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Old 1st September 2006, 15:29   #1
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Guys the swift manual says petrol with octane number 88 is recommended. That would mean normal 87 octane petrol is bad for the car. Anyone using normal petrol on swift ?

What are the brands with octane number higher than 88 ?
Of the top of my head

IOC Xtra premium
Speed 93 and 97 (or is it 91 and 97)

Are there any other brands ?
Power i think is 87
Does shell have a brand above 88 ?
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Old 4th September 2006, 19:50   #2
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Iam using normal petrol on my car. This gives me a lot of headache.

The problem I face is noise from engine. You have to accelerate very soft, if pushed hard, lots of noises.

Now running on BP and its okay now. But I cant keep changing the bunks searching for a good one. Also I wonder how other cars run with the same petrol without any issues.

Shell is opening a bunk on my way to office, may be I need to try it out there.
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Lots of car in India are tuned for fuel with Octane rating 87. So, using a higher rating fuel will not help much. You can use regular petrol + additives which would give you the same results. For the cars, that have been tuned for Octane rating more 87, premium fuel should make a difference.

Seniors, please correct me if I am wrong.
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Old 4th September 2006, 21:58   #4
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Hi.Speed isn't available in 91 or 93 octane ..
It used to be available in 93 octane a few months back,but BP have discontinued Speed 93's only normal Speed (which is 87 octane) and Speed 97.
I use Indian Oil 93 octane fuel in my Honda,and normal Speed in my Esteem(Carb)..both are working great.
As for your Swift,if you wanna use 88+ octane..Power,Unleaded,Speed are all out for you,since they're less than 88..
I would suggest to use Indian Oil Xtra Premium(91 octane),and if you want,try out Indian Oil 93 octane too..

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I've tried every fuel from 87 upto 93 oct and have found IOC 91 (Xtra Premium) to be the best in terms of price and performance.

But then, your car maybe react in the same manner as mine does. So, try everything and then decide which one suits your car the best.

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Old 5th September 2006, 02:04   #6
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Please note that the premium petrols sold here in india are not all of high octane, some are normal 87 octane with "additives" in it. not pure high octane petrol. Speed i think is pure petrol in the 93 and 95 octanes, (or was it 97 octane they selling for Rs.60.50 per litre in hyd). These high octanes are mainly good for high performance cars. For normal cars, i think the normal 87 octane petrol is quiet sufficient.

Honda for one, does not recommend any kind of "premium" petrol in any of their vehicles! not sure about other manufacturers.

I used BP Hi-Speed diesel in my Tucson, and after a couple tanks, i started getting jerks while gear shifting and accelerations. Hyundai workshops asked me to switch over to regular diesel and the problem will definately be solved. and thats what i did, and the problem solved! similar happened to my previous OHC 1.5, started getting knocking sound and jerks when i started putting in the "premium" petrol from IBP. and when i switched over to the regular petrol, engine back to perfect!

Now i have started experimenting with a different thing all together, and will give out my review on it after i am satisfied with the results, after going thru atleast 7-10 tanks of running.
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Old 5th September 2006, 18:56   #7
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As Shan2nu said, I am most happy with IOC xtrapremium 91 in most of my cars, swift, OHC, etc. included.
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I too agree with Shan2nu and sandeep.. IOC XtraPremium 91 octane fuel is the best bet..

also i had read somewhere that the octane rating of pertol has a certain shelf life.. for eg. 87 octane fuel after being kept in the fuel station or ur tank for 14 days will actually be 81 octane.. it'll be great if others could shed some more light on this...
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I used BP speed for my swift when @ Bangalore and when ou to my native place I used BP regular petrol, so far I used only 1 bunk @Bangalore and 2 bunks outside since I travel in same route (blre->shimoga->kumta->ankola->sirsi->Blre.. )
But after 2nd service my swift started giving jerk and engine created more noise, MUL said they will fix jerk issue, soon I am visiting their service station, this time I tried Shell super petrol, I will come back with my experience soon.

My swift VXI gives 12+KMPL @Bangalore and 15+KMPL on highway, A/C used 30%.

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hey guys have been using speed from bp from the time i got my swift , thats their 91 octane petrol . havent faced any problems. the only time last month when i had put in 97 octane petrol my car gave me some jerks so i switched back to the BP speed. my brother who had done his intership with indian oil for a month tells me the normal Indian oil petrol 88 - 89 octane. and the extra premium is 91 octane and there is very little quality difference in it. just a very few percentage of additives and thus according to him filling in normal petrol is also good enough .
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Default Swift recommended fuel 88 RON and above ?

High octane means slow burn, and you should always run the minimum octane level you can get away with. Octane is simply a fuel's resistance to detonation, and a higher-octane fuel must be com-pressed more to burn at the same rate as a lower-octane fuel. Likewise, a faster-burning fuel always makes more power up top.

Pump the right gas. Burning the wrong grade of gasoline can reduce economy as well as performance - in particular, using high-octane premium in an engine designed to burn regular grade gas. Octane is a measure of burn rate, not the quality of the fuel. Higher octane fuels burn more slowly than lower octane fuels. Put high octane (slow burning) gas in an engine designed to run on regular (faster burning) gas and combustion efficiency is impaired, reducing fuel mileage as well as performance. Always use the grade of gas specified by the manufacturer of your vehicle for optimum mileage and performance.

In many high-performance situation, riders clamor for higher octane fuels, thinking this will give them additional horsepower and, thus, an advantage over the competition. But this is not the case--adding higher-octane race fuel to your motorcycle may actually produce less horsepower. Here's why: Octane, an arbitrary number which is calculated as the average of the Research Octane Number (RON) and the Motor Octane Number (MON), and is only an indic ation of a fuel's sensitivity to knock, which is typically pressure-induced self-ignition. (Of these two ratings, MON is more applicable to racing fuels as it is measured under high load and high speed conditions.)

Based on the above facts, I'm asking whether it's a wise decision to use the Premium fuels like Speed/Power/Xtra Premium on carburetted Bikes & on our smaller MPFI cars like M800/Omni irrespective of whether it is Bharat I/II/III ? For example, 8.7:1 is the Compression Ratio of MPFI Omni. I've always heard that 91 octane fuels are suitable for vehicles having a CR of above 9.

So will the long term use of premium fuels leads to degraded performance & engine damage to carburetted Bikes & on our smaller MPFI cars ?
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Mithun, pls do a search for the keyword octane - we have been discussing this.

A couple of links for your ref:
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Mods note: Thread merged.
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I have been using normal petrol on my swift for almost a year... I had tried the premium ones on a few ocassion, but on switching back to normal, didnt notice any big difference.

But then... I am not that discerning in any case....

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Default Shell super petrol

Hi Guys,

I use Shell Super petrol . i don't know how much is the octane content in that.

Please let me know i have to use something else.

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