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Default re: Ever felt like an imposter?

Originally Posted by BANDHAV View Post
I am sure many bhpians here who are below the legal age for driving/riding, or the ones like Latheesh who doesn't own a car/bike but there is no stopping them in sharing their passion with like minded here.
I did not expect my humble brag post gets this attention. Whatever I have written is true but I/we owned all those in the past.
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Default re: Ever felt like an imposter?

I have personally never felt like an imposter. I have come across people in my friend and colleague circles, who love cars and love to discuss about cars, so we love those discussions. But some of them give sweeping statements regarding certain aspects (mechanical/ride/handling) of cars which they have very little experience. They give such sweeping statements to others who are not car enthusiasts and seem to show off. I feel such people are the real imposters
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Default re: Ever felt like an imposter?

Since when did it become necessary to know about a topic to discuss the same?

Also, to tell if the omlette is good or not, one doesn't need to lay eggs.

But seriously, the car that one owns and the cars that one loves are not necessarily the same.
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Default re: Ever felt like an imposter?

Originally Posted by 2000rpm View Post
Do you need to have a complete cricket kit to play gully cricket with passion?

Very good analogy !

Originally Posted by Red Liner View Post
Buy a nice fast little motorcycle or dual sport with the corresponding riding gear. Problem solved.

Been eyeing a Triumph Bonneville for a long time now ! The closest enjoyable ride for a lower premium is an Abarth 500.

Originally Posted by honeybee View Post

Also, to tell if the omlette is good or not, one doesn't need to lay eggs.

I think laying eggs is the car manufacturer and I have been eating a broiler egg while talking about all sorts of eggs. One day I would like to eat a good tasty organic country chicken egg !!

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Default re: Ever felt like an imposter?

An imposter is somebody who buys a jeep compass trailhawk, Skoda Octavia VRS, polo GTI or an AMG merc/M beamer just because it is the most expensive variant, and then uses the car as a chauffeur driven car to drop their kid to school 5 days a week.

On the contrary, somebody who does not own such a car, but cringes upon seeing such usage of those cars, is definitely not an imposter.

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Default re: Ever felt like an imposter?

I guess the only time I felt like an "imposter" i guess is immediately after getting a free flow exhaust from Automech fitted on my Beat. That thing was so loud and obnoxious that it was embarassing to drive around announcing my arrival in a small hatchback with a roaring exhaust everywhere i went.
I got the end can replaced with the original a week later which quietened it up considerably and i guess the added back pressure improved the feel of the car too in the process
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Default Re: Ever felt like an imposter?

Well, let me tell you my story. I was always in love with cars and bikes right from my childhood, but never had access to a personal car throughout my childhood. My parents had other priorities in life and did not want to invest in a depreciating asset like a car until it became absolutely necessary, and rightly so. Hence, I never had access to a car until I was 24 years old, and the only time I drove in these years was in the driving school, learning to drive in those rickety, old and tired 800s and Ambassadors. But that never stopped me from loving cars and reading every single piece of information available about them from Team-BHP and auto magazines. Heck, I've had people go as far to say, "this guy doesn't even know how to drive a car but that's all he talks about!". Though I did feel a bit bad at times, I never bothered too much about it, and certainly never thought of myself as an imposter.

I started earning recently, and still don't have a car to call my own, though my family recently acquired a pre-owned Alto LXi (2009) as a beater car to hone our driving skills before moving on to a newer, modern one. And I myself drive a plain-jane 110cc commuter motorbike to work; that's all I can afford to own and run at this point of time, being an early professional.

But does that stop me from calling myself an "enthusiast"? I don't think so.

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