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jat 8th November 2008 21:45

Driving in Delhi :D
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Experience of driving in Delhi is bad enough, but see this pics and decide. Actually, I had to follow this guy for quite some time on Outer Ring Road. He was riding his Bullet (in the right most lane, along side the berm) as I couldn't shoot with my mobile phone. Got the chance on when we stopped due to red light.

(The guy was drinking while still riding the motorcycle all the time).

Don't know whether to lol: or :Frustrati

PS: The identity of the person has been hidden and these pics are from movie recorded by cell phone

SumitB 8th November 2008 21:48

It happens only in India! :D

Tejas@perioimpl 9th November 2008 02:00


Originally Posted by SumitB (Post 1045828)
It happens only in India! :D

Happens everywhere in the world. Seen so many people like this fool in US and Germany!

See the silver lining: atleast he was not drunk enough and stopped at the red light!

autopsyche 9th November 2008 03:26

Thats what i call a joyride!

nickoo 10th November 2008 12:22

Delhi Rocks!!
I mean on the Rocks :)

ashish22 10th November 2008 12:40

nice one nickoo..
seriously this is an offense and the license should be impounded

panky12345 10th November 2008 12:53

hahaha... good spotting!

karankapoor 12th November 2008 00:18

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good catch he must have seen this somewherelol:

urban_legend 12th November 2008 14:51

I really hope that the biker can focus on riding a bike than trying to reach Cloud No. 9.

For the drivers consuming the bhayankar thandi beer! I just hope they stay off the road after consuming the bhayankar beer.

abhinav.gupta88 12th November 2008 15:02

Great catch there dude. you should have warned him / inform the traffic police

panky12345 12th November 2008 17:24


Originally Posted by abhinav.gupta88 (Post 1050078)
Great catch there dude. you should have warned him / inform the traffic police

why spoil kisi ka mood? :)

abhinav.gupta88 12th November 2008 17:34

Right Panky
He seems to be in a pretty good one.

OT : What kind of a cloth is he wearing on his head in the 2nd pic

harry10 12th November 2008 17:46

lol. Anything can happen in delhi! IMO person who can drive easily in delhi traffic can drive anywhere else in world very easily!
Regarding the pic Bhayankar Thandi Beer i guess thats the Karnal Highway towards Punjab!

mobike008 12th November 2008 17:47

Disclaimer : No offense to any sardars

Sardarji's love their drink dont they? I happen to see a very unique thing a couple of years ago one cold winter, when i was visiting Meerut.

We were at a wineshop to pick up some drinks and we see this sardar gentleman ( huge guy) on a bullet was on a ride from Delhi to Jallandhar or chandigarh, dont remember.

What we saw at the wine shop got me the goose bumps.

Sardar orders a full bottle of RK ( Red Knight)

Next minute, he orders for 2 full tandoori chicken from the guy making it next door

In less than 30 minutes, he finishes both:D

And, when we flabbergasted people asked him how he could polish a bottle and devour 2 full chickens. His answer was simple:-

This is my 2nd stop since Delhi will halt 2 more times before i hit my destinationlol:

deky 12th November 2008 17:54


Originally Posted by abhinav.gupta88 (Post 1050301)
OT : What kind of a cloth is he wearing on his head in the 2nd pic

lol: Abhinav I hope thats a joke, or is it that just looking at the "Bhayankar Beer hoarding" is having an affect on you. Look at the pic again.

Now back to the topic, I fully agree that driving in Delhi can be a pain (specially if u coming from a smaller town like Jaipur). Day before yesterday it took me 3 hours from Jaipur to Gurgaon (about 200kms) and another 3 hours from gurgaon to Noida (80 odd kms via DK-ring road-dnd, including 3 tolls). And I was tired doing those 80kms more than those 200kms

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