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sajo... your health will be fine, but your poor clutch will suffer.

I strongly recommend an automatic box would suit your driving style better.

You can drive an auto (at least to some extent) like a manual, but you should not try to drive a manual like an auto!

Ahhh... an auto for heavy traffic: perfect
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Unfortunately, no car is designed for running only in bumper to bumper traffice

Bigger the engine you have, more torque you'll get. So, for larger engined cars, it is easier to release clutch completely and and pressing accelerator little or none to crawl at ~ 10 km/h speed. However, in most small cars, engine will stall if you do so. So, to overcome this the unfortunate "half clutch" concept comes.

With some practice, you can always release the clutch completely and rev engine (with 1st gear) to certain RPM when the car will crawl forward without problem.

Holding the car on incline with clutch biting point (when clutch friction just balances the car rolling backward) is very bad. If you do it for a long time, you'll burn the clutch very quickly! So, avoid this entirely and use parking brake to hold car instead.

Or, simply drive an automatic.
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Originally Posted by theMAG View Post
Agree with Condor. Just remember to full depress and fully release the clutch subjectively without accelerator input.
If you don't press the accelerator then a present day under two-litre car with airconditioner load and 3 or more adults will creep towards stall.
To prevent stalling you may ride the clutch. And that will be bad for the clutch. So keep the revs above stalling with accelerator input.
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