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Originally Posted by rjstyles69 View Post
The boys and men were out till 1am is what I heard. Mag' eshwari or Vikram should be able to give more info post my absence.
Yes we were out till approx 1am. I was out the whole afternoon tanking up on beers and vodka at guzzlers inn. Called up theMag to learn that a meet was on the cards at 8pm at Windsor Pub.

Headed there with an ex-colleague friend to find the place packed. Called TheMag again and we headed to Jayamahal palace.

Man the place was neat. Comfy tables and chairs neatly arranged on a not too brightly but well lit lawn. The place was already buzzing with activity.

TheMag, vikram18 and vidyuth were already there. riju arrived in a few mins behind us and we ordered some beers and chicken (in fond memory of akshay ) and hara bhara kebabs which were super delicious. After almost an hour and just a glass or two of beers, riju had to leave for a pooja. Ajmat joined in a while and we talked, ate, drank, but no one had a camera to capture TheMag indulging in his antics. (this time we presume he visited the right place to relieve himself).

Psycho joined almost at closing time, more fluids and food followed. The alcohol started taking its toll on me and my tummy started knocking (hiccups). After a while, call it contagious, my friend (venky) also had serious knocking in his tummy. I was suffering, checked for any remedies on the net thru my cell (gprs) but all was in vain. Gulped water, held my breath, etc etc but the knocking wouldnt stop. Premium fuel has its disadvantages.

Finally psycho got so damn irritated with the sounds of knocking and misfiring that he got the air lock and timing rectified. That was a relief for me and i drank more beer.

We were the last ones outta that place and we planned to meet at Hotel Ashok for coffee. Sadly venky was too drunk and almost t-boned a call taxi near windsor singal. (he didnt allow me to drive inspite of psycho's warnings). That freaked me out and I was adamant he drop me off and go back to his place to hit the sack.

Sorry guys, would have loved to meet up for coffee. I had a nice evening. Thanks to each one of you and to psycho for his tuning skills.

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