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Do NOT drink and drive!

A boring title, isn't it? One you've heard a 1000 times or more. But please read it again. It holds a special meaning for all of us.

Drinking is an adult choice, a privilege. Drinking helps people relax, lower their inhibitions, slows their reflexes, makes them naughty and boisterous, happy and fun.

While this may sound like an interesting thing to do at a party, or with your friends, it is not smart to do this before you drive. Remember that the same acquired qualities, which may make you the life of the party, may result in your vehicle being involved in a terrible accident, endangering your own life, the ones of your friends and of innocent bystanders.

The delayed brake reflex of a relaxed mind, the slight misjudgement of a drunk person, the need for a thrill or just some fun could change your life forever, if you have one left.

If you must drink, drink legally, in the possession of all necessary permits and in areas where it is permitted to drink.
If you drink, do not drive.
If you are a sober passenger, please do not allow a drunk person to drive. Offer to drive instead.
Do not sit as a passenger in an intoxicated person's car - you may endanger your own life.

Before choosing a destination to drink at, choose a designated driver. One who either does not, or will choose not to consume ANY alcohol and will drive you home.

We advise you to designate sober drivers in advance, on your list of attendees, proportional to the number of vehicles present at the meet.

Please make sure you have a sober ride to go back home in.
If that is not possible, either rent a car or use public transport.

Team-BHP advises you never to drink and drive. This is a public service message, issued in your benefit.

Please follow this advice for the sake of your life, your friends, your family and your future.

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