darted across the road suddenly near Salem had a big role to play in our M800's driveshaft giving way.

Ofcourse since the 1st-gen M800 had metal bumpers, avoided damage to that - the current cars with their plastic bumpers, would have taken a hit to the bumper also.
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This happened to us when we were driving to Yelagiri back in 2009.

We were approaching Krishnagiri in my Optra Magnum 2.0 TCDI and I was doing about 120 -130 kph. I suddenly see that a driverless ashok leyland truck chassis (yes driverless!!) hurtling towards us from the opposite side of the highway, it went over the road divider and was heading straight at us. I immediately sensed that something was seriously wrong and I slammed on the brakes and swerved to my right and to my shock the truck chassis also moved right and was now in my lane heading straight at us. I had my whole family in the vehicle and I had to make a split scond decision to avoid the collision. All this happened within the course of 5-6 seconds. Then , glanced at my left ORVM and swerved to left and then made a sharp right and narrowly missed the damn truck chassis by inches!! Thankfully there were no vehicles behind us when I was swerving left and right.

The truck chassis then went crashing into an embankment on the side of highway and turned turtle with the gas pedal still pressed I assume as the wheels were spinning furiously from what I saw in my RVM.

I was so shocked that I did not stop at all! just continued driving and after some time we realized what a close shave it was. Till today, I dont understand how the truck chassis was driverless and even if it was parked and it somehow slipped away with gear/brakes not deployed, how was it accelarating towards us unless someone had placed a stone on the accelarator. But this was one close thing for us. I thanked the almighty and my Magnum for it's excellent steering and braking which really saved us from a head on collision with the damn monster. Still gives me goosebumps when I think back to the that incident.
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The most recent one that happened to me about 2 months back. I was driving back from a party to home on the I-94 heading east (near downtown Milwaukee, WI). The interstate had a lot of exits and I was cruising along at 55mph on the second lane from the right. While overtaking a guy in the lane to my left, reach almost parallel to him, when he decides he needs to take an exit and just changes his lane and almost hitting me. My instant reaction was to veer to my right. Happened too fast for me to check my ORVM to see if anyone was behind me to my right. I heard some screeching when I veered, but thankfully nothing happened except my being shaken up. With trembling hands and legs, I pulled over to the shoulder to calm myself down. Took a good 10 minutes to come back to my senses and continue home.
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