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So 50km from gaziabad we are stuck in traffic. 15minutes past we have not moved a inch. 30minutes...... not a inch. As we were going home so not really in a hurry so first didn't bother. but than after 30minutes got down. And saw the traffic went all the way till where my eyes could see. I started asking people around. There was a Maruti Van in front of me but his driver was already sleeping so no luck there. A few trucks ahead, I asked a man who told me he was a truck driver and stuck here for very long and some trucks were here since the past 24hrs!!.... In shock I asked him the reason. He told me there was some special day and people have gather around to take a bath in the river (not so sure ganga maybe) and thus blocked a pull which was the only way.
After this I came running back and woke up my dad (god! he was off to sleep too). Told him the thing so he also got down. There was no way we could reverse as there was quite a huge line of trucks behind us already.

The only other vehicle other than that sleeping maruti van and ours was a mahindra scorpio. We planned that we will get the vehicle on the divider and cross to the other side (which was totally empty). Good plan, but how to get the car on the divider. we first started breaking the plants on the divider to make the way clear to cross to the other side. Seeing this the scorpio guys also came to help. We used these branches to make a slope type thing, but that was to spongy. I then saw a big piece of cement (piece of divider coming off). it was probably a cut for people to cross (to small for a car) and thus that peice was not properly attached to the divider. I got the wheel spanner from the car and broke that. The scorpio driver found another one like this and got that too. So putting sand branches grass and cement blocks we made a slope.

I was the first one to move, with scorpio guys and my dad watching anxiously if I will make it. Try one, the car gets on one cement block but the other one slips and the first try failed. Luckily the cement piece jumped and it fell away from the car or it could have done some serious damage. In this try a lot of burning rubber smoke was made. Try two, the piece is in place. I press on the accelerator and move. The car got on both the blocks and on the divider. Ok now all the four tyres were on the divider (real big divider isn't it). Now to get the car down on the other side. I slowly move forward with my hand on the hand brake. slowly moving, slowly moving, The car moves down, front tyres are down (the car didn't hit from under good ground clearence) slowly the back one are down too. The car is back on road (just on the opposite one). The scorpio guy follows, he has a little problem, more than mine but his big tyres help and he makes it too.

We pass around some 3km of traffic, finally we saw what was the cause for it, it was no river bath or anything but a accident. Some tractor trolley had over turned. I wonder why wouldn't anyone move it. We cross that and found a cut back inside our lane few kms ahead.

After we pass on the whole delhi, looked better at night. We were to stop over at our patel nagar residence, but then thought lets add another state to our journey and crossed into Haryana into gurgaon. We came to our house. I got down and opened the gate lock. Got accent inside. Saw octavia and then Pajero standing behind. Smiled at all and went inside.

That night in bed I thought, What would have been better for this trip, a 11Kpl Pajero SUV? or a 17Kpl Accent CRDi? I got my answer and the reason why I was made to choose accent over Pajero. And slept off.

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Well well. Good experience dude. So the petrol bunk guy also helped you get home with proper fuel
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Great experience and you must be really lucky to get passed from those Checkposts with no one checking till where you were permitted to go and also the filling station episode.
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What an amazing experience man!

I had real fun in reading the whole trip..better than the Car journeys they print in the auto mags.

It had everything in it.
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Very adventurous... indeed!
Keep the good josh coming.
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Default Re: Delhi - Nepal (First trip to out of India by road)

I was thinking of a road trip from Chandigarh to Kathmandu in the summer vacations. I think I'll drop the plan now. Bad roads, shady characters in black Esteems and checkposts are not something I'm keen on.
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