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Old 27th August 2015, 11:27   #16
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re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

With increasing number of controls on the car going the electronic way, (such as switches for power windows, electric ORVMs, telephony, audio controls, A/C controls etc), now with all these switches and buttons around, a car does feel cluttered with too many controls.
In olden days we didn't have too many "features" that would require these buttons to be present. But now they are here, the manufacturers need to find a way to de-clutter and reclaim the lost space.
The way they have come out with, is using the touch screen. In my opinion, this will be the way forward for the controls for all the features that are "good to have".
It can even add some good feel to the customers. Consider how would the customer feel if the glove box can be locked with a password or a pattern using touchscreen, and when the customer types or draws the same on the screen, the glove box opens in a dampened slow motion!
Most of us who typed messages using normal keypad with Nokia 1100 phones hate to type anything on smart phone, right? But still we have come a long way and in future, it is impossible to think about a phone without internet or the apps, right?
It is going to be the similar. Most buttons will move to touchscreen, and the customers have to prudently use the touch controls, without missing any action on the road.
Good thing is, when some problem occurs, it can be solved with a software update!

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re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

I just "hate" touch controls in my car. Instead on concentrating on driving, it is not convenient to keep fidgeting with the various options in the touch screen. Even when parked or before starting off, why should I waste time going through various options and selecting them instead of just, starting and driving away with the a/c or radio just one click away. Weird are the way manufacturers think .
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Re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

I love conventional knobs and was mesmerised with the rich dials Ford put on the Figo Aspire (For that price). The panel on the Jazz was too sensitive and a dust magnet. I think 'touch' is just a fad, and eventually the knobs will make a comeback.
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For all funtion that you use often, I prefer simple real switches rather then touch screens. That goes for my car as well as planes, boats and hotels. These days a lot of the so called better hotels start installing central control panels for everything. The other day it took me 10 minutes just to figure out how to dim the lights in my room, leave the reading light next to my bed on and a small light in the bathroom. Just stayed in the Dusit in Delhi. Everything, TV, lights, AC, room service is controlled through an iPad. Takes them 10 minutes to explain, how stupid is that.

Im all for new stuff and gadget is my middle name, but certain things in their current format are perfect and you cant improve on it. To blow the horn on a car, any car, you should just have to whack the steering wheel centre. Lights, indicators, AC controls, Radio controls should be big easy to reach and feel switches.

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Re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

Mod Note: Public Poll added to the thread .
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Re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

I am all for new technology, BUT not for untested and unstandardized gimmicky contraptions like the current touchscreens.

I realized that the icons on my phone keep shifting which I find a PITA. The best thing M$ did was standardize the menu in its applications to a large extent.

I am sure that if the manufacturers of the touchscreen are listening to user feedback they'll come up with a really usable version, I'll jump on the bandwagon then, but right now I'm not impressed.
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Re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

I have both the cars from which the photos were posted on the opening post, i.e. the Dzire and the City, since over 1 year now. There's no chance I can change any setting on my City without taking my eye off the road whereas Dzire can be managed without a glance. In my opinion, manual controls for basic HVAC controls would be better whereas touchscreen should be reserved for lesser used features which activate when the car is stationery e.g. navigation.
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Re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

A very valid thread. Thanks for bringing it up. I was looking for a platform to raise this point. Touchscreen would definitely be a difficult for the driver to operate. Maybe, one would get used to the position of the controls in due course of time, but that would take a lot of time and may not be possible for all.

Its buttons and knobs for me anyday
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Re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

Forget touchscreens, I would actually prefer a steering wheel sans any button for music controls or phone operation. But nowadays manufacturers are pushing it a bit too far in the name of convenience. From a safety point of view, I feel innovations like the optional virtual display on the upcoming Audi Q7 is less distracting than a complex touchscreen on the centre console.

Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?-2015audi1q727.jpg

Originally Posted by sampat.sahoo View Post
In the new Hyundai Creta, the driver has to click on Agree for using the ICE every time the car is started. The Caution to which the Driver Agrees, is about making any selections on the HU only when static. Is it that manufacturers are also aware of the inconvenience and trying to get a consent from the driver which will legally save the manufacturers in case any mishap that might happen when using the touchscreens?
I actually like this feature. It maybe deemed as an inconvenience, but indeed a nice way to remind the driver of the perils of not paying attention to the road.

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Re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

I find full touch screen music systems unusable while on the move. More over, some of the HU have not so bright screens making readability an issue in bright sunlight.

I would anyday prefer to have conventional buttons on all controls in a car.
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Re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

I will prefer the conventional switches any day. However I do not blame manufacturers when we as users say that touch screen is upmarket and feel that its an upgrade over earlier systems used .

Frankly in the luxury feel , common sense goes out of the window.
Not only are they seriously inconvenient , there is a single point of failure in the touch screen device . Now don 't tell me that these do not fail . Its easier and cheaper to fix a switch or a knob then the whole damn touch screen console.

Switches and knobs are utmost necessary in my opinion for Audio Controls like volume , Switch radio frequency , Skip track and folder as well as for Air conditioning system.
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Re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

Buttons all the way. It's all about the tactile feel & feedback that buttons have that a touchscreen doesn't. Clicking a button, turning a knob give you this satisfaction of a job that's complete which today's touchscreen systems aren't able to accomplish.

I would compare this to reading a paperback/hardcover book as against a Kindle/iPad.
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Re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

My preference is to have physical knobs for controls for the sake of safety. If controls are only available in touch screen you may not be able to adjust without taking eyes off the road while driving. Physical controls along with touch screen would be a good IMHO.
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Re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

Personally, I also think that touchscreen interface is annoying and irratating.

Using a touchscreen interface causes you to constantly having to look at the screen to do things like for example, changing/adjusting the air conditioner/climate control system like changing the speed of the fan or increasing the temperature etc..., which causes a lot of distraction while driving a car.

For me, it is somewhat preferable to use a conventional push-button & rotary knob system whereby I can do most of the operations in my car without having to look at what I'm doing, because I know exactly where the buttons/switches are located on the dashboard and their respective outcomes.
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Re: Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?

For me it has to be the Buttons, Knobs and Switches. In a country like ours, you just can't afford to take your eyes off the road. I may choice may sound old-school, but while driving, you never know what's approaching (from any direction). You have roll your eye balls, perhaps your head too to make things work on a touch screen. This is somehow discomforting to me while I am on the wheel. With buttons it is damn easy. You don't have to glance to make things work. Touchscreens looks cool though.
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