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Default Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

With the current situation (Covid-19), I hopefully don't come out ignorant or insensitive, but my imagination got me thinking , what would be my go to apocalypse vehicle. I still haven't decided my choice and will post once I do. It would be great to hear from the Team-Bhp users about their choices.
So, please do this in the following order-
1. The vehicle of choice.
2. The reason for the choice.
3. Any customisations you would do.
4. Pictures and renders are welcome.

Ps- This is my first thread.
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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

1) Tempo Traveller
2) Provision for Bed, Washroom
3) Tent & Bike ramp
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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

Welcome to Team-BHP brother. Pretty interesting thread.
If i would ever pick a vehicle to escape the apocalypse, it will be the Tata LPK 2523.(The tipper)

1) Engine, Obviously. It's reliable, torquey and has
extremely long service intervals.
2) Simple mechanicals.
3) 6*4
4) Good fuel efficiency. Very important.
5) Can flatten out zombies if needed
6) Can accomodate my whole family.

1) A radiation proof chamber at the back instead of the tipper bed.
2) Engine Remap. 300+ hp should be adequate.
3) Crash protection, infact a lot of it.
4) Extra fuel tanks.

No other mods are required IMO.
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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

Toyota already has posted advertisements for an apocalypse vehicle -


Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-screenshot-20200323-13.12.35.png

I already have a vehicle that can be used during apocalypse, my Bolero LX 4WD!

1) Extreme reliability
2) Capable 4WD
3) Simple mechanicals, can be fixed anywhere
4) Does not have an ECU, so it cannot be disabled easily

1) Snorkel
2) Diff locks
2) Roll cage

Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-screenshot-20200323-13.34.16.png

Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-screenshot-20200323-13.19.24.png

Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-screenshot-20200323-13.18.06.png

Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-ladakh_sumitro_bolero.jpg

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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

My choice:

Terradyne Gurkha MPV and Conquest Knight

Name:  GurkhaMPV.png
Views: 7644
Size:  219.0 KB

Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-conquest.png
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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

I think any sort of vehicle that travels on the road during such an event will be rendered useless. Everybody would try and escape by car, then abandon it by the side of the road when they get stuck in traffic. You'll just be on the road with everyone else.

But the rail system will let you cruise across the quiet countryside, away from cities and noise and danger. This will give you more driving options as it opens up railroads to you as well as normal roads. But wait, what about trains that are going to be stopped on the rails? Just get off the rails and drive around them and get back on the rails on the other side. When you want to hop-off the rails, the little access-roads and dirt roads won't be clogged, since they weren't evacuation routes.

What about FE ? Well, since rolling resistance is low, I suppose you should get better FE than driving on road.

So what you need is an SUV or a pick up truck with deployable train wheels. My choice of vehicle would be a simple Bolero with train wheels, something like this.

Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-9146054971_840924df33_o.jpg
Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-1454886896143957422.jpg
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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

In the Indian Context its the Toyota Fortuner For Sure;

It has the perfect balance to manage this;

Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-imageuploadedbyteambhp1532879400.790391.jpg

& this;

Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-1547404850058.jpg

Only Mod Required was All Terrain Tyres which has already been done.

Im Apocalypse Ready

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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

For me, it should be something that's

1> Fast
2> Stable
3> Extremely precise and controllable
4> Compact enough to make through narrow gullies, or haphazard traffic (or remains of it)
5> Rugged enough to be able to take decently rough roads
6> Fun enough to enjoy the last few moments
7> Petrol
8> Most importantly decently Fuel economic (for a petrol), with all the above parameters

Gentlemen (Hardly any Ladies on the forum), I present you, my Ikon 1.6!!!

Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-img_30442.jpg

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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

My choice for an apocalypse is a Mercedes Benz Unimog. Throw in some auxiliary fuel tanks and a modified rear cab and you're good to go for months. Enough space for supplies and more than enough oomph to tackle any terrain.
Attached Thumbnails
Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-xunimogmod346.jpg.pagespeed.ic.f88swjqs3n.webp.jpg  

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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

The car has to sustain the weight of 20 or more drooling zombies climbing on top of it and banging it like crazy. Sheet metal and solid build does ample low end torque. The Punto 1.3 MJD 75hp...pre facelift. Reliable, efficient, strong and fast!

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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

Was about to list out vehicles like a slightly lifted and modified Bolero, Sumo, Fortuner, Vcross et al

But then.....we are talking about zombie apocalypse !!!
Digged into TeamBHP to find this. So...

1. A Tata semi-forward/ bonnet whateva truck with 4X4, 6X6

2. Well....In a zombie apocalypse you need proper mass to crush those drooling brain eaters. Crush through anything, and take a beating whether on the body or the mechanicals.

3. Power modded engine with big dual fuel tanks for range. And a motorhome kind of setup in the rear.

4. The rear won't have this much of a glass area. Minimal glass, and the present ones will be grilled like the security forces. Other Mad Max type mods will be done like menacing grilles, tyre guards, powerful lights and PA systems.

Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-scan0004.jpg

Globally would have loved to say Unimog, LC70 and all..then again for our indian conditions I guess the best bet would be Omni, Gypsy or Qualis

Regarding Covid-19 , we should ideally be sitting inside, even then the best thing that could happen to us is that we have a vehicle that starts at first crank and wouldn't strand us on the road.
With an Etios D and WagonR F10D, guess am covered.

Public transport, Uber, Ola, ride sharing, leasing, renting, subscription...
Our own car is always an asset.
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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

Definitely the Ghost Car from the Bosnian War

Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-car.jpg

Quoting from the article:

So, what did Meyer equip his car with? Well, he removed the rear window and put a metal panel instead, and added a ram bar at the front. And do you see that extra panel under the front of the car? Well, that's not just a's a mine-clearing blade.
Apart from that, the US airforce also provided him with kevlar panels, steel-plated windows, paint that absorbs infra-red light, run-flat tires, heat detection, night vision and nitrous (which was there only for serious "get the hell out" situations). The original 5.7- litre V8 Camaro was tuned from 185hp to 220hp, and when nitrous was applied, the output increased to 440hp.
Photo credit:
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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

When you are forced to stay indoors, in the same place, for a long time, you start getting something called 'cabin fever'.

People start imagining all sorts of things. We should be careful we don't reach that level. I see symptoms of cabin fever in this thread.
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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

Wouldn't it be wise to get a tactical Boat and load it up with supplies and just head out to sea and dock a couple of meters away from a harbor or shoreline.

I haven't seen zombies swimming in many movies, even if they choose to walk at the sea bed, the saltwater will do significant damage I assume .
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Default Re: Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!

A special purpose Landcruiser 200 Series. Quick (enough), reliable, safe and ability to offroad away from troubles

Your Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle!-trasco_bremen_toyota_lc200_special_forces_imgmap.jpg
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