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Default Are you emotionally attached to your car?

Over the last few days I've found myself in an interesting pickle.

Although I have sold 3-4 cars in the past but I am finding it rather hard letting my current one (BMW F30) go.

I tried to get it evaluated the other day and suddenly it felt like I'd miss her like I would miss my right arm.

I know it is depreciating. I know I am drooling over the new 3 series and will probably buy it but somehow my heart knows that I'll miss my current one like a thing forever lost.

What do you guys do in such a scenario? Do you have that special someone (car) you let go and still can't stop thinking about?

Would love to hear some comments on this.
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Default Re: Sentimental attachment VS Practical approach

I used to be very sentimental about my bikes. Till I realized they were just sitting there in a corner, rusting. If I really cared about them, I would have been using them. Now I don't get attached to vehicles- use and sell then buy the next one!

This is going to receive brickbats on an auto forum like this, but anyway here goes- every decade, probably every 5 years the way things are improving, the next generation of vehicles will certainly be better in every way from the previous. Speed, control, safety features, materials, efficiency. So unless it's a real classic that will appreciate over time, makes sense to trade up. (Unfortunately, these days, every vehicle older than 15 years seems to have become a 'classic'. Bikes we never even looked at twice during college have become 'rare and powerful', apparently full of 'character'! )

Anyway, that's just my opinion, works for me.

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Default Re: Sentimental attachment VS Practical approach

I haven't sold a car yet. I don't know what it means emotionally to sell a car

My first car is still running in our family after a re-registration. And two cars that we use regularly at home.

However, I have a feeling that I might have to face the prospect of selling a car soon, if the regulations force my hand...

Its not that I am emotionally super-attached to my cars; its just that, once I buy, I just keep using them. And somehow the economics of buying a new car puts me off too.. (Why spend upwards of a million Rupees to buy a car just for the few additional frills it offers - space, technology, etc - when all I am doing it is to run it as the office commute 95% of the time? )
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Default Re: Sentimental attachment VS Practical approach

I am sentimentally attached to my car- but in my opinion, one should also keep a reality check. Your car should also be reliable and trustworthy in return. If you are keeping and running a car which is not reliable just for sentimental reasons then it is not a practical thing to do. It may land you in trouble when you need it the most. So, I would like to keep my sentimental values and practicality balanced.

And we are not talking about Govt's regulations here.
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Default Re: Sentimental attachment VS Practical approach

I've faced this a few times - but the practicality always wins over at the end of the day.

Best thing to do - take it for a long memorable drive, lots of pictures, and I really want to make a small tribute wall in the garage (maybe just the number plates hung on as a memory / souvenir).

The Octavia Combi & Laura - I went for a long late night drive with friends, the E60 525d - took it to Mahabaleshwar to pick up our newest entrant to the family before selling her the day after returning.
Just wish I got to do something similar for the E270, Fiesta, and Etios as well!
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