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Default Interesting Driving Test Experiences

Recently heard a discussion on FM about interesting/funny/scary experiences during driving tests. That made me rewind to the time I took my driving test and it was not without drama.Considering the diverse nature of our country, am pretty sure we have large flavors of driving tests and hence a lot of anecdotes associated with the actual test. Hence this thread. Starting with my experience.

I had rushed to a driving school as soon as I turned 18 and I had one month before I went off to college. We did not own a car and neither did any close relatives. So was dependent on the driving school. This was in a small town in Kerala and the agent/instructor was pretty confident that it can all be done in a month. The vehicle of choice during this time (late 90's) in these small towns were the typical 'Jeeps'. The learning part went of fine. The school vehicle was a sedate specimen which required some prodding on the accelerator to get it in motion and keep it moving. Within 3 weeks, te 'Sir' declared I am ready.

Reached the RTO on the D-Day. At that time the test consisted of the 'T' (not H) and the Road Test. Felt pretty cool until I saw the Driving School vehicle come in. To my dismay, it was a different one from which I was used to and looked much more newer and more sprightly. The Sir dismissed my apprehensions telling it would fine.

The T test area was not very flat and also had a small drop off down on one side. The vehicle was positioned at the base of the T and I got in for the test. My fears came true- A small dab on the accelerator and the Jeep went hurtling down the path, went past the end of the T in no time. Luckily I slammed the brakes before it went off the ledge and dropped 5 feet through some bushes.

Went back sheepishly to the inspector. He gave a wry smile and in a typical Kerala-Malappuram accent told me "Annodu T alle idaan paranjathu. Ee endina I idaan nokiyathu. English aksharangal valiya nishchayam illa alle. Poyi padichittu vaa" (I asked you to put a T, why did you try to do an I. Looks like you don't have much idea about English Alphabets. Go learn and come")

The 2nd attempt was a year later. The driving school had graduated to a Maruti 800 and the RTO graduated from a T to H. While the H went off without issues, the road test was in pouring rain and we were all drenched as there was no shade. So I was wet and shivering when I got in. I promptly stalled the car, but he overlooked that. Next I shifted from 1st to 4th and was wondering why the car was making a racket. The Inspector looked at me and then at the gear. I suddenly realized the mistake, shifted it to 2nd, took my eyes off the road and started apologizing to him. His pen went to my form to fail me, but finally I pulled my act together, focused and finished the rest of it. I guess under normal circumstances he may have failed me again, but the sight of a wet shivering 19 year old moved him I think.

It seems a little ironic that all those years back, the tests were harder when there were lesser vehicles on the road. Today, when the need of the hour is stricter norms, the whole process seems to have become easier.
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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

Me? Go straight down an empty road, take a U turn that’d require a 3 point turn because of the road width and come right back.

And that was because I was one of the first few called. As the day went on (I still had to wait as the DL photo etc paperwork would take place later that day at the RTO premises) the crowd was cleared with a “Start the car, put it into gear and drive a few metres. Done. Next.”
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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

Quoting from a post about my driving test experience from 2008

Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
This happened around 6 months back when I went to get my 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler and heavy goods and passenger licence. The test was conducted at Shanghimughom ground. went there eaarly in the morning, practiced taking the figure 8 on an M80 and an autorickshaw.

The Vehicle Inspector came little later and went through all the paper work then everyone took the part one of the test (the figure 8). Then there was the road test for the 2& 3 wheelers.(it was just a farce). we barely drove the vehicles on a deserted stretch of road for around 20m.

Next came the heavy vehicles and the surprise. The heavy vehicle test was conducted by the RTO himself. He was a little late in comming. But as soon as he came he got down to work. He and his assistant went through all the paper work for all applicants in a thorough manner and anyone with incorrect paper work was kicked out. Then all the eligible candidates were asked to board one of the two heavy vehicles (an Ashok Leyland bus and a TATA lorry). Now the lorry had a synchromesh gearbox and was pretty easy to drive...but the bus was different. It was quite old and did not have synchtromesh gearbox......We were all then taken to the bye pass road. There the candidate was made to sit on the drivers seat of the bus and one guy from one of the driving schools sat in the instructors seat which had a second Clutch and Brake pedals. (he NEVER touched the pedals unless the vehicle was in danger of an accident and i was watcing him the wholetime.) The RTO's assistant got onto the truck. Next the road test started.

I was expecting it to be a farce. But surprisingly it was done in a very good manner.

1) Any one who did not signal before starting to move the vehicle was kicked out.

2) Any one who did not check the mirrors before starting to move the vehicle were kicked out

3) Remember the bus did not have synchromesh gearbox. Some guys (mostly taxi drivers) came without even an hours practice of driving a bus and tried to drive it and as soon as the tried to upshift the gears would make a crashing sound and the RTO would ring the bell signalling the end of tjhest and they would be kicked out

4) Any one who was holding up traffic and crawling along were also kicked ot. (we were required to start the vehicle move through all the gears and down shift and then do it again).

5) Next came the best part one guy was taking his test and an ambulance came from behind with the sirens blaring. This guy wouldnt move over or pull over. The RTO got so furious that he got up from his seat and yelled at the guy to pull over and stop the vehicle and he also got kicked out.

6) I had my test and cleared it (was practising for nearly a year).

7) After each person completed the test on the bus they moved to the lorry comming behind for the heavy goods vehicle test. This was very simple as we just had to follow the bus and it was easier to drive with the slighter weight and syncromesh gearbox.

Finally at 5pm the test was over and I was able to go home.
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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
Quoting from a post about my driving test experience from 2008

Refreshing to hear good experience for a change. That RTO deserves lot of praise.

All my experiences with RTO in my hometown over a decade had generally been poor.

One instance I particularly remember when I was there is that a shorts wearing college student was kicked out of a four wheeler road test by the RTO. RTO plainly commented that it is not his home to wear shorts and there should be some respect to the institution(!!). He asked the guy to return with a pant to take the test. Didn't find any logic there as that particular office is renowned for taking bribes and giving license to anyone pretty much.
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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

I was eighteen and my father forty four. Having owned a TVS Champ, he had only a Motorcycle Without Gear licence. With the addition of an LML Vespa and also because the previous DL was about to expire, he needed a With Gear licence. Both of us went for the driving (riding) test on the same day.

The inspector asked my father to go till a certain point, stop on the right side of the road and then turn back taking a U turn. He promptly did everything and came back with a smile and wished me the best of luck for my test. I too was given the same task and I completed it without a hiccup. After a while both of us were called and given the results. I, a novice, had passed and my father, a veteran with over two decades of riding experience, had flunked.


Brimming with (over) confidence, he had not bothered to give any hand signals while stopping or turning around!

Prior to this, while going for my learner's licence test, I was advised to remove my glasses so as to eliminate the possibility of the inspector asking me to get a fitness/medical certificate. I was a typical morning bat and hence was afraid that in the absence of my spectacles, I wouldn't be able to see any of the road signs.

I went over the chart multiple times, concentrating specially on their placements. When the inspector asked me to identify a sign from the ones painted on the wall, I would ask "The third one from the left on the third row, right?", recall what it was, and answer it. Five successful answers later, I was given the green signal (so to speak).

The four wheeler driving test was another farce. Seeing me report for the test driving my own car, the inspector asked me to go there and come back, indicating an unspecific location. He climbed a driving school car to test someone else. I went there and came back and was passed. Although successful, I felt cheated because I had invested a lot of fuel and time in practicing different and difficult driving manoeuvres at the exact place where the test was held .
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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

Nice thread!!

Two incidents come to my mind and here they are!

So just like most of us here, I too was eager to get my licence as soon as I turned 18.
At that time we used to have a Vijay Super scooter with a side car. Not that my father had any disability but because my father wanted all of us - my two elder sisters and mother to accompany everytime we took out the scooter.
Coming back to the topic. The rules had changed a lot and there was no way I could get a licence with the side car. So I removed it for the test day. However, the flange which would connect the side car was still there. That made it somewhat difficult to make left turn.
On the day I was supposed to take the driving test, it had been raining and the "8" on which I had to give the test was all muddy/slippery.
My turn came and the inspector asked me to go down the road and come back. I did not understand what that really meant and I went for a nice little ride down the road and came back after around 10-15 mins.
By this time, the inspector had forgotten about me already, given the number of people who were to appear for the test.
I came back and went upto the inspector for getting the forms signed. He stood there and looked at me and asked when did I take the test? Here I was trying to convince him that I took the ride as per what he had asked me to do. After some more haggling around he blasted at me because I took so long to return.
All said and done, he was about to sign the documents when he noticed the flange. I had a hard time explaining him why it was there and how even with it being there I could ride comfortably and return without a scratch!

Ultimately, I did get the documents signed and earned my driving licence!

Now that this thread is started, I wonder what happened during my four wheeler driving test!! Just can't remember a thing!!!


The second incident that I remember is of one of my friends who wanted to get her driving licence.

My friend was and still is a very straight forward person and would not think twice before speaking.

So, before the inspector could sign her application for a learner's licence, he brought out a big chart with traffic symbols and started asking some random signs. First couple of signs she could recognise and answered confidently. However, it wasn't going to be that easy!
The inspector asked her nth symbol and she could not answer that. Her application was stamped as "rejected".
The moment her application was rejected, she asked the inspector "Agar aap learning licence nahi doge toh Insaan seekhega kaise?" (If you don't give me a learning licence ,how will I learn?)

I literally had to drag her out from the inspectors cubicle and had a hard time making understand.

Finally, after a couple of tries she did manage to get her licence!

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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

Interesting thread. Here's my set of experiences

1999 - Gujarat, India / 2-Wheeler DL

Back then agents ruled the land in Gujarat. You need a license (learner's, permanent, 2/4 wheeler); you get hold of an agent and the money will do the job. I have had schoolmates at the age of 15-16 holding 4 wheeler permanent licenses without even knowing how to drive a 2 wheeler; forget a 4 wheeler.

Long story short; went through an agent and got the formalities done. Never was asked to do a written test; but landed at the RTO for the road test on my father's Chetak. Was asked to do a 8; did it with no issues; and the agent delivered the DL a few weeks later.

2000 - Gujarat, India / 4-Wheeler DL

Had already started driving dad's car around the society when no one was watching; or just getting out/in the car from the parking area, and similar odd events.

(Thankfully) My dad didn't allow me to get a 4-wheeler license till the appropriate age (18+). Again went through the agent to first get the learner's license and 6 months later went for the permanent license process.

On a weekday morning; landed at the RTO in my dad's car. Along with a few other cars (and aspirants); the RTO inspector boarded a jeep and asked all of us to follow him. After a 10 min ride through some narrow streets; we landed up on an empty ground. On reaching there; the inspector smiled at us and told us we had passed the "test". Again the DL landed at my place a few weeks later; courtesy the agent.

2014 - Chicago, US

This was an interesting situation. Learnt on the first trip to the DMV that my 14 years of driving 100,000+ kms across India, Australia and KL did not matter to the US DMVs. They considered me equivalent to the 18 year old kids who stood in line behind me with less than 100 kms of driving experience.

Passed through the written test without a hitch; but then started the real "test". The DL payment allows 3 trials - I wondered why would they have such a clause. Got to experience it then

First Test: Was asked to go through a pre-set route through stop signs, society lanes (with speed limits); crossing traffic signals; and obeying the rules. Was disqualified as I was the first to stop at a junction with only stop signs (and no traffic lights); there was another car (DL aspirant) who stopped on the opposite direction AFTER I had stopped. Since I was about to turn left (crossing her path); I waited for her to cross; and that was my mistake which dis-qualified the test. -ve points for politeness (lol)!

I learnt a new "aspect" of the stop signs that day.

Second Test: Breezed through the written test again. Was asked to do a slightly different route; including parallel parking in an empty parking lot (lol). Everything was going fine till the last turn at a junction with traffic lights. I was doing a right turn (allowed) on to a 8 lane road, I was turning into the right-most lane; while there were cars zooming by on the left-most 2 lanes. Heck - I thought there's two empy lanes; I should be safe on the right-most lane, right?

Wrong. I can't make that turn if there's a car heading your way, even if it's on the adjacent lane; as he has the choice of switching into your lane at the last moment. Again disqualified on this mistake.

And again I learnt a new "aspect" that day!

Third Test: Decided enough was enough. Asked around for feedback on DMVs; was told a DMV that was about 40 miles away in the suburbs was known to be lenient. Decided to drive all the way and give the test there.

Again breezed through the written test; and headed out on a route with an inspector. She hummed and remarked wondering why I would skip the 5 DMVs between my residential address and that DMV office but thankfully did not wait for a response.

Went through all the checkpoints (no respite on that!) and executed everything perfectly. Finally landed my DL that day!
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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

The only thing interesting about my driving test was that I couldn't take my own car as it had a hole in the floor (Premier Padmini)!! Had to borrow my uncle's clean Maruti 800 instead to 'make a good impression' on the RTO officer.

In the USA, the really strict & firm test officer told me "Son, you have a heavy right foot, take it easy" . If only he knew!

Originally Posted by Yieldway17 View Post
One instance I particularly remember when I was there is that a shorts wearing college student was kicked out of a four wheeler road test by the RTO. RTO plainly commented that it is not his home to wear shorts and there should be some respect to the institution(!!).
Related thread

Originally Posted by hserus View Post
Me? Go straight down an empty road, take a U turn that’d require a 3 point turn because of the road width and come right back.
Hahaha! Mine didn't even have a u-turn. Just drove straight for like 100 meters.
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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

I went in for the driving test when I was about to turn 19. It was 2003. Back those days in my home town-Namakkal the driving schools used to have a Maruti 800 and a HM Trekker. Maruti 800 was used to train Women and the trekker was for Men. After one month of training my D-Day came. The RTO had proper test tracks with steep incline and decline, acute curves to make sharp turns and H. More than half of the test givers were for Heavy commercial vehicles. The rest were college students who had come in for two wheeler and LMV.
One of the Motor Vehicles Inspector asked all female candidates to go for the test on priority. They had to just start the vehicle and drive. They don't have to do 8 and H. Looking at it I thought it should be easy for me. Next it was male candidates. There were two Inspectors, both of them were grilling each men. When my turn came the Inspector was not in a good mood. He asked me to take the car to the incline, stop and go. I climbed up, stopped and while releasing the clutch, the car stalled. He gave another chance. Somehow I climbed up and got out of it. Next was the H. Mean while he asked me what I was doing. I said I'm studying Mechanical Engg 3rd year. He changed his mind and asked me to take the car on the regular road and drive for 2-3 KM. I did it. He passed me and said, you are not good for test environment. He passed me because I drove good on the regular road with normal traffic. Untill he passed me I was scared inside if I had to appear for re-test.
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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

Most of my friends/cousins got their licenses when they were 15-16 year old but I waited till 18. Though I started driving when I was 11. Being tall matters

Never went for any driving test. In those days agents were a go to, so paid 500 extra over the fees and got my learner's and actual license sitting at home. However, it's supposed to expire in 2020 and now I would love to go for a proper test.
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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

Nice thread. Two interesting experiences -

It was the late 90s. I had prepared well for my 2-wheeler driving test. I had memorized all the various road signs, rules, etc. At the RTO, after the written test, I was waiting for the results.

The constable there called me and took me to the Inspector. The Inspector looked at my answer sheet, then looked at me top to bottom. He then asked me a question - "Whats the max speed at which you should go on a 2-wheeler?"

I was blank. I had not prepared for this question. None of the rules/road signs had this. "Shuucks, this guy is going to fail me", I thought. Thought hard. Remembered that in Road Rash game, the guy goes max at 120kmph (Those of you who don't know that game, you guys missed something that I can't explain. Below is a pic for old times sake!).

[Used to play this like crazy those days]
Name:  roadrashss5.png
Views: 11285
Size:  328.2 KB

Blurted out "120kmph". The expression on his face was priceless, and I was immediately heartbroken. He then asked me if I have gone at this speed on my Kinetic Honda. I was smart enough to say "No, never". "Then why did you say 120kmph". "Because that's the speed I go on my bike in my computer game".

Thankfully, he didn't fail me. But he gave me a good 10 min lecture on how the virtual world is going to ruin the real world one day. How true he was!


Second experience was in 2007. I had moved to the US, and applied for a DL. Because I had a valid license from India I didn't have to give a driving test, but had to give a written test. Both, missus and I, had submitted our documents (including the license from India) and were waiting to be called for the written test. Suddenly there was a commotion, and a lady from the office walked out furiously. She pronounced my name in a funny manner and it took me 2 mins to realize that she was calling me and the missus. That seemed to have piss her off further.

She asked us if these licenses were really issued in India. I thought she had not seen an Indian license before. Tried convincing her that this is really my original Indian license. Then she said - "Are you guys aware that trying to get a DL based on counterfeit documents is a federal offense. I can actually call FBI!". At this point I realized the magnitude of my misdemeanor. The misdemeanor was - the Indian license that I had given, was a Xerox copy and not the original. It was a color xerox copy, properly laminated. I was so used to carrying it around, that I never realized that it was a xerox copy. That lady figured out that it was not the original because the hologram was all blacked out.

Both, missus and I, thoroughly apologized when we realized our mistake. I told her I'll come back with the original one. She said she is going to keep the "counterfeit" copies and will submit it as a case. If needed, FBI will contact us. Both of us walked out of the building shivering in fear. It took us 15 days to get the original license couriered from India, and 6 months of courage-building exercises to walk back in that DMV!

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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

My experience : 1992, Small town in MH

In those days, This district did not have an RTO of its own and RTO from neighboring district used to conduct tests every 2 weeks.

I filled out the forms and was at the ground along with others, officer came and cleared all forms in 15 minutes. No tests, no questions, just DL after 2 months.

Same license has been renewed since then.
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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

I don't remember much about my driving test. It was unremarkable. I gave the test in the driving school's old Trekker. I was asked to do the "H" test. Then the inspector took a few of us in the same vehicle for a driving test. I think I drove less than 1km.

I did not give a driving test in Finland as I could exchange my Indian DL for a Finnish DL. Both my wife and I applied at the same time. Now, my wife's DL was in pristine condition as it had not seen much use. I used to carry my DL in my pant pocket all the time and it had some wear and tear (torn edges, loose pages etc). My wife got her Finnish DL in a couple of weeks, but I didn't. About a month later, I checked the status and I was told that it was under "verification". I thought they were checking something with the Indian authorities and assumed it was a delay from the Indian side. I called up the local RTO and police station in India (where my DL was issued) to see if they had received any request. They had no idea. Couple of weeks later, I checked the status again, but no luck. Another month later, I visited the police station (in Finland) to check the status of my application. This time a young lady listened to my story, found my application and fetched my Indian DL. She said, maybe it's the condition of the DL that's an issue or it is the format (I had the booklet format DL, not a card). Then I said my wife had submitted similar DL and she got her DL exchanged. The lady then found my wife's application, fetched her Indian DL and checked that both DLs had the same format. She took down all of these details and assured she will look into it. Couple of weeks later, I got my Finnish DL
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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

June 2009 at an RTO in Navi Mumbai. Driving test

My mom had given me enough lessons after I got my learners licence in April 2009. Having practiced driving within the building compound long before I turned 18, plus the traffic free roads in Belapur those days, I had a good command of the car and my friend's motorcycle (I had an Activa those days)

On the D day, I arrived with my family Alto. Submitted the documents and the inspector told me "Gaadi Chalao".

Me: Kaise? (I was expecting him to give me a pattern like H or something, which in common in my home state of Kerala)
Inspector: seedha jao aur vaapis aao.
Me: drives 100 mtrs straight and comes back in reverse.
Inspector: Good!

Dad's friend who had accompanied me to the test (for translating Marathi) later told me that the inspector signed the forms that qualified me ,as soon as I started moving in the first gear.

The same story repeated with the motorcycle . I just took a U turn without my foot touching the ground (as everyone else there was doing the same). Passed that one as well.

Now living in the Netherlands, I'm scared to even take the theory test, forget taking the driving test

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Default Re: Interesting Driving Test Experiences

Back in Kerala, 1995, took my dad's fiat for a 100 m driving test. Was a mere formality. No stalling. Had to turn back after reversing into a side road.

Recently cleared the UK driving test in the first attempt, was a 25 minutes drive. Amassed 2 minor errors, not really much.
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