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Dry Ice 14th September 2008 09:27

Alto meets buffalo!!!
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I hate to say this, but this had to happen as soon as I joined T-BHP.:Frustrati

This is on the lines of the thread started by Mr.Bangalore for his innova. Well, unlike his situation, it was a perfect sunny Sunday morning and I was going to visit a friend nearby. I could see a herd right ahead of me on the median. As a precaution I moved to the middle lane but damn my luck!! They suddenly realized the grass was greener on the other side, and to my horror, just got up and jumped!!:Shockked:
BANG!!! Hit the front ride side of my car!!

Its totally ruined, guess will have to take the claim. About the estimates, going by Maruti's standards it will be around 10k.

abhinav.gupta88 14th September 2008 18:11

Gosh. That makes it buffalo-hit-mania.

I guess the damage is only to the fender and the bonnet .

Keep us updated about the costs and insurance thing.

Was anyone behind you when this took place?

theEnd 14th September 2008 18:15

If its any consolation, my old Matiz once got hit by a donkey! I was in a terrible mood then, but now, years later, I still get a good laugh out of it.

Looks like the bonnet may have escaped damage. Fender and A-pillar look to be damaged. All the best for the repairs and the insurance claim.

theMAG 14th September 2008 18:18

Thats a sad sight! All I can say is that these buffalos have crash-test certification from the future.

kartikkumar 14th September 2008 19:08

OUCH!!! When you said buffalo I thought you referred to a rather large car/SUV/MUV. Little did I know you literally meant the animal! Hope she gets fixed quickly. It must pain you to see your car in that condition.

Dry Ice 14th September 2008 19:20

@ abhinav
The bonnet didn't have any damage, my luck. And thankfully there was no one behind me or by my side when this happened.

You are right mate, probably a year down the line even I may laugh about it. But for now, it hurts to see her in that shape. Anyways thanks for letting me see the lighter side of the thing.

A sure thing buddy. These animals have free will in India. Whenever the Govt takes some bold steps to remove these stray animals from the road, the likes of animal activists start protesting. I sincerely feel all these animals should be dropped off at their homes!!

Well, took her to DD Motors(Mayapuri) for estimates. After talking with the service guy for about 35 mins, I was given an estimate of 15k, out of which I would be required to pay about 1.3k or 1.4k. Then it struck me that if I was going to take a claim why not repair the other dents as well.

As far as todays damages go,
  • Right side fender is completely destroyed and will be replaced.
  • The Driver side door will be repaired, just a minor scratch there.
  • The small depression in the A pillar will be repaired.
Other dents/scratches on the car,
  • A small dent on the front left side fender. Got it as a 'return gift'. Had gone to attend a friends party. And this happened while the car was parked in his complex.
  • This was a big one, dent and scratch on the left back side panel (near the fuel lid) and on the passenger door. Details :
After talking to the service adviser and convincing him for at least another 15 mins, he finally agreed to help me get the claim for the fender and the back left dent. About the front left fender, he said, getting that covered would be difficult as some of paint had already peeled off and the bare metal was visible, which over time, had discolored. Getting that repaired, would anyway cost me 2.5k. So I decided to get fender repaired by myself and let the insurance pay up for the other two.

The final estimate now stands at 20.4k which includes the cost of windshield(It appears to have been cracked where the A pillar was hit)
Of this, I'll have to pay about 1.4k + 2.5k(for the left fender) + VAT, so I am expecting a bill of around 4.5k

Will be getting the car back on Wednesday.

lancer_rit 14th September 2008 19:50

The estimate seems to be on higher side esp since Maruti panels are pretty cheap. The fender itself should be not more than 3k (going by the cost of Lancer front fender). Maybe you can get it checked by another Maruti A.S.S. to be double sure.

I am not sure you'll be able to claim for left side damage since insurance only pays for one accident at a time, and it maybe difficult to link the two together. But if you can, all the good :-)

Anyways, hope your ride comes back as new!

Dry Ice 14th September 2008 19:53

I thank dear god that wasn't the case. It would have been a hell lot more complicated then. Ya, it hurts but whom to blame. Maybe I should have stopped altogether!!

Dry Ice 15th September 2008 10:41

@ lancer_rit
Actually the fender costs about 2.5k, for the paint job another 2.5 or 3k. The accident damaged 3 parts in all. Considering the repair costs are 2.5k each, it would amount to about 5k. Another 2-3k for the repair of the parts(Door and the A-pillar)
This was exactly as per my estimate.

Then, when I squeezed in the left back side dent, the cost obviously went up. The door as well as the side panels needed to be repaired and re-painted. That alone would amount to about 5.5k. The estimate now went up to 15k.

Next, I decided to get that front fender repaired by myself. That would cost 2.5k.
The service guy then tells me that the windshield glass may be cracked and is not visible right now and would be in a better position to tell once it is removed. If it is cracked, add another 3.6k. Including the above two, the estimate finally came to about 15+2.5+3.6, nearly 20k.

Hope this explains the high quote. Anyways thanks for those words of caution.
Even I hope that she returns as new!!

tsk1979 15th September 2008 12:28

No replacements? Only denting painting.
Pay 500 + tax(200-300) thats all, rest insurance will pay
Windscreen is glass, so you won't loose much there

Dry Ice 15th September 2008 14:00

The right side fender will be replaced. Beyond repair I guess. The small scratches and dents will be repaired(On the A-pillar and the driver side door). And you pointed out rightly, the company pays 100% for glass.

Repairing only the current damages would have cost me 1200 TOTAL. But, since I decided to get some other dents corrected as well, the cost went up. I guess will be paying around 4k.

dadu 15th September 2008 15:40

The grass was not greener on the other side, you scared them and they went beserk, with animals you have to be careful not to scare them otherwise you have no time to react to their actions.

When I see animals on the roads, I slow down and wait for them to clear up, without blowing the horn. Unless they are seated, they usually clear up.

anujmishra 15th September 2008 15:52

Its been raining Buffalo Crash in teamBHP, word of caution for other drivers. Next time I see buffalo on road I will oblize them to cross first then I proceed.

See, these creatures can make damages to cars much more than what you get when you sell it to others:D.

abhinav.s 15th September 2008 15:59


Originally Posted by kartikkumar (Post 977145)
OUCH!!! When you said buffalo I thought you referred to a rather large car/SUV/MUV. Little did I know you literally meant the animal!

This is exactly what i thought when i read the title of the thread and did not think it would be the actual buffalo. Sorry to hear about the mishap. Hope you get it back soon!

Path_Finder 15th September 2008 16:22

Looks like this is a season of Buffalo meetings!! Soon as part of Indianisation, manufactures will start advertising for Buffalo crash tested up to 15kmph!!

Jokes apart, Dry Ice you did not mention what happened to the Buffalo certainly of lesser consequence, but I hope the Buffalo will not come up with a 3rd party claim later!!

Let me add one of the first rules that my dad taught me long ago about safe driving:
Whenever you see a animal (especially cattle) on the road ahead of you, never speed and attempt to pass the vehicle thru the front of the animal. The animal will only keep moving forward in spite of the advancing vehicle. Options for you is to either slow down and let it pass or if space permits, pass thru the back of the animal. The animal will rarely turn back and move, actually it is very difficult for the four legged animals to turn back and move.

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