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View Poll Results: Which compact sedan would you choose?
Maruti Dzire 122 36.42%
Tata Tigor 40 11.94%
Hyundai Xcent 11 3.28%
Honda Amaze 22 6.57%
Ford Aspire 97 28.96%
Volkswagen Ameo 30 8.96%
Tata Zest 13 3.88%
Voters: 335. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

I have voted for the Dzire.
The aspects where it scores substantially over it's rivals:
1. Space
2. Strong engine performance (Petrol)
3. Excellent, Unmatched fuel economy
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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

I voted for Aspire. The reason is simple. Aspire is better in every aspect to the Dzire. Be it the Engine, build quality and ride quality or the features (Other than touch screen and reverse camera and Projector Headlamps).

The only factor where Dzire trumps Aspire is in terms of availability of service centers. Again, coming to the service cost, Ford is very transparent and you can look up the cost on the Ford India website and budget the same.

May be there will be a feature update for Aspire which will cover the absence of touch screen infotainment system and reverse camera.
For better visibility in night just switch to 90/100 Lamps with a relay and it should be enough.
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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

If I have to buy today for myself then the requirements would be Diesel and highway performance. Going by that and the price I would have chosen Ameo over Aspire for the build quality, ICE and reverse parking camera.
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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

I voted for Aspire.

Maruti has put in lots of efforts in developing Dzire this time (and it shows) but for me it misses on some aspects. When I first saw the images on the internet I thought it looked good but when I saw it in flesh, it looked too bulbous for my linking. The bonnet, grill and the front bumper have swollen up a bit too much. If you see the grill alone you would think that Maruti was trying to replicate the Aspire's front grill but couldn't execute it properly.

The interiors are roomy but too much use of different shades like wooden inserts, chrome garnish, glossy black surrounds, lower dashboard in beige and upper in grey. Seems they were open to a lots of suggestions on interior designing. I didn't understand why Maruti left auto dimming rear view mirrors and better washer nozzles (like Ford and VWs) then I remembered even Ciaz has the same water nozzles! If you have taken the efforts to conceal them under the bonnet, might as well put some good nozzles instead of the one which just shoots jets of water.

Lastly the engine, same old 1.3L diesel. Maruti should provide a large capacity engine with better performance and drivability. But from Maruti's perspective, buyers are again shifting towards petrol and using the old 1.3L is a better option as nobody is complaining.

For me Aspire is a much better package. It has a great diesel engine (petrol is also decent maybe not as spirited as Maruti's). Just upgrade the tires and this car would fly. Interiors are packaged in a better way, very nice place to be in with all the controls and cubbyholes coming easily within your reach. Ford service has also improved significantly, not as wide spread but the service levels are better then Maruti's and very easy on pocket as well. Lastly, Ford gives you slight exclusivity, in a short time Dzire will be a common sight on our roads.
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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

Petrol DZire is my vote. With the AMT, it's a perfect city car for my family for the school drops, mall runs, bhaaji shopping etc. Can be easily driven by driver and family members, is compact, will have good after sales / resale, and of course --- it's a Maruti!
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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

I voted for Ameo only considering Diesel 1.5 DSG with 100+ bhp with 215nm torque, as it comes with features like 7 Speed auto transmission, Cruise control, ESP, Hill hold and launch, auto wipers and headlamps and of course solid build quality with better fit and finish. Especially on the Highway, it gives much pleasure and planted driving experience. Of course it looses at its space, but for a persons who always want to be in the driver seat....this is the car one should choose.
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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

Having owned a Brio and a Beat Diesel, I can say one thing that having a 3 cylinder engine is not a crime if it is driveable. So I am torn between Tigor and Dzire, lets see what happens after a few years.

- Too many DZires on road, mine wont stand out (Yes, that matters to me )
- Tigor might still be a looker because of its unique design
- Although rear seat size is smaller than Dzire, I wont have any problems with that as I dont plan to squeeze three people in the rear seats in either cars (I would get an Etios for that)
- Tata car's paint and sheet metal quality is better than Maruti's
- In car entertainment is (assuming) better in Tigor than Dzire.
- Top end model of Dzire is too expensive compared to Tigor. I might save some money and yet get better creature comforts in the Tigor.
- After sales service, while people say Maruti is cheaper but I disagree, Maruti service is easily accessible and customer care is good, but cheap it is not (compared to Tata. VW, Hyundai are on higher side)
- After Sales service in Pune for Tata has never been problematic (my relative owns a Manza qjd and is still using it)
- Niggles: I expect both cars to have niggles, Tata's a bit more, but I think I can live with Tigor if at all it has any niggles.
- 3 pot engine's vibrations do reduce over a period of time, my Beat's vibes have reduced considerably, sound does not, you really cant do anything about it !

Looks matter a lot to me, I find Aspire's front boring, the Aston Martin look looks good when the car sits squat like old Esteem, Ameo is boring, I would go for Polo instead. Xcent never appealed to me and now that Dzire is better in terms of almost everything compared to Xcent, its a no.

Honda Amaze: I own a Brio and I can tell that Honda has skimped on important bits, the front seats suck, the rear seats dont have adjustable headrests. The petrol engine though good on highways, is not good in city limits, plus our highways are too unsafe to get the i-vtec kick everytime you are on the highway. And yes, it makes a lot of noise, the petrol engine also.
What really got my goat is when the service guys refused to sell me an air-filter, saying I need to get my car serviced and they dont sell it 'just like that'! (Crystal Honda - NH4 bypass) This is perhaps the last Honda I will have !
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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

The only thing that kept me away from the older dzire was the half hearted design that Maruti put out. But looking at the new dzire , boy oh boy that's one sub 4 metre to desire. Also taking into account the dependability of the national oil burner that Maruti engineers have plonked in(some call it dated , I consider it dependable), I wouldn't think of the xcent even though I own the previous gen grand I10. Even though the Germans and Americans are considered superior in the build department, the reliability is just so-so. Hence my vote goes to the Dzire. If only such efforts were put out on every model coming out of the MS stable.
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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

I have voted for Tigor.

Compact-sedan is an India specific segment. The purpose of this segment is to get a sedan-like hatchback (or vice-versa) and give a customer best bang for his bucks. Compact sedan targets those middle-income customers who have budget for a B2 segment hatchback, but they want a sedan at that price. Ameo diesel, top end Dzire, Aspire 1.5 etc. are too pricey to be called VFM cars. VFM quotient is the USP of this segment. A pricey compact sedan doesn't go well with the original philosophy of the segment. I would rather buy a hot hatch or a proper sedan if I am in the market with a budget of 9-10 lakhs.

Tigor is the best VFM product among all these cars. It has got killer looks, premium features, class-leading boot space, solid build quality and that amazing 8 speaker music system. The ride quality of Tigor is very mature. Engine could have been a bit better, but it isn't a deal breaker for me. Actually the petrol engine is not as bad as it has been widely perceived. It matches other 1.2 litre naturally aspirated engines in power and torque figures. It is just the heavier build and fuel-efficiency oriented mapping of engine which makes it feel a little under-powered. Engine offers a good driveability and has a good low end torque. Car is just adequately powered for all legal speeds and is very frugal too. So, if I am in the market for a car from this segment, I will definitely choose Tata Tiago.
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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

Voted for the Aspire.
1. Value for money package.
2. Powerful and efficient 1.5L diesel engine with a decent driveability.
3. Dual airbags as standard.
4. Improving after sales service.

If Petrol I would choose the Xcent.
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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

A petrol automatic should be the default choice for a city car and among these, only the Honda Amaze and Maruti Suzuki DZire offer the option of an automatic transmission on their topmost trims, and they're similarly priced as well. All the other cars have their strengths (like the killer front end design of the Ford Aspire, coupled with its relative uniqueness on the streets) but for me, if you cannot give me an automatic car with all the bells and whistles that are standard fare these days, you are out of the running.

Between the Amaze and DZire, Maruti Suzuki's offering is the obvious choice, for a number of reasons:
  • The slightly higher torque rating coupled with the lighter weight gives it a better torque to weight ratio on paper and greater pickup on the road, in the real world.
  • Furthermore, the AGS transmission is leagues ahead of the sluggish CVT box in Honda's cars. The latter sounds great on paper but is very lethargic on the road. Sure, you get smoother driving in the city, but every time you wish to overtake someone, or take it out on the highway, you'll curse the transmission for holding the car back.
  • There can be no two ways about this: the updated DZire looks way better than the incoherent, mousy and outdated design of the Honda. That said, the DZire's design will soon become old as well, given the sheer volumes it will sell at.
  • It is the newer car and has several useful features that it is the first to have in its segment.
  • The wider width and larger wheelbase and a well packaged cabin make the DZire a comfortable car to seat a family of five, with the only fly in the ointment being the terrible rear seat headroom. If you're six feet tall and plan to mostly sit at the back, look at something else.

It pains me to recommend the default car in its segment as the best car for most people, but in this case, there's no escaping this fact: the DZire sells because it's genuinely great. The fact that it is the most common car on the streets of India is, to my mind, a serious point against it, but if you were looking for a petrol automatic, what options do you have? If you want a manual though, look at the Ford Aspire. It's a beautiful car!

All that said, however, I've never bought a compact sedan, I wish this category didn't exist and I hope to never buy one.
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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

Voted for Aspire.

Although the new Dzire booking was open when I was waiting for my diesel Aspire Sports, which made me think twice because the Dzire is the only car in the CS segment that doesn't look like one.
I am neither a fan of the CS nor diesel small cars, but I felt the Aspire fitted my bill in all ways.
I could have gone for the Dzire petrol , but didn't want to be part of the herd. (no offence to Dzire owners)
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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

I am imagining myself to be standing in a showroom that has all these 7 cars standing in front of me with their top-end variants. One set of Petrol and the other set of Diesels.
The first car is the new Dzire. It does not look like a head turner but has good interiors now and space in the cabin, but wait a sec, it has a lot of similarity with the Baleno, those round arches, bulbous body, why don't I compare it with the Baleno. Ok, now if Baleno then why not Jazz or i20, after all these large hatchbacks are also termed as premium hatchbacks and are more practical, they also have a decent boot size and at times can carry larger goods if I flip the rear seat down. I have had instances when I was not able to fit in my new 46 inch LED TV (boxed) in my fiesta's boot or in the rear seat. Then there was an instance when I bought a treadmill from OLX and had to hire a Tata Ace carrier, the previous owner took no time to tell that he got the same treadmill from the showroom in his i20. Anyways, let me see if I can really fall for any of these sub 4 meter sedans.
Dzire: Ticked all boxed, both petrol and diesel engines are fun to drive.
Cons: Front chrome grill looks cheap and an afterthought.
Xcent: This is the build quality I am looking for. Ticked all the boxes except the diesel engine. It is good but the competitors have better engines to offer. Cannot compromise on engine performance.
Aspire: Dated cabin. Looks good from outside but cannot live with interiors that remind me of the year 1999. The Diesel engine has a mind blowing performance but that's it. The competitors offer better petrol engines.
Ameo: Just cannot imagine if they did this to Polo or the Vento. Its a crime. (No offense to owners as looks are subjective)
Tigor: I am overwhelmed with what TATA is offering me in this car, but sorry I cannot compromise in the engine performance.
Zest: Have already started to look dated. Absolutely hate the rear view. somehow I am unable to praise this car from any of the sides or angles.
Amaze: Hmmm, this can give a serious competition to Dzire. Dzire scores better in terms of dashboard, has touch screen and good styling. The petrol mill of Dzire performs better in city too.

This brings me to a conclusion that for me the main competitors are Dzire and Xcent, both of them score equally good in terms of features and practicality, but Dzire has an edge and that is the 'fun to drive' factor in both Petrol and Diesel variants. So I will pick the Dzire although it has a waiting period of 3 to 4 months.

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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

This is bit hard to vote since not just car, here one has to take other things into account also. Like Petrol/Diesel/MT-AT.

For Petrol, I would vote for DZire and for Diesel, it has to be Aspire. If AT is the requirement, then Ameo with that DSG option.

Over all Aspire Diesel is much better value for money compare to DZire. Only place a buyer would lose is resale value. But in case you plan to keep the car for 5/7 year cycle and change afterwords, doesn't make that difference.

Ford has priced this car really well. When you compare the prices side by side with DZire, you realize how good value for money this is.

However, when this comparison comes to Petrol, DZire petrol is much better option compare to most.

If you are looking for AT, do take the plunge and try DSG at its lowest price point with Ameo.
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Default Re: Maruti Dzire vs other compact sedans

Voted for Dzire, which in my view is a champion among the current breed of Compact sedans.

In my view, Maruti has taken massive step ahead and tried to address almost all shortcomings of earlier generation.

Areas of improvement :

1) Aesthetics. Whereas the earlier generation was ugly looking, I feel that Dzire is now the best looking compact sedan with proportionate design. Doesn't lose out of the three box sedan silhouette which upto some extent (IMO) Tigor does.
2) Space. Getting out of earlier generation Dzire's rear seat was a task for me (I just entered 30's and weight above 90 kg). The new generation makes life much easier as compared to predecessor.
3) Build compared to earlier generation. Not typical European build Ameo exudes, but better than before. I felt that fit and finish is a bit better too.
4) NVH. Be it outside noise filtering into cabin or the suspension, NVH has improved or so I felt during my brief test drive.
5) One of the best front seats in segment. Current Swift and outgoing Dzire had one of the best front seats in business in its class. New Dzire takes it a step further.
6) Performance (Petrol) : An inherently good motor coupled with a lightweight car. Even Efficiency improves, and the car feels quite nimble.

Dzire trumps rivals with ease and actually raises the bar in its class.

The only thing Dzire really needs is a modern diesel. While the current diesel engine is still capable and delivers good performance and efficiency, its noisy and the innate lag cannot be eliminated despite the best tuning efforts by Maruti. To their credit, Maruti as tuned the Fiat SDE quite well over earlier iterations. But its showing age. Larger motors like that on Aspire perform with less effort is what I feel.

Amaze : Feels built to a cost, specially the seats. Noisy diesel, petrol engine makes you work hard and then rewards. Suspension tuning good enough though.

Xcent : Front seats are not that comfortable (I had grand i10 for 18 months, hence can surely say that the already limited comfort offered by driver's seat deteriorated with time). Diesel is amazingly refined. Ride feels a bit choppy as compared to composed ride of rivals.

Ameo : Has a beautiful diesel engine (along with Aspire) but rear seat and somewhat akward proportions along with a weak petrol motor doesn't make the car a blinking point on buyer's radar it seems.

Zest : Good package overall, but Tigor looks much more appealing. An honest effort from Tata

Aspire : Fantastic diesel, VFM package. Some oddities like very small instrument cluster, small wheels present. Doesn't feel as robust as last generation Figo/Fiesta. First generation Figo buyers may not be happy with build of Apsire and end up looking elsewhere while upgrading.

Tigor : Weak engines and a badge that many may not prefer to buy can prevent this car from finding new homes. Looks very nice with an European flair (IMO as looks can be subjective)

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