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Default Shocking - Mumbai Traffic Police encounter

This happened yesterday night on the LBS road. I left Mulund and was going towards Powai.

A truck was ahead of me, a bus was on the left side of the truck. A biker was running parallel to me on my left side and an auto was on the left of the biker.

Now the bus stops at its scheduled stop, the truck moves ahead and the I slow down so that the biker can go in front of me. As the biker is between the truck and the bus - the auto guy sees the bus stopping and me slowing and without looking anywhere simply turns right to overtake the stationary bus. His auto hits the rear of the biker who then loses control - zig zags but ultimately hits the truck LHS rear wheel and then falls just near the bus driver door. His bike has been twisted to bits.

I watch in horror but the biker seems ok - and he has the presence of mind to get up and hobble out of the way and sit on the footpath. I overtake the bus and stop near the foot path. I check if the guy is fine - he seems okay.

I see the auto guy take off like his pants were on fire. I decide that with many people helping the biker - I should catch the auto guy. I take off behind him. And manage to stop him after a few hundred metres.

I get down and the guy is shivering and says - "Hamari galti nahi thi sahab"
I tell him - "galti nahi thi toh bhaga kyu ? "
I tell him to come back and take the injured biker to the hospital - I drive keeping the auto between the divider and my car. Suddenly another car comes in from a side road blocking me - and the auto guy escapes. I have noted the number of the auto.

I decide to chase him but its futile in that evening traffic and besides I did not want to take a chance by driving rash on public roads.

Ahead, just opposite the Nirmal Mall I see at least 20 traffic cops and a couple of inspectors with stars. They are collecting fines from unsuspecting bikers and motorists and truckers.

I park the car and walk down, explain the whole scene along with the location and tell them that I have the auto number as well. I expected them to at least depute a couple of havaldars on a bike to the spot but to my utter shock - the havaldar says tum police chowky mein jaaoo !!

I was stunned - did not know what to do.

I loudly (angrily) told the havaldar - its a traffic police case not a police case. At least go and check what has happened at the spot.

The inspector (stars on his uniform) hears this and says (to the havaldar) - take the number of the auto.

I give them the auto number - he writes it on his fine ka receipt book and tells me that we will call control room and take care of the situation.

Now I am zapped, tell him - your control room is in Worli and the spot where this happened is not even 5 minutes from here, why don't you go now ?

He is adamant and keeps replying - We will contact control room.

I make a last attempt and ask him if he wants to note my number. He is not interested.

I walk away dazed at this apathy from our cops and in hind sight I feel - I should have taken the chance to give chase and catch the auto guy but would that have helped ?

This is our Traffic Police Dept. - how do you except anything good to happen ?

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Today I read the other post by E_L on the good, quick response shown by Chennai cops as well..

This event mentioned by you is the rule in our big country and not an exception. The incident mentioned by John was an exception, I should say
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well the cops were out making money.. thats mroe important to them than an accident.
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Really sad state of affairs, and they want to implement new rules for the next year with fine for sun film and all. Sad, really!
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Welcome to INDIA dude

This is one of the reasons why lot of our friends just get out of the country & don't look back.

Good on you. You at least tried your best under the circumstances.

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it was very upstanding of you to try and stop the auto, but does this ever work out right? no one's going to back you up trying to do a good deed.
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My friend I am surprised that you actually believed that the cop will take some action.

From my experience Cops do not take interest in cases related to minor accidents which involve Bus|truck|Auto guys, The Bus drivers have union & unless Police has a major case they cant do jack about them. Truck are sources of income so they wont be disturbed unless something serious & Auto guys are mix of Both besides most of them wont have enough money to grease the Police.

Even if it was a car or bike unless the hurt person was complaining they wont take action. But yes if a bike or car hits a pedestrian & the Police is aware that this bike car guy is still on spot or taking this fellow to the hospital they will follow to the hospital so that they can grab their share.. Pathetic they are
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I am surprised at the behaviour of the mumbai cops. I don't know if i am living in a cocoon, but every time i had any encounter with traffic cops, it has been quite pleasant. Here is one of them. I am surprised because i believe that Mumbai is the most advanced city in this country. Obviously, this is a basic problem that has not advanced. :(
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Hmm, what happened with the Mumbai cop is very normal with our traffic ploice in this country, they are only good at fleecing fines from people, and nothing better, In fact you are lucky, if this was Bangalore, the cops would have taken you to the spot, then roped you into the accident if there were less people at the spot, and you would make a round of the cop station for sure.
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The scene is same in every place in India. it happened to me with BMTC state bus jaming my car on the right side. I blocked the bus and called the police. By the time police came, the driver told something to passengers and everybody came to hit me and pointed me to remove the car and let the bus go. I do not much know kannada and i was forced to remove the car and bus took off. Later traffic police came and took the numbers but, nothing happened.
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Sad.. but you failed to note one thing.. they were standing there to catch unsuspecting bikes / cars.. They were busy "Working"

I am sure if you had shown them a 500 Rs note, they would have gone running to that spot.
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you know if i start writing about the cops in mumbai, i will be banned in a minuite as i have very "NICE" things to say about them
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Originally Posted by CYRUS43 View Post
you know if i start writing about the cops in mumbai, i will be banned in a minuite as i have very "NICE" things to say about them
Hehe..I guess quite a few members would join you,in getting banned.
Good job on following the auto,Gautam. If the guy wasn't at fault,why did he have to flee? Wonder if he wasn't current on the road tax/other documents,hence he'd land in trouble if he has been associated with the crash.
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Originally Posted by BUSA View Post
Really sad state of affairs, and they want to implement new rules for the next year with fine for sun film and all. Sad, really!
Yup, they have discovered that enforcing our traffic laws is a HUGE money-maker for them, so they are now dedicating their complete efforts to making as much money as possible. You think some of the money they collect will go back in to the system to make our roads better? Better lighting, better surfacing, drainage, crash barriers? No frickin' chance!
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NC. What you did was very thoughtful and dutiful citizen. Its only the cops who did not want to do their duty. Its the same all over.. You may find an occasional good Cop, but largely, they shirk their duty and are out to make a quick buck. Look at the cases in the other threads where they mention about Bangy and Hy'bad and how Cops catch the bikers and car owners on any small pretext. Compared to them, I think our mumbai cops are the same if not worse.
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