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Volkswagen Tiguan 68 21.86%
Hyundai Tucson 16 5.14%
Toyota Fortuner 47 15.11%
Ford Endeavour 150 48.23%
Other (please specify in your post) 30 9.65%
Voters: 311. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 1st October 2017, 00:02   #16
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Vote goes for Others aka Compass. For my primarily urban needs, if I still need to pick up a "SUV", it would have to be the great blend of right size accompanied with a reasonably accomplished car. Compass will age as well as Tiguan while continuing to look better. It may be a mixed bag in terms of equipment vis-a-vis Tiguan but as long it covers all safety aspects and even after loading in the premium for an auto box, it will deliver better value than Tiguan.

Tiguan fails to awaken the passion when seen on streets. For me, I cant be emotionless about my cars if I am passionate about them! To top it, to pay mega bucks for such a state of mind just doesn't work for me.

Compass will continue to shake the Indian market in the near future and for very good reasons.
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Old 1st October 2017, 00:24   #17
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Voted for the Endeavor, as it is the most bang for bucks in the list & the macho looks appeal to the heart.
2nd would be the Hexa, an off beat choice - yeah, but it does most things very well at a good price.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Voted for Tucson since it fits the bill perfectly for me. A confortable and reliable long distance cruiser with a punchy engine. The size is also just right. My first choice would have been Endeavour but the size is unmanageable for me and also not so good experience with Ford previously means I voted for Tucson
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Old 2nd October 2017, 09:35   #19
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Endeavour it is!!! My heart skips a beat or even two whenever I see one. Though during my recent purchase, I had to limit with XUV 500 AT for more practical reasons, I'm very sure I'd have an Endeavour in my garage within a couple of years.

We don't get such a tough, go-anywhere, easy-on-the-pocket SUV with loads of character providing that kind of quality and features at any price point in India. This is easily THE BEST SUV IN INDIA that anyone can buy at any price point (according to me ).
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

The Tiguan is a delight to drive. The price is simply not substantiated. Comparatively Fortuner makes more sense.The Fortuner after the facelift is quite nice and has a road presence that cannot be matched by the Tiguan. And Toyota may hold its value better whenever you choose to sell the vehicle.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

As much as I love Hyundais, Tucson just doesn't feel 'premium' enough (that gorgeous Pano sunroof of Tiguan has me smitten!). The Big 3 Germans are out since wifey doesn't want 'Badge', and Jeep Compass doesn't have Diesel AT (Jeep dealer in Delhi told me 95% Diesel AT will not be offered at all).

One of the restrictions I have is the length of the vehicle (weird, I know, but accommodating anything larger than 4.5m in my parking space is simply a no-go - which means equally-capable/better-equipped sedans within this price-band are out). Besides, Fortuner and Endeavour, on the other other hand, would appear to being driven by themselves thanks to my 5'5" diminutive built, so they are out for me.

I'd have chosen Tiguan - it (almost) checks all the boxes and is understated.
But as it is turning out, many-a BHPians have had issues in getting demo/TD vehicles; see this post onwards on.
Looks like Volkswagen itself is not interested in people buying Tiguan.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

My vote goes to the Ford Endeavour for its all round abilities. If monetary considerations come into the picture ( like for me ) and 4 and a half seats are fine, nothing to beat the Compass in the present scenario. The only question mark is regarding after sales and service but I hope that FCA pulls up its pants and improves by leaps and bounds.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

At this price point, Heart trumps the Head . Voted for Ford Endeavour. The commanding road presence is rarely visible is SUVs of today. Engine, driveability, ride and interiors are top notch. And because it is a rare sight on the roads, it brings in lots of exclusivity. Ford after-sales has also improved considerably, I am sure Endeavour would be the cheapest to maintain out of this lot.

OT: Kudos to the interface design team . Noticed that the car which you have voted for appears in italics once you have cast your vote.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Its the Endy for me any day. The sheer looks coupled with rugged performance is just too irresistible package. But in the hindsight, Compass appears to be a great option too.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

It's Endy. It's a big winner! Well priced and you get everything for the rupee spent making it a real SUV which is also VFM!

A big no to Volkswagen Tiguan, simply the price is not justifiable. Don't say it is a German, please. :-) I am sure Americans have far more experience when it comes to SUVs and offroaders.

Fortuner - This time it didn't work with Ford. The VFM factor is no-longer works with Toyota.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

As a vehicle it will be the Endy - tough, handsome, feature packed, well priced, and a true SUV.
However, realistically - with the parking problems and what not, it will be the Tiguan or the X1.

Voted for Endeavour, as that is what the heart wants, the Tiguan is just middle ground.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Voted for others.

Tiguan is my type of vehicle that is compact, has classy looks, is well engineered but lacks a manual, power figures could have been better and is overpriced IMO. Yes it competes with the big 3 in the foreign markets but Indian market doesn't work like that. IMO they should have followed the Compass route by skimming down some not so mandatory features, giving a manual and pricing it competitively. It seems VW is not after numbers with Tiguan but I find its positioning quite absurd. For the price its neither as big and capable(off-roading) as Fortuner/Endeavour, nor does it have a luxury badge.

My pick would be Compass that is as well or even better engineered, comes with the necessary features and some really good passive safety features, looks brilliant, comes with a manual in both petrol and diesel guise and costs a lot lesser. So I can buy a Compass and still have money to spend on a good cruiser bike or a GT TSI
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Voted for Tiguan because I own one. Love the car but hated the price. I knew I am paying a premium just because VW doesn't give a damn about Indian market. There was no other car that ticked all boxes for me.

Endeavour is an excellent package as a SUV, but my needs were different.

JEEP, except for fame, looks or smaller size, I do not know why anyone would consider a JEEP against HEXA.

Tucson, may yes with an AWD and sunroof.
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Default Best Automatic SUV within 31 lakhs ex show room price

Currently, I drive a Nissan Terrano XVD Premium 110 PS and as per the company policy, I need to go for a replacement car in Jan 2018.
Maximum budget according to company policy is 30 lakhs ex show room but I can stretch it to maximum of around 31 lakhs ex show room.

My primary commute will be drive to office 3 times a week (28 kms one way) in the mad Bangalore traffic.
I do around 4 highway drives a year of around 800-1000 kms each. I do not necessarily need a 7 seater as majority of the times, I will have total of 4 passengers.

My primary requirements in the order of preference are:
1) Diesel Automatic
2) Full features with all the bells and whistles - Comfortable seats, Quality interiors, Reverse camera, Andriod Auto, cruise control, Automatic wipers/headlamps etc. Sunroof is a plus but not must.
3) AWD - So far I have done driving to hard to reach resorts or some of the very bad stretches in kodaikanal/chickmagalur villages/Coorg estates all of which my Terrano has handled with aplomb. I am looking for AWD mainly so that I can do some offroading and also have plans for Ladakh trip in 2019
4) Decent resale value - After 44 months, I need to sell this car and go for new car according to company lease to avail car lease benefits. So it should have a decent resale value if not the best.
Service cost is not an issue because it will be company maintained but it needs to have a decent re-sale value.

My shortlist so far based on reviews & numerous discussion in Team BHP are:
1) Ford Endeavour 3.2 Titanium
Pros: Proper 4*4 that ticks all the right boxes, Sunroof, Perhaps better re-sale value after 44 months
Cons: Too big for city drive, Do not need 7 seater, Poor mileage

2) Hyundai Tuscon Automatic 4WD GLS
Pros: Compact 5 seater ideal for city driving, Great exterior looks, Hyundai service perhaps is better, New AWD launch makes it slightly VFM compared to older front wheel drive
Cons: Mundane interiors, missing sun roof, Not complete 4*4 like Endeavour , perhaps will loose more on resale value when I sell after 44 months compared to Ford Endeavour 3.2 Titanium

I ruled out Toyota Fortuner because Team BHP clearly said Endeavour is better. The biggest pro of Fortuner for me might be better re-sale value. Jeep Compass misses automatic variant and Tiguan has boring looks & is atrociously priced. Kodiaq pricing is disappointing and is not in my range.

I am now thoroughly confused between these 2 - Endeavour and Tuscon. I have not asked for test drive yet and will do so in December.
Could you please provide your input and help me to make a buying decision?
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Default Re: Best Automatic SUV within 31 lakhs ex show room price

The depreciation of Endeavor would not be any less than the Tucson in my opinion.
Hyundai and MSIL brands have better re-sale as per my experience.
On top of this, the Tucson cost Rs 10 Lakhs less. So, the depreciation hit (in money, not percentage), should be lower.

You may check the same at Indian Blue Book, just to get some numbers.
A 2015 Ford Endeavor 3.2 4x4 AT, shows up 18.5-19.2 Lakhs in re-sale (Compared to roughly 40 lakhs On-road).

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