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Default OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOUR: Mumbai Traffic police.

I Witnessed shear lunacy today. And boy was I outraged. Let me give everyone here a brief of how the events occurred.

If anyone has been to Khalsa college, which is at King's Circle, in bombay, they wuld know that there is a small lane which runs behind the college. At the end of this lane, there is a perpendicular road that it joins, which when turned right on, takes you to khalsa college, and when turned left on takes you to the king's circle main road. (this though is a no entry.) Exactly opposite this small junction is a fellow where I usually get my xerox and printing work done.

Now the story. At the intersection, there is a garbage bin which is cleaned by the BMC dumper everyday. Today, very convienently, the dumper parks in the middle of the road, thus blocking the intersection partiatily. And by partitaly, i mean enough place for a small car to go. As I watch the dumper park, i know that something interesting would happen, as there is absolutely no place and thus the ideal condition for a humongous ttraffic jam . I sit back and wait and watch.

All of a sudden I see that a Towing Van approaches from the small lane, waiting to take a right turn on the intersection. As the dumper has blocked the road, and the cleaning work is in progress, the Police and towing Van decides to take matters into their own hands. Now the fun starts. Just 10 meters before the intersection, there is a silver Indica that was parked. PERFECTLY LEGALLY. Three people jump out from the back of the towing Van, and break into that Indica. they then proceed to push the Indica behind. But sadly, it doesn't move, as there is a big pile of solidified concrete material there. Still, they continue pushing the car, resulting in this: The rear right wheel goes over the hump, passes it and the hump smashes into the under body. As if that was not enough, they continue pushing it till the car goes and hits the footpath and a big stone on the footpath thereby damaging the bumper.

The towing Van moves on, or should i say barely clears the dumper on one side and the wrought iron railing on the footpath on the other side. The towing van is towing a Santro behind it and there are already two bikes on it. Now comes the really annoying bit....

As the towing Van clears, the santro's rear wheel starts to climb on to the footpath and the rear right door is precariously close to the railing. I watch in horror and decide enough is enough! I take my phone out and start recording a video. If you see the Video correctly, you will see how badly the car was treated and how much damage the footpath has caused. I believe the railing even scratched the door very badly at one point of time. In the meanwhile, as I was recording, I start confronting the Police Man in the Van on how dare he move the indica even though it was legally parked. He starts to abuse me and saying and I quote. "Tumhara Gaddi hai kya? Main jo chahe woh gaddi tow karke jayega. Tum kaun aya mere ko bolne walah"(Is it your car? I will tow anything that I want to. Who are you to tell me anything?) On that I ask him how he can Do it if the car is legally parked and that thus entering the car is basically "breaking and entering" which is a felony offence. He says, "Hum police hain. mere ko joh man ayega main karega!" (I am the Police. I will do whatever I want!).

Shocked by these replies, I go back to the shop. This happened an hour ago. I rushed home so that I could upload the video and this writeup. I really hope both the Indica and the Santro are safe. As a part of Autocar, it hurts me to see this happen........

Here is the Video. It Disgust me everytime I see it. I shall also be writing to all major News Channels about this. It is high time someone do something about this Hooliganism.

Can someone tell me how to send Videos to NDTV, UTVi, Times Now, Etc.
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This is like watching a telugu flick. Police villains and all. If this can happen in bombay, how much worse it will be in the smaller towns ?
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Absolutely disgusting. As if they are not happy with the chai pani they receive. The least they could do is treat other property properly. Ahh! From whom am I expecting? The worst part is this could happen to any of our cars.
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I really need someone to tell me how to send the link or the video to news channels. I am absolutely disgusted at this.
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Haven't seen the Video as Youtube is blocked at work!

CNN IBN - IBNLive News | Citizen Journalist (you will need a user Id though)
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Cyrus , what you did takes a lot of guts (family usuage of the word) , hope the police do get reprimanded for what they did.
Hope they messed around with someone how has a lot of clout and they get punished accordingly.
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As they say cops in India are Uniformed Govt Hooligans. Hope your video reaches the santro and the indica owners atleast they will have proof if they decide to file against the police.
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Cyrus, considering Autocar has tieups with UTV, why dont you approach them from that angle? I am sure people there will have friends in the industry.

Is that all of the footage you have? I dont think that explains much without the writeup.
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I don't they are cops, hooligans in uniform is what we should call them ?
Is there any written procedure they should follow ?

How can they possibly tow a legally parked vehicle ?
Is there no place we can complaint about this ?

As the people there asked

"Tumhara Gaddi hai kya? Main jo chahe woh gaddi tow karke jayega. Tum kaun aya mere ko bolne walah"(Is it your car? I will tow anything that I want to. Who are you to tell me anything?)
Well next could be my car, right ?
They way they are doing it, its no way to tow a car.
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The Above is exactly what happened to my car once. I used to park in a lane near my college at parel. And I have parked there for ages before, but one fine day they just towed it away saying that someone had complained. And there is no "NO PARKING" board there.
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Cyrus, i really hope you get somewhere with this. One of the biggest things that absolutely bloody pisses me off about Mumbai cops is the way they tow cars away unreasonably and we have to pay without question to get our precious cars back, in damaged condition. Enough is enough of this nonsense.
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Cyrus: Same situation everywhere. They (cops) dont have sense. They dont care for others. They are born to Trouble people.

I have forwarded this link to all the people I know .

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Good on you to have recorded the incident. The only issues is, no matter what you do I don't see the Govt or any other entity involved being considerate enough to compensate the owners of the 2 cars. These people think they are the ones in charge of everything, so no questions asked.
Such a pathetic state of affairs!!
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And the towing van has white number plates ! Thats illegal too !
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unless you have very good "contacts", I wouldn't recommend forwarding this video to anyone or any mass media entity.

Not worth the trouble, please, IMO.

PS : I haven't seen the video yet, since youTube is blocked in office.

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