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Have merged with an ealrier thread. You can find a lot within
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Originally Posted by Akkiben View Post
What possible things should i take a look at. Did the Mondeo have its share of gremlins(known problems) as such.
I have read about engine mountings getting loose. Since the GC is extremely low, you may want to get the underbody checked thorrowly.
I have seen Mondeos driven diagonally across humps to avoid scrapping.
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Default Ford Mondeo Ghia 2.0 Petrol


This is a general comment.
Moderator, if topic is in wrong place, please move it to the right place under right sub topic...

I had taken my 2002 Model Ford Mondeo Ghia Petrol to service center at Ford Authorized service center recently.

Out of curiosity, I just asked some of the prices, Here is price quoted to me :

- Ford Mondeo Headlight - Rs. 74,000/- per piece
- Ford Mondeo Front Shock Absorber - Rs. 34,000/- per piece
- Wiper Blade - Rs. 3500 /- per piece
- Front Fog lamp bulb (just bulb) Rs. 1500/- per piece.

What are we talking here? If Ford Company is discouraging their own vehicle by such an exorbitant prices, it doesn't give a good feeling abt the company.... It doesn't give me a positive push to buy another vehicle of Ford....

On the other Hand ....

I also have 2002 Fiat Petra 1.6 ELX. I absolutely do not have issues in spare parts or Cost of Spare parts from Fiat Authorized Service center, comparing to Ford. This gives me a good feeling to buy another Fiat and dump ford.
What do you say? Am I wrong in thinking like this?
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Default Re: Ford Mondeo Ghia 2.0 Petrol

Wow, that's really steep!

But I believe such huge cost has something to do with the fact that Mondeo is discontinued in India. Maybe the spares aren't manufactured in Indian plants, and may have to be exported by specially ordering them.
However you will have no problem getting spares for a cheaper price for any current ford models.

I guess such rating is common across all manufacturers, and those models which have been long gone from the market. And Ford Mondeo was not a very successful model either for ford, so all these maybe the reason for such heavy cost for spares.
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Default Re: Ford Mondeo Ghia 2.0 Petrol

Well, I don't think all manufactures are same As I gave the example of my FIAT Petra, which is still being supported by Fiat. Absolutely no issues there, even if Parts are getting manufactured in Brazil.
Take example of TATA Sierra, still supported by TATA. Take example of Old Maruthi 800, which is still supported. I think same thing goes with Original Honda City.
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Default Re: Ford Mondeo Ghia 2.0 Petrol

Ford Mondeo parts were expensive many years ago when the car was still in production - I remember being told about the very expensive projector headlamps then. Instead of buying from a local Ford dealer, why not try ordering online as the Mondeo was sold internationally?

(GBP 365 without shipping and customs, but should still be 40% cheaper than what the dealer quoted.)

Front shock absorber assy:
(GBP 58 without shipping and customs - but will still be one third of what the dealer quoted).

Front fog lamp bulb costs around the same as what the dealer quoted you. May be there are cheaper options if you search in stores outside.

For wiper blade, please check the Bosch catalog for a suitable wiper blade and buy from a retail store which should be much cheaper.

Of course, these are brand new Ford manufactured parts. If you search online well enough, I am sure you can get great deals on used headlamps, fog lamps etc which should be much cheaper.
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Default Re: Keen on buying a used Mondeo!!!!

You can always check and select your car from the drop down list.
They are quite competitive in pricing and do offer international shipping from UK.

I have used them quite a few times for sourcing parts for my Mondeo in UK and they have never let me down.

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