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I get majorly pissed when im sitting in the passenger seat with a friend or relative who doesnt drive correctly..

Now by "drive correctly" i mean:
1. Has a habit of resting his foot on the clutch pedal
2. Presses the clutch and then brakes.. (I crap in my pants the moment someone does this!)
3. Runs the car in top gear at 30kmph!

I start giving all gyaan about howto drive a car correctly when someone does any of the above..

If any of you noticed, I havent mentioned his/her since i just cant sit when females are driving.. thats the scariest thing!!!

Otherwise I'm pretty ok within the city, but when its a long journey, i haveto drive!

And last, but not the least I dont fit in the back seat of most cars, so I havent experienced rear seat comfort or discomfort in the past 4 years...


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I do get bored and feel to have fresh outside air full of oxygen evevn though ac is full.....infact my sister is very much sensitive in this was so much that during monsoon with ac on she literally used to open window for fresh air.....there after I recognised her was lack of Negative Ion inside cabin with ac on.....this creates a kind of depressive state hence we feel to open window and many starts vomiting.....I installed Crompton Greaves Car Air purified & there after her problem is solved.....I always get very fresh feeling once I enter my car.......
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I had the same horrid feeling...but only in a Ford escort,we had this car back in 1998(the 1.8 lx dsl).

When we used to go to Mangalore,in the ghats especially,my head used to go light and i used to feel i would(sometimes i did)throw up and my head used to throb constantly,

I would forcibly try to sleep through Ghat's atleast,the feeling continued in city drive's as well(was always relagated to back seat).I thought it was physchological(again why?),but during 2001-02 after a long hiatus, i was back in a different escort for a rear-seat drive...belive me the feeling returned!!!

I should mention that after i started earning,owing to the same subject,i started travelling seperately(alone mostly)in a different car on a different day even now.

Although i would still love to know why it happend? Has to be an explanation.

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I don't get car sick. I used to, but not anymore.

Now, people get sick of having me in the car - always nagging, giving directions, warnings, etc. Especially to my poor younger brother.
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Originally Posted by shrivz View Post
2. Presses the clutch and then brakes.. (I crap in my pants the moment someone does this!)
??? I have just started learning to drive since the last 3-4 days and the instructor has been very insistent on exactly the above ! quoting him .."Fully press the clutch before braking as it frees the engine and slows down the car before you actually stop it"

He is currently making me drive in the first two gears only. Can it be because of that ?

Please reply to this urgently as I dont want to end up learning the wrong things and get my basics all messed up. Is there some place where i can read up on these basics ? There is a manual someone uploaded but its corrupted and cannot be downloaded anymore.
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i do get car sick while goin in ghats,[thats when i am not drivin ok??]sitting sideways or facing any other way other than the front would make me sick or trying to read something while vehicle is moving, i had it..
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The only time I am not car-sick is when I am driving.

Call me a retard but I dont trust anyone's drive but mine and my dad's.

I can only sit in the rear when my dad is driving with my music playing. Otherwise its a strict no-no.
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when i first saw the thread by topic.. I thought 'Do we get car-sick' looking at so many cars in the city (bangalore) ... Immediately I said "OH Yes!!!" but after reading the messages.. it was the back seat issue we are discussing .... hahaha

I prefer driver seat when....
- Its MY CAR ( i dont want to let another driving my OHC VTEC)
- Rest of them know that I am the best in the crowd to drive (which iam always)
- when its not a taxi

I prefer to front seat (navigator's seat)
- when the driver thinks i know better driving and will need my help
- when iam the only passenger
- when iam stranger with the rest of the crowd
- When there is less leg room at the back

I prefer the back seat
- when in a autorickshaw or taxi
- when i have close friends who can chat away endlessly
- when there is a lovely person whom i adore at first sight (u know what i mean, but i will be shy not to talk to her, but like to share the back seat endlessly, )
- when i really want to crib about the back seat..

fortunately.. most of my travel has been in the driver's seat..

Normally my brains are exhausted by thinking thinking and thinking all types of crap.. only time it relaxes is when iam DRIVING... God bless ... the contraption called car. because that is where iam meditating !!!!!

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I've never been sick while travelling in a car / plane / ship etc. The only time I felt a bit nauseous was when I took a (non-volvo) bus from bangalore to manipal. The bus was almost empty so i decided to occupy the 5 rear seats - folded all the armrests and slept across all 5 sears.

My mom gets sick in the back seat though, but she solves this by taking over the wheel through the ghat sections as she doesnt get sick while driving.
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
While travelling on the backseat? I just realised that I cannot sit on the backseat for too long.....I actually get car sick and all whoozy / pukey!!! Whats funnier is that this happens within the city. So the only option I have when being chauffeured around is to take the front seat.

I guess we car guys are only made to drive. And not be driven around.
I always have this problem esp. when I am sitting in the back seat!! Last week I was unfortunate to sit in the back seat of a friend's Scorpio ... & man was it a bumpy ride!!! The ride itself was extremely stiff, we kept bouncing all over the place and at the end of it all I got out with a bad headache and almost puked I then spoke to my friend who was riding with me in the backseat and he too was in the same state! That would have been quite a scene ... 2 guys getting off a black Scorpio and puking ... nothing else will do!!!
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Oh yeah, I do feel pukish when in the back seat and reading..I dunno why.. if I'm not reading then I don't feel like that..
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Actually I have a tip for people that sit in the backseat, with a driver getting them around. (Not discussing car suspension and handling here)

I used to be very uncomfortable and felt claustrophic and pukey, just like GTO mentioned, being used to driving by myself for years. After analysing for a while I came to the perfect solution.

I sit on the left rear seat and knock off the headrest of the left passenger seat. Then push the seat all the way to the front and fold the back forward as far as it will go.

The end result is

1) Fantastic legroom, regardless of which car
2) A great clear view of the entire windscreen and the traffic. - I found that my problem was eaxactly that. The urge to be able to see the front and what was going on , on the road. It was very disturbing to stare at the back of the front headrest for hours.

Makes me feel just as good and comfortable mentally. So comfy that now I relax completely and even nod off to sleep now. Something I don't recommend doing if you drive.

Try it - let me know if it worked for you.

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The only back seat rides I take are those while on official out-station trips, in the company cars. Majority of long drives are either in my car or in friends- where I sit in the passenger seat with great difficulty whenever I'm not behind the wheel. No travel sickness, but always eat very light while on long drives.
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Fully agree with Sam. Had the same problem, until I took off the headrest of the seat in front.
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I don't have much issues sitting in the rear seat, but like many said in earlier post, i feel very uncomfortable if not given a chance to drive.
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