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Default Re: Pete's Super-charged Audi R8!

Originally Posted by nitrous View Post
Replace 'Tuning' with the word 'installing'.
This is great news. Sourcing aftermarket parts for such cars can be a huge head ach. I am so glad to see Pete's taking this initiative.

Though, as pointed out by nitrous, Pete's has only sourced & installed the SC. He has not developed the SC, hence not a tuner, but a distributor/dealer for mostly EU tuners. IMO this thread should be called 'VF Super-charged Audi R8'.

To be clear, I mean no disrespect to Pete's, am his customer myself and hope to be once again soon.
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Default Re: Pete's Super-charged Audi R8!

Saw a Red R8 parked in front of Quality Inn Pearl hotel near Madhapur to day morning (15 Apr). Looked really beautiful. Not sure if it is the same car being talked about here.
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Default Re: Pete's Super-charged Audi R8!

i don't wanna be negative.. but i read somewhere " movie over Brabus etc". guys how brabus works on cars is very different.. they take out almost all the parts of the car. and put into them their own manufactured parts. specific parts which are stronger, rigid and are more durable so that the engine can take on the power. they rebuild the car backup. what Pete's done here is a tuning job..(which is awesome). but i don't think we should should compare this to BRABUS level.

btw, audi R8 V10 is the same engine which they use in the Lamborghini Gallardo. the R8 V10 even sounds like a lambo because its a V10 nature. (it has more of a formula one sounding high schreik or lambonic notes ). the one used in the R8 comes from AUDI itself. they made the R8 V10 to put it somewhere between the more expensive gallardo and to compete with Porsche 911 turbo GT2

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Default Re: Pete's Super-charged Audi R8!

Is it just me or does that outer ring road with the R8 look like a scene straight out of Test Drive Unlimited? Of course, TDU 1 doesn't have the R8, but still..

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that a roots type supercharger?
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Default Re: Pete's Super-charged Audi R8!

hopefully that trans can hold the power. sweet clean build. these cars love forced induction! my friend has a twin turbo V10 back in he states puttin down 700+ whp!!
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