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Old 13th September 2004, 20:49   #1
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Default Team-BHP saving my money on Auto magazine

For the past 11 years I have been buying and reading Auto mags every month. But after I found team-bhp, so far I haven't bought a single copy. The news is already there on the site and the cover stories doesn't interest me anymore.

Thanks to all the guys.
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Old 13th September 2004, 21:34   #2
Team-BHP Support
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Feel free to write us a check on all the subscriptions you have saved on for a lifetime!!

Just kidding. Thanks for the compliments

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Old 13th September 2004, 21:45   #3
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Yeah.....i've saved a lot of money too!! Infact i was just going to subscribe to a mag, but, thought twice and decided not to!!
Thanks Team-BHP!! Thanks to all the members!!
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Old 13th September 2004, 22:57   #4
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Yeah save that money to buy 1:18 scale models n make a collection like Dippy .... Well thats what Overdrive offers a 1:18 model if u subcribe ....
Bottomline u get the model and also quality or much better quality then mags ....
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Old 14th September 2004, 02:16   #5
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Breaking News

" In a landmark judgement by the Administrator and agreed upon by the Moderators of this website, Team-Bhp is going pay! This shocking decision came only hours after a post on the website made the administrator and moderators worried whether their hardwork was going for nothing. Also calls by the leading auto mags requesting them to go pay seem to have now surfaced. God save Indian auto enthusiasts...... "

Oh hell! Don't worry we are still gonna be free for u guys. Lol. Thanx Satish, it really goes to show that we have been able to live up to the quality that acts as a substitute for a good car mag.

We are honoured!

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Old 14th September 2004, 10:45   #6
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hey satish ! after reading ur post i just realised that i too havent bought a single mag in past 4-5 mths.. interesting
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Old 14th September 2004, 11:18   #7
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lol satish!
well i cant just seem to stop buying the car mags,looks like i am addicted t them! even though i finished readin them in just 10 mins, coz i have read everything before on t-bhp!!!
anyone know a good rehab place here? lol!!

the only mag i have read for more than a hr and stared at the cover page is the sept 10th india today!! lol

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Old 6th April 2007, 11:15   #8
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i agree 100% with satish man i have stopped buying the magzines too
cheers to TEAM-BHP!...
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Old 15th February 2008, 14:49   #9
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Well indeed, a magazine is indeed a dead mass, Team BHP is lively, as its a real time offer for a lifetime for free.
Old 22nd February 2008, 22:26   #10
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really guys, i stopped spending my money on new magazines after getting into team bhp. But i still take up old magazines from the near by book-stall for dirt cheap price. lol. hehe. Not to read, because as aadix said,just cant stop it. and theres no visible piece of wall in my room because its coverd with posters.. hehe
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Old 23rd February 2008, 01:33   #11
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Yup, in the last 2 years or so i must have bought 3 auto mags. LOL

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Old 23rd February 2008, 10:25   #12
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but dont you sometimes wish you never stumbled up on ;-) esp the married ones?
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Old 14th February 2009, 21:36   #13
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Reduced my monthly magazine craving from 4 to one. Just can't resist ACI on the stands! But finish with the mag in under an hour; the excitement is waning for sure!
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Old 14th February 2009, 22:17   #14
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I just have my subscription of autocar and auto bild ( 3 years each).
No more buying of magazines.

Cheers to Team-bhp.
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Old 14th February 2009, 22:20   #15
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Almost the same story here too Satish. I used to read/buy Auto. mags since their arrival in India, later restricted to Autocar & occasionally Overdrive. But lately after being active on T-Bhp, mags. really don't interest me. Most of the information/news is available on T-Bhp. Used to an avid reader/buyer of ACI, even joined their own forum, but the callous/lousy atitude there coupled with great T-Bhp, encouraged me to shy away from Autocar mag. too now.
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