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Default Re: A Replacement for Toyota Innova: An SUV for 20-23 lakhs.

Hi there!
Firstly, you didn’t mention your running. If doing less then 40kms a day, then don’t spend on diesel. You won’t get a decent resale value because of the 10 year situation and especially in the Innova, where the difference would be a lot. The depreciation you’ll be facing would pinch you as Innova’s are worth far more than what you get when selling in Delhi.

So if you really end up buying the Innova then be prepared to sell it after 7/8 years to someone in the neighbouring states.

1.) Why buy a massive 7 seater minibus like the Innova if you’re just three people? I assume your dad would be a little aged and since he would be driving it for the next 7/8 years, don’t buy a car that might be pain in NCR traffic.

2.) Jeep Compass is a true enthusiasts SUV. It’s genetically FIAT and hence it’ll give you a great Ride+Handling package. The built quality is terrific too. But since it didn’t go that well, be prepared for a low resale and a poor after sales service. Delhiites love Hyundais/Hondas over Fords and Fiats so the service centres wouldn’t be as upto the mark as say Ford/Fiat centres in say Kerala or Bangalore.
If you wanna buy a car with your heart then it’s this one.

3.) The Harrier is a good car with super safety. But still I have been hearing about niggling problems a lot. So spending 20 L and dealing with small niggles isn’t exactly advised. Also, it is unnecessary wide for Delhi traffic.

4.) Not a Hyundai fan. But in your case it makes sense. You can own it for 15 years and being a smaller turbo engine it shouldn’t be as thirsty. It’s full of features and NVH levels are easily the best. The only dilemmas are horror stories about the DCT gearbox in general and also specifically in the Seltos DCT which I believe is the same. Be prepared for an extended warranty for this car.

5.) Honda City. Well we haven’t checked that out yet. If you’re willing to go for a low slung car for your dad after the Innova then it’s worth waiting for. Your dad will find it the easiest to drive, but lower seating position might not the best choice for him especially if you hit the highways. Only your dad can decide the best seating position for him.

If I were you, I’d go for the Compass. But if you wanna stay practical then consider the Creta DCT only if there’s atleast a 5 year long warranty to it, otherwise the comparatively thirstier 1.5 MPi IVT would be cheaper to maintain than the DCT.

A big no to the MG for various reasons.
KIA is good but I have been hearing about poor after sales service and lack of immediate availability of some parts. The company will take time to compete with it’s cousin, Hyundai.

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Default Re: A Replacement for Toyota Innova: An SUV for 20-23 lakhs.

An Innova Crysta or a more premium car can replace an Innova unless your space needs & running needs have changed.

If the needs for space and running have changed, please consider a Creta. Else, Innova Crysta is the best choice.
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Default Re: Tata Harrier vs the competition

Voted for others.

Here's why - The Harrier is a good, old Tata at heart and even though build quality and material has a come a long way from Tatas of yesteryear, there is still a small bit to go.

If you're looking for something in this segment, I'd personally recommend the Kia Seltos GTX+ or the Hyundai Creta 1.4 Turbo. They are full of features, have strong engines and reputable A.S.S (Hyundai). However, if your heart is set on the Harrier, go for it. It has become much better with the 2020 update and Tata even added an Automatic Transmission.

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Default Re: A Replacement for Toyota Innova: An SUV for 20-23 lakhs.

Originally Posted by Tachyonites View Post
I own a Toyota Innova which has completed a little less than two and a half lakh kilometers in 10 years. It is a diesel and I live in the Delhi NCR region, so as soon as the lockdown ends, I would have to sell this car and start to look for a new one. Till now I have had an awesome experience with my Innova. This car is supremely comfortable. It also has never disappointed us on our highway trips and some mild off-roading experiences. Coming back to the replacement.

My requirements:

1. Since I am looking for an SUV, so it should preferably be a diesel.

2. Definitely an automatic. This is largely due the traffic on the roads of Gurugram, Delhi and Noida. An automatic makes the job that much easier.
If you are happy with an Innova and you have decent usage, 25K km/ year, you can either go in for a Crysta At or an Hexa At.
First of all try to sell the existing car out of NCR, and provide the NOC to the buyer, as NOC will not be available once it crosses 10 years of age. Decision regarding new car can wait, and if you want a bargain you can get a Feb Hexa XTA at a discount, or an Crysta 2.8 in stock with a dealer, 2.8 Crysta had no discount before the lockdown, but the 30 June deadline means any remaining cars will get good offers.

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Default Re: Tata Harrier vs the competition

Why get an Innova for three people? It'll be a lug to drive around in the NCR traffic. Get either a Jeep Compass, which is a fab car (Fiat's future in India might be suspect) or get the evergreen and popular Creta. There's very little that can go wrong with the tried and tested Creta. And if you think it looks weird in pics, see one for yourself. The new Creta looks fab in person.
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Originally Posted by dr.aviansh View Post
Hi there!
Firstly, you didnít mention your running. If doing less then 40kms a day, then donít spend on diesel. You wonít get a decent resale value because of the 10 year situation and especially in the Innova, where the difference would be a lot. The depreciation youíll be facing would pinch you as Innovaís are worth far more than what you get when selling in Delhi.
The car usually runs more than 60 kms a day since it has done 2,40,000 in 10 years. This thread is on behalf of my dad and he his 45 years old and he has driven more than 5,00,000kms of the cars that we have owned till now. So seating position and driving a big car in delhi NCR won't bother him at all.

Originally Posted by padmrajravi View Post
Only an Innova can replace an Innova. Go for the GX AT. It is as good as an SUV as any car in that list. Beats every car in that list for GC. Harrier may have an advantage in slippery conditions because of its traction control magic, but the famed Tata parts quality offsets that advantage.
Innova is a fabulous car and most of the people are recommending it as a fit replacement for an innova. Is shelling out extra for the Zx variant in the innova crysta worthy enough considering that the price difference is a full 5 lakhs?

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