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Default Skoda Trouble...uh oh!

So one of our diesel Octys went for service 3 days ago, to Gurudev in Madras. This was the 55,000 km scheduled service (for some reason, Skoda shifted service intervals from 7,500 km to 10,000 km and each car now has a different km at which it needs to go for service...go figure!)

The car was perfectly went for service, and we got it back the evening of the same day. My dad then went for a drive and found a grinding sound when shifting from 1st to 2nd at an engine speed over 3000 rpm. The grinding sound is absent at speeds below this. There was no issue whatsoever with the car, the clutch, or the gearbox when we sent it in for service.

So my dad takes it back to Gurudev, and they tell him that they need to change the synchronizer between 1st and 2nd. Cost: Rs.15,000 (parts + labor).

They couldn't answer how the problem suddenly surfaced. They also went a step further and recommended a full clutch assembly replacement 'just in case'. Cost: Rs. 55,000.

What to do? Has anyone with a diesel Octy faced such issues at 55,000 km.? I can vouch for the care the car has been given because only my dad drives it, and he is a careful driver who never abuses the car in any manner.

My Acura's synchros wore out last year in the US as 215,000 miles. Our Qualis actually shift better now than when it was new. My Uno's gearbox was never touched in 9 years and 140,000 km. of operation. So what's up with Skoda? Or did they swap out the gearbox when the car was at their service station? Help!
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Synchro change at 55K? Looks like you are being taken for a ride.
It may be a simple case of wrong clutch adjustment.
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I think Skoda has just lost it. What do they make their parts of, card board?

Was'nt there a PR or marketing communications lady from Skoda on this forum? Where are you lady? You just got (another) unhappy customer!
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good lord. god help you now. put up this complaint on more forums. writing to them does not matter but then too you should just for record
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Another example of the famed Skoda A.S.S

They are takin you for a ride!!!!
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chances are that they might have took out some part of your car and replaced in some other car. For skoda any car coming for servicing or repairs is a potential basket of spares for other cars lying at skoda.
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As per the experiences with others, skoda must have put your healthy assembly in another car, & instead u got a defective one.

Cheating, nothing else.
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The parts are fine, the diagnostic abilities of the workshop employees is zilch
(read as lack of training) and/or they are in the pocket lining mode.

The sad part is that training on a national level costs money, My friends have worked as trainers for automotive companies who set up dealerships and specialise in training of manpower for dealership purposes.

Obviously Skoda has not under taken such initiatives for their dealers, the machine is quite complex and the roadside type mechanics cannot do anything about it.

Basically their workshop staff is not trained.
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i am now mad, totally reckless Skoda Auto India. God Bless you Ice.
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Gosh! Another one bites the dust!
My sympathies.
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Originally Posted by Ice View Post
recommended a full clutch assembly replacement 'just in case'. Cost: Rs. 55,000.
The same replacement was done by my mech here for less than 25k after he had to buy tools worth 4k to open & close the skoda clutch.
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Ufff..... another one !! Gawd.. I believe it might be clutch adjustment issue !!
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Maybe the misaligned the gear selector cables - sounds like something simple.
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Sorry Ice

Similar modus operandi. Right after service.

Looks like your spares are misappropriated. Get it checked by someone reliable in front of witnesses. Keep a handy cam ready. Looks like you are in for surprises.

Sorry once again, buddy.
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ICE, please don't go by their words. This should be a simple clutch adjustment. They should have purposefully misaligned the thing so that they can get the HELL Lot of bucks from you.
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