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morten 23rd August 2006 16:31

The tyre eating swift
Hi guys,my friend has jan 2006 swift .it came with jk tyres the tyres only lasted 8000 km and all the grooves dissapeared and they became slick tyres.the company replaced the tyres and michelins 185 70r14 were put in the car but the tyres lasted only 13000 kms .jtthe a

low_bass_makker 23rd August 2006 16:33

is the tyre going from inside or the outside or the whole tyre is gone....

and do post the pics as it will help more in understanding the problem....

over or under air pressure can also cause this problem....

morten 23rd August 2006 16:44

hi lbm ,the tyres go from the outside towards the inside and the whole tyre is gone and the steel wires come out from outside of the tyre. The strange thing is rear tyres also go the same way.the tyre pressure was always maintained to 29-30.the alignment and camber was always ok.i guess the car is defective but cant tell what is wrong.

Jaggu 23rd August 2006 16:51

Jan to Sept (8+13) 21k kms, thats a lot of kms in 8 months. are us sure it hasnt got any suspension damage or chasis damage while at this many kms?? hope alignment check was done with proper aligning machine? post pic would help though this sound like huge camber off set..

morten 23rd August 2006 17:04

the problem was from the first day only. The alignment was also done on the proper machine and interval.all the usual checkups was done but there is some massive defect because the rear tyres also go the same way .i cant post the pics right now but the tyres are absolutely worn out and the wires come out from outside of the tyre.

hellspawn 23rd August 2006 17:19

how does your friend drive.if he is into excessive burnouts or bunny hops from the red light then the tyres would get worn out.
did you not get the cra checked at the dealer,did they say anything?

gbpscars 23rd August 2006 17:20

JK ripped in 8k, Michelin ripped in 13k!!!!

May be your friend does drifts and donuts on tarmac.

If everything else on the machine is right, check the driver.

Shan2nu 23rd August 2006 17:29

If the tyres are wearing out from the outside, this can mean you've got positive camber, toe in or have been cornering a bit too hard.

Tyres should generally show more wear inside, due to the slight negative camber settings.

If you're wearing out tyres in the 8k to 13k range, you've got serious problems mate. The stock bloody S322s on my Vtec lasted for 47K kms and the new GIIIs are in perfect condition after 13K.


low_bass_makker 23rd August 2006 17:42

car aligment and driving style is the culprit........

morten 23rd August 2006 17:49

the driving style is ok.had a zen before and the tyres lasted for 35-40000 km. The alignment,camber is always ok.guess the car has some defect .

Sideways 23rd August 2006 17:52

What rims does he have. If he is running with rims which have too much offset then this can happen. also is he carrying any heavy loads in his car ? Too much load and the springs wont be able to take it, leading to tyre ware. If all this and camber and toe settings are all ok, then the car in my opinion has a defect.

Surprise 23rd August 2006 18:02


Originally Posted by morten
tyre pressure was always maintained to 29-30

Is it not the recommended pressure 33 psi?

Jaggu 23rd August 2006 18:24

3 psi less wont cause such wear, this is serious problem

morten 23rd August 2006 18:33

the rims are stock not alloys. The car is run with one or two passenger load .

ravibhat 23rd August 2006 19:15

Tyre Pressure between 29 and 33 is ideal for swift, I maintain around 32 for my swift.

I blasted dealer BIMAL auto agency because the swift they had sold me measuring 40+ as tyre pressure when I took the delivery of brand new swift which I call "Disappointment of the year 2006" and I also checked if vehicle has run some distance when I checked tyre pressure but I came to know only couple of kilometres. I checked early morning as well next day and tyre pressure was above 38. They said sorry and checked all tyres and made the tyre pressure around 32.



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