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Default My pre-worshipped BMW 328i


I've divided my ownership experience into a bunch of parts for fun, there is a story and then there is a purchase and ownership review. I've been inspired by the YouTube channel of Salomondrin where the story of the car is as interesting as the car itself, this guy might be bouncing between personalised Huyras and limited edition RR's but the context resonates so deeply with me since all of us might be in different places in life, but the love remains the same. Plus I've hated how automotive journalism has become, I've completely lost respect for how most Indian journos work with respect to reviewing cars, the articles end up reading like PR handouts. Thank God we have Team-Bhp!

I am no writer but I'm going to try and take you through this story in the most legible way I can. This review has been written over a course of a few months, and I have a much greater deal of respect for many regulars here they participate in the community. This is how my dream came true, enjoy!

Table of contents






My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-screen-shot-20160803-10.36.01-pm.png


It's hard to figure out how to start. Let me start by thanking the Team-Bhp community and people who helped me along the way. I now understand how nerve-wracking it can be for us enthusiasts to purchase their dream machine. Most people in this country buy cars for their utilitarian value. But us car lovers are a different breed. I urge anyone who is sitting on the fence or thinking about pulling the trigger to post on the threads here, a 1000 people offering their perspective can be invaluable. Also sometimes we need a slap of truth in the face because us car lovers can get carried away. I want to thank GTO, Karan, Akhay for their help.

My hunt started quite some time ago actually, in fact, I think its been a good 3-4 months since I seriously decided its time for a new car and I started checking out what's in the market. It all started with the announcement of the new Jetta, I think I saw an ad somewhere that it was for 15lakhs. Which led me to explore further only to see that the DSG Diesel variant costs about 20! I went on Volkswagen website and filled a form to book a test drive. I interacted with 2 separate dealers I think, who were never able to schedule a time or send me a Highline DSG for a test drive! And since we get all our cars registered in Silvassa (where my family lives) I contacted the local dealer in Vapi as-well. That chap ended up taking the car to my Dad for a test drive and he ended up buying it! Let this be a lesson to the manufacturers and dealers on the forum, if you have a lead don't let it go. You never know if you're losing out on a sale.

The Jetta comes home!
My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-10960240_10153069710216129_4792883973722704025_o.jpg

He ended up buying a Diesel Manual Mid variant because he will be mostly chauffeured around. I do feel that VW are a bit stingy with the features that they are giving out between variants and the price difference between this and the highline was too much (or maybe it was just offered in the DSG). Nevertheless one of the biggest reason to go with VW was because of the beyond excellent service we have received from the brand. Especially VW Noida who have taken care of me as a customer way better than any other brand I've experienced (Skoda, BMW, Triumph, Hyundai, Ford, Mahindra). The dealer did screw us over by not offering any loyalty bonus but he did give some other discounts and my Dad was happy, and we wanted the car to arrive before his birthday so.

My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-asb7fezq5gi0ivaw7cejgpneod0wzjdoc3owwshfriw.jpg
My Dad loves this car and keeps sending me pictures of the mileage he is getting. As you can see the MID, its 130km since tank full and it's projecting a range of 830km more which is insane!

Well moving on, I'm extremely picky about my cars. And till now have actually only 'bought' one car which was the Mondeo which I found right here on TBhp - Ownership Thread It was an amazing car which gave me a smile every time I got in. Unfortunately, it was way beyond my means to take care of her and I had to let her go and get a 2007 CBR 600RR (which was later sold after multiple crashes on Mumbai's amazing roads).

Early in 2013 the opportunity of getting a new car came in the form of my 2007 Swift Engine Seizing and my parents forcing me to get a new car for safety (The swift neither that ABS or Airbags). The only decent cars at that time that I liked around my budget (Approx 10 lakh) were the Duster and upcoming EcoSport. The Duster was quickly dismissed after a test drive, the car felt lethargic to drive and the interior quality was horrid. I could not fathom paying over 10 lakhs for this car, so onwards to the EcoSport. I was doing some research online and saw the Ford India website mention some kind of launch contest for the Eco Sport, I signed up just for the heck of it. And then this happened

My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-1002417_570071286378158_1735102723_n.jpg

You can find the thread about the entire ordeal here - Not many people know this but I was much more excited about my bike while standing up there on the stage then winning the car, because I knew I would be gifting the car to Dad. I ended up buying a used 2008 Superb V6 TDi and using that for a year before sending it home (Bad idea, loads of issues and spent a lot of money on it in the last 2 years). And using my brothers Polo. Finally, the time has come to get a new car, and with what I've learned from life so far is that with something you care about so deeply logic be damned, go out of your way and push yourself a little. Because we all will be driving to work every morning and stuck in traffic on the way back. The difference in the choice I make now will decide whether I am sitting inside my car admiring it, loving life. Or being happy about the mileage and resell I'm going to get along the line. It was a no brainer really.

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Since Dad already got the Jetta, it didn't make much sense for me to consider that car. I started looking at alternatives. I wanted to move up a notch into the luxury hatchback segment, my initial starting budget was 15 lakhs but I threw caution to the wind and thought lets see what all options I have under a certain EMI range, I don't mind having a loan tenure of 5 years because I don't intend to change the car for the duration if I get a new one. I had tested the A Class at launch because was considering buying it then, loved it to bits. But the lackluster engine was an instant no-no. I can't believe Mercedes gave such a depressing engine in such a lovely car.

The V40 that accompanied us on our adventures in Europe

My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_6273.jpg

The Volvo V40 was driven and loved, it is by far the most well-equipped hatchback out of the three (1 Series, A Class) In fact I drove one for over 1000 km on my Europe trip two months ago and loved it! But the pricing was a bit on the higher side for the newly launched V40 R Design (which is 27 ex-showroom) and my meager Rs 20 lakh coupled with no discounts or finance offers killed the option of getting a new one. Also was excited to check out the 1 Series as it was being offered at a Rs 6 lakh discount but what I discovered was a pathetic 'Prestige' variant which was not equipped with anything. I cannot believe what BMW India was trying to pull off here. I loved the way 1 series drove so thought will consider used options for it, and specifically started searching dealerships for Sport Plus variant in their inventory. Also kept a self-imposed limit on myself that I won't get a car older than 2013.

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Luckily, I live in Delhi which has to be the best place to buy a used car in India hands down! The amount of options available are insane and I managed to find three examples of 1 series 118d in the trim I wanted (Sport Plus) all three of these cars were BMW India press or corporate cars and had identical numbers, unfortunately the best one got sold in the time I was looking at the new one.

Car 1
My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_5614.jpg

I liked this car, it drove well. Even sent it to the BMW Dealer to get the seal of approval. The Deal was finalized at 17 but somehow I felt the guy selling it (who claimed to be the owners' brother, which I later found out was a dealer) seemed shady to me. And I went with my gut feel and didn't go ahead with the deal.

Car 2, notice the similar registration number.
My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_8097.jpg

Car felt down on power, but maybe it was because it was not driven or serviced in a while. Dealer Amit/Bobby (Crown Cars) refused to come down on the asking price of 21. I told him that a new 1 series is due soon. I texted him when I bought my car and when the new 1 series was launched. The reason I didn't go with this car was the dealers' attitude, there were a few shady things that he did too.

This seems to be a good time to talk about the used car dealers in West Delhi, I contacted and was contacted by a lot of them during the course of my car search, but I somehow could not get myself to buy a car from them. I realized they cater to a market which pays in cash and changes cars often. Also, these cars are usually abused. Almost always the pricing and availability were mouth watering. But I decided there is no way I am going to buy my dream car from some wheeler dealer without knowing the owner or history of the car. This catapulted me into a very small pool of available cars (which was a blessing in disguise) I would advise everyone to do the same, there is very very high chance that these people are going to con you. I've always hated used car dealers, and will continue to do so. They are almost all a bunch of scumbags, remember no dealer is your 'friend'.

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The entire experience of dealing with shady used car dealers completely put me off, and I also realized that it was no use trying to look for a good example of the 1 series because there are so few in the market. I decided the time has come to look for a 3 series but the problem was I had already stretched my budget of 15 lakhs to 20. And getting loans on used cars are not that easy. I must have up the wonderful F30 review here on Tbhp over a 100 times also Karan's 328i ownership thread which completely mesmerized me to an idea of a 328i, there were unlimited options in 320D I can say literally every age, trim and color options were available in the used car segment. I found some really amazing deals on F30 320ds'. 1 or 2-year old cars at 40% less pricing. Unfortunately the ones I liked had asking prices of 25 lakhs, and even with some bargaining thrown in, I knew it would be a big stretch.

Funny thing is, there were 3 118d's for sale in the entire country in the Sport Plus variant that I was looking for, and the same with 328i's there were 3 available for sale on carwale and all of them were in Delhi!

The original for sale advert on used section
Name:  Screen Shot 20151207 at 6.05.14 pm.png
Views: 33805
Size:  436.4 KB
The F30 328i is equipped with a N20B20 engine.

I ended up contacting BMW Premium Selection in Faridabad, where a really enthusiastic sales guy called Naman answered my email inquiry. I visited the showroom the following weekend and the car. All my worries about it being a luxury line were dissolved when I saw it in person. The wheel design looks much better in person with a deep dish like feel. I was worried about the insides because it was beige, but the car was in great condition, I drove it around in the dealership parking lot because the car was not insured and instantly decided to book it. There were a few niggles here and there but I was not worried because they assured that it will be fixed. Funny thing here was that since I decided to pay the booking amount (Rs 50k) by credit card they charged 2% on it! I was appalled at this, but it was late and I didn't care. I wanted to go home and share the good news!

Some interesting things to note about my F30
  • This was a CBU assembled in Munich
  • Comfort access which is not offered even on the 5series in India
  • No sunroof, Paddle Shift, HUD or rear passenger blinds that are standard on Sportline 328i

Cars that I test drove and considered were

Volvo V40 Cross Country/R Design - New out of budget, old ones rare to come by. Volvo reliability and network is a ?
BMW 118d Sport Plus - Could not find a clean car at the right price.
Skoda Octavia Tsi - I liked it, but not that much.
BMW 320d - Liked it quite a bit, but didn't need diesel.

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Default Purchase


After looking at cars for months I decided that I need to close this ASAP or let it go and revisit it in the future. When I saw the 328i I was only allowed to drive it around the dealership perimeter because it didn't have insurance. I was promised that any issues and niggles regarding the car will be fixed and the car will be refurbished if anything is found wrong. I decided to go ahead and book it right away, one thing that strangely stood out is that they charged me some 2% or something extra amount since I paid via credit card.I found that very shoddy that a BMW Dealership doing something that mobile phone stores do to evade tax?!

I would advise going through the T-BHP checklist for buying a used car. I quickly made a note of everything that was wrong in the car and emailed it to Premium Selection for replacement (Petrol cap, badge and other little things).


Getting a loan was quite an ordeal, considering this was going to be my first ever loan and used car loans are difficult. I have to first share the horror story of dealing with BMW Financial Services team. The pride themselves and advertise that loans are disbursed by them in hours, but I think that condition will only apply to people who don't need to take a loan. I was particularly appalled by the agents who called me to confirm and I guess they were disappointed that someone who lives in a rented house is trying to buy a BMW.

Documents required to get a BMW Financial Services loan - Finance Documents Checklist..pdf

Scheme being offered on a loan of 17.85lac @ advertised 12.5% interest

My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-screen-shot-20160210-4.20.23-pm.png

My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-screen-shot-20160210-4.20.38-pm.png

My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-screen-shot-20160210-4.20.48-pm.png

BMW offers something called as a Bullet and Balloon scheme basically the difference is in a Balloon scheme you can have a large lump sum payment as your final EMI or have 1 large EMI per year you can pay off. If you read the details.

So if you calculate according to normal logic, 12.5% of 17.85 lakhs it should be 2.23 lakhs, and we all know that loan logic is not that simple so let's blow it up to 15% since this is a used car loan. That would net a final figure of around 2.6 lakhs.

According to the BMW breakdown, I've been quoted for a Bullet scheme spread across 60 months with 5 yearly payments of 1 LAKH.

Monthly EMI (55 months) - 35,070 x 55 = 19.28850
Yearly Bullet (5 years) - 100,000 x 5 = 5,00,000
Total you pay = 24,28,850 + 12,000 (fees and expenses) = 24.40 LAKHS

You don't need to be too smart to do the math here, but you will be paying around 7 lakhs as interest over 5 years on a Rs 17 Lakh loan.

This was absolutely absurd, but given the dream of owning a BMW was too hard to resist and I was actually considering to go ahead with this. Alas, my dreams were shattered when they said I am ineligible for a loan amount from them, the highest loan amount that I can take was like 7 lakhs according to their internal calculations and that too after I get my father to sign as a guarantor for it. Not only did I find this absolutely absurd, this is no way to treat a customer. They literally wasted my time and even after insisting to the executive there and asking him to destroy my documentation he went ahead and applied to HDFC on my behalf which caused havoc since I had applied to HDFC on my own with my relationship manager.

I was finally able to secure a loan of Rs 17 Lakh spread across 36 months with an EMI of Rs 56,000. Total I'll end up paying is close to Rs 20 Lakh. This is a much higher EMI than I'd prefer but the loan tenure is shorter. And they mentioned that according to their system if I wanted a longer tenure/less EMI I have to go down on the loan amount. This was translated through an advertised 11.5% ROI which I got thanks to my relations with the bank. I also realized I'd rather build a credit history with them, they way I was justifying this entire experience in my head was I am going to turn 30 soon so I need to get a loan on record, and I was not interested in investing in property or anything. I had the opportunity to do something crazy since I already had the EcoSport and Street Triple in the garage, it was time for me to return my brother's beloved Polo and find the next chapter in my 4 wheeled life.


One of my pre-requisites to buy this car was that I absolutely needed one with warranty. Thanks to owning Skoda's in the past and Team-Bhp I was very well aware of how absurd euro car parts cost and being a perfectionist there was no way I would ever be ok with anything in the car not working the way it should. I was offered the warranty at Rs 1 lakh for the first year, 75k for the second and 80 for the third. I decided to pay for the first year and renew once the second year came up. Also beyond this I had quite the tough time trying to get it insured, after owning the Mondeo with 19' rims and low profile tires I knew that 18' with those tires are going to be prone to blowouts and other unpleasant experiences thanks to our great roads and wanted to get insurance that covered these specifically. The only offering in the market that covered this was BMW Secure and it is only offered as a co-branded insurance product with ICICI at BMW Dealerships, it was a nice 30-40k more than regular insurance. This brought up the monthly ownership cost quite significantly.

Car EMI - 56,000
Insurance - 1.12/12 = 9333
Warranty - 1,00,000/12 = 8333

Monthly cost = 73,666

I will strongly recommend if you are considering a used BMW do not get it without warranty or tire coverage (secure). You'll find out why further down the thread.

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Default Delivery


You know what the most important day in your life? Its the day you're getting your first ever BMW! I struggled a lot to get to this day, because of surgery and my parents insistence that I don't take the delivery during shrad time I had an agonizing wait before I could get my hands on the car. But it had finally come, I was filled with so much emotion and flashbacks on the way to the workshop, I'd like to assume that every man is a child on the inside, ask anyone on the forum on how they felt when they went to take delivery of their dream car or bike and they will be filled with emotion. Unfortunately, I had a bad surprise waiting for me.

When I got there I had a bunch of paperwork to take care of, and the car was being polished and prepped for delivery, I had my fiancee's driver with me who had driven me there and I left him with the car to ensure that it gets cleaned properly and he came running to me with bad news. One of the rear tires had gone flat. All the technicians/service people/managers had failed to check this simple thing. I am writing this post almost 8 months after taking delivery and realized I have consistently made a big mistake trusting people at the dealership and regretted accepting their assurance every single time I've sent my car. I will talk about the problems I've had in detail on this ownership thread.

Name:  IMG_1434.JPG
Views: 32949
Size:  246.0 KB
This is the tire that they delivered the car with

This coupled with the fact that BMW Premium Selection pulled a fast one on me. Their Rs 15,000 worth of accessories were in-fact Rs 300 transparent floor mats a cheap cover which I didn't use since it will scratch the paintwork and a keychain which I didn't have any use for. One can say it was wrong of me to assume, but since they don't sell these cheap mats or car cover in their showroom I can't really blame them right? Now the monies have already been paid they refused to do anything about it.

Name:  IMG_1439.png
Views: 33256
Size:  905.5 KB
This Picture was taken when I first saw the car and on the day of delivery.

One of the advantages of buying the car from BMW Premium Selection is that its factory refurbished. So if you spot anything amiss or wrong you can inform them and they usually accept and promise to rectify it before delivery. In my case, they made my car worse before I got hands on it. As you can see there was no badging on the rear for some reason, I asked them to install badging and they scratched the car during installation.

The great grease saga.
My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_1430.jpg

My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_1436.jpg
This is one of the most terrible things you can do to a customer's car.

I am calling this the great grease saga because this is one thing I've pointed out to them in person, over email, and heated exchanges at the dealership. But consistently during the last 8 months of ownership and with every single visit they have destroyed the interiors of my car. The above pictures were taken on the day of delivery and I will talk about this in more detail in my problems post.

Gmail - Feedback on Sale & Service of my 328i.pdf
Here is a copy of my email and their response I'll let you be the judge.

I asked them to replace the tire which burst, and change the above-pictured tire out of my own pocket because they refused to change both of them. I was frustrated and did email the dealership and BMW India about this horrible delivery experience. None of the problems I raised were acknowledged or rectified in any way.

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Default After Sales


Unfortunately, my woes continue with Deustche Motoren Faridabad, I've had much better dealership experiences at Ford, VW and *shudder* Skoda. Instead of going through all the scummy things the dealership tried to pull off I'd rather focus on the big bits. I have essentially lost lakhs of rupees and the car has spent over a month at the dealership since I got it because of issues created by the dealership. These are issues that didn't exist before.

Driver side door panel destroyed because of constant dirtying and cleaning.
My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_1891.jpg

Every single time the car has gone in the interior has come back with grease and hand marks, and to make it worse my car interior is beige and cleaning out black grease is impossible and in some places I've gotten light patches because of the constant cleaning. Moreover, the front driver side handle has completely been destroyed. This has been pointed out numerous times to the service head Mr. Shemby and I've had extremely angry conversations about it as well. I just gave the car for some rear bumper work recently and they had kindly broken the front passenger side door strip and sent me an email with pictures of the underbody where you can see the exhaust was being held up by rope!

Instead of fixing these issues they promptly sent me a quote for repairs. I respectfully told them not to make any of these repairs and have given up hope in terms of contacting BMW India either since all they will do is put me in a con call with this man again who will LIE to my face and refuse to admit any wrongdoing.

Repair estimate - BMW CI Service Quote 5364.pdf

Front Passenger Door Destroyed
(Likely some cloth or strap has gotten stuck and broken this)
Name:  IMG_20160609_162243.jpg
Views: 31962
Size:  31.1 KB

Exhaust held on by rope.
Name:  IMG_20160609_165948.jpg
Views: 31998
Size:  42.5 KB
They emailed me this which made me furious and the dealership changed out all exhaust mounts. This was likely there since I got the car, my bad that I never checked the underside in person. I do that now when I take delivery.

Destroyed Door Handle
Name:  IMG_20160609_162447.jpg
Views: 31952
Size:  33.3 KB

Name:  IMG_20160609_162441.jpg
Views: 31857
Size:  28.8 KB

If all this is not enough, I had my claim rejected by ICICI bank for alloy wheel damage which mysteriously appeared on my car when I sent it for a squeaking seat and window. I made a huge hue and cry and the insurance company agreed to 'repair' my wheels and at the same time I got advised by BMW that it is not 'recommended'.

Unfortunately, I've come to the realization that this is what we have to deal with in India and have tried countless times to get my problem readdressed via BMW India customer care only to have my time wasted, lied to and ridiculed. I want to state this out BOLD and clear that when I raised a huge ruckus about this, Mr. Shemby promised me discounts on M Performance accessories for the time and money which I've wasted already when I decided to take him up on the offer after a bit of haggling I was offered a 5% off on a quote of 50K. I politely asked them not to install the parts I requested and return my car.

The BMW India representative (Bharti Singh) who was handling my complaint, promised me a complimentary entry into the M Performance drive which is happening end of August. When I tried to get back in touch with BMW India through email, phone and other means I was told they will get back to me. I am yet to get any response from them and have learnt via other means that the slots for the M performance drive are full, this basically means I was lied to by a representative of BMW India (and not just the dealership) and now they have left me feeling like a beggar to ask for something that they promised me.

You can view me as a tough customer, or someone trying to get out a freebie. The honest truth is I have worked extremely hard for this car. And since I've not gotten it for free and pay a lot of money for its upkeep I expect the absolute perfection. I love my car way more than people at this dealership can comprehend or understand, I also felt that the dealership delebrately has wasted my time. But I am glad that the audience in this forum will understand the anger and frustration.

BMW cars are enthusiasts cars first and foremost, so I'm sure there are a lot of car lovers working hard day and night to make their dream a reality I just wanted to give a few pointers which are usually overlooked because we think by the heart and forgot about these in the heat of the moment.
  • Always be present during your car service and give detailed instructions, you would be mistaken if you think BMW dealership mechanics are any better than the roadside mechanics.
  • Always inspect the car 360' when taking it to the dealership and taking delivery, this includes putting it on the lift and observing the underside.
  • Always make sure to get everything in writing, I learned this the hard way.
  • Document everything about your car, not only is this a good practise and will help you during resale. It's always great to have evidence in case something goes wrong.

I urge all current and prospective BMW owners to be extremely careful when getting your car serviced (especially at Deutsche Motoren) since you technically need to sign a waiver when giving the car for service that absolves them of any responsibility for damage

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Default Service


Even though I purchased a full warranty with the car (₹100k) and Secure Advantage insurance (₹1.12k) there are still considerable costs associated with servicing and upkeep. Especially if you are a nut like me and can't stand a single thing being out of place on your car.

A rough idea of how much has been spent on the car, it was purchased in Oct '15 its now 9 months old (to me) and has been driven around 7000km in that time and I am the only person who drives it and its taken care of and loved like a newborn baby.

Over ₹1 lakh out of pocket for servicing and other little tid bits.
Over ₹3 lakhs in warranty items (ac blower started making sounds, headlights etc.)
Over ₹2 lakhs in insurance claims (have been rear ended twice when I was standstill and sideswiped once when car was parked in parking)

This should give you a good idea how you should budget, and how important warranty is. The servicing costs and labor costs are definitely on the higher side with no apparent attention to detail paid by service advisors or mechanics. In fact, I will go ahead to the point and highly recommend you do not drop your car in for servicing if you're a car lover like me and make sure everything happens in front of you. We have 4 car brands at home, BMW, Hyundai, VW and Ford and I will definitely rate VW the best in terms of the service I received for my Polo. Then Ford for the timely service and price/quality Hyundai and BMW I will rate the worst because both of them have on multiple occasions tried to scam me with fictitious charges and labor and shoddy quality work on the car.

I will be scanning and adding all my service bills and invoices in due time to this thread for prospective owners to review.

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Default Life with 328i



Ajangu enjoying the view.

My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_1071.jpg

It is an amazing thing really, it gives me joy day and night even when I sometimes don't get to drive it for weeks. Such is the love for an automobile a lifeless object which inspires so much life. I've always had the firm belief that a car will always be your true friend. It will be there in your life's ups and downs. It doesn't matter if you're happy, sad or angry. It won't judge you even if you've committed a crime and will happily sacrifice itself for your life. I've always been a motorcyclist first then a car lover. But this car is very very special, and it's not just because I own one.

I've been extremely lucky to have a chance to own and love this car and am a firm believer in lateral upgrades for 20 lakh the only decent option for a petrolhead that I saw was a Skoda Octavia TSI. If I remember correctly I was told that brand new my car would have cost around 46 big ones. I think getting used cars with extended warranties is the best way to go. I intend to keep this car for a total of 3-4 years during the time I will give it loads of love and yummy add-ons and will document our history on this thread. It's definitely the best purchase I've made in my life. I won't bore you more with philosophy and will share some pictures that I took during the last 10 months of ownership.

Arriving at my engagement in style thanks to the F30
My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-dsc_3876.jpg

Here is a quick recap of my ownership experience so far. I've covered other things in detail elsewhere on the thread.
  • KM Done since purchase - Approx 8000
  • Usage - Weekends and Trackdays mostly occasional commute and highway drive.
  • Needs 97 Octane fuel otherwise prone to knocking at higher revs. I've had 2 drivetrain errors on the track and 1 on the road. Post switching to Speed 97 I have not gotten any errors.
  • Style and Exterior - Looks fresh even after LCi has been announced.
  • 5 STAR Euro NCAP rating and fully loaded with active and passive safety features.
  • Quality issues - Issues with AC and Lights thankfully covered under warranty.
  • Beige interior very difficult to keep clean.
  • Issues with tires and alloys prone to bubbling and rims bending
  • Great ergonomics and driving dynamics. Can be a sedate highway cruiser where people fall asleep in the back.
  • Anti dazzle mirrors are not very effective at blocking people driving on high beam in the back (I'm very sensitive to light and this is a big problem for me).
  • Milage ranges from Track - 5.5, Spirited - 6.5, Sedate - 7.5, Eco Pro - 9.5
  • Front seat storage great, middle cup holder cover flimsy.
  • Average to OK air conditioning (in Delhi summers)
  • Audio is top notch (my car has optional HIFI upgrade)
  • The N20 engine is unbelievably awesome.
  • Slick ZF 8 Speed Auto (needs paddles badly)
  • Runflats noisy on expressway
  • Amazing ride quality for 18" with Runflats
  • Good brakes, but fade quickly on track. Also, Runflats very bad on track. Will change to tubeless.
  • NO SPARE :(

First ever trackday!
My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_0941.jpg

This car is indeed very special, a sports car in the ultimate sleeper form. It's worth all the trouble I've gone through to get it and all the money that I spend to keep it shiny and scratchless. I love it to bits and honestly can't imagine life without it.

My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_1097.jpg

Impact on personal life.

I'm sure you'll find this an interesting heading in a TeamBhp review. I'm unsure if others have had a similar experience as me but I thought this deserved to be shared. See in India BMW's are expensive luxury cars first and foremost. And almost nobody will look at it as a petrolhead's dream come true. Don't be surprised if not everyone is as happy as you are when you get your dream home. I've had my car keyed in office multiple times and since its a closed parking, it was likely a fellow co-worker. Also expect that your manager or vice president isn't going to be too happy rolling up to the office in a corolla when you drive in with a BMW. My reason for writing is food for thought mostly. I know that this won't sway our love for cars or the decision to purchase it.

My fiance doesn't like this car too much because the acceleration makes her nauseous. Dad warns me not to drive too fast . Mom generally loves it she also advises me often not to 'race' it. All my friends who've been in it or driven it absolutely love it.

My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_1093.jpg

I've been planning to do a video review of the car for a while, and will post it in due time. There are a few things about that car which I'd love to talk about and believe that video would be a great medium to get that across. So expect an in-depth review of the car in a 2-3 minute YouTube video in the near future. I'd be happy to answer any questions and welcome feedback on the review.

Also, I did sign up and drive for Uber for a little while and you can read about the experience here.

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Default Trackdays

Track, ATTACK!
My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_0940.jpg

Us folk in Delhi are blessed with the amazing roads and Buddh International Circuit, and have a very healthy community of people who frequent it. I honestly think its the most fun you can have with your car and it's akin to spending quality time with your significant other. I highly recommend it and try and attend NASA trackdays as often as I can.

I've done 3-4 trackdays in the car so far and have able to get a laptime of 2.41.230 which according to NASA laptime sheet makes me the fastest Petrol RWD with ~250bhp. I am quite sure I can do much better with a new set of tires. The Goodyear runflats that I have on the car are absolutely horrid for this purpose and overheat in 2-3 laps on a hot day.

Here is a video of the 2.41.230 lap.

Please follow the NASA Facebook page for information on Trackdays. We welcome anyone to join us even if you don't plan on driving, always happy to take along passengers for hot laps

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Default Drag Racing

Blue Lightning and Aganju ready to drag!
My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_1923.jpg

I've always loved drag racing and participated in the 2007/08 Speedrun during college times with my Frankenstein Hero Honda Ambition. I never won anything, but gained this Quickdraw moniker thanks to my consistent quick reaction times. Nevertheless, when I arrived bike and car in tow I was reminded of 20 year old me at the 2006 Speed Run. I felt giddy and determined to have a good time!

That me on Blue Lightning in the beginning, drag with 330i at 33sec, second drag at 1:06

Burnout before the drag
My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_1980.jpg

There was one completely retarded thing done by the organizers who decided that the christmas tree will be random instead of the lights going off at equal intervals this ended up in me jump starting first bike run (video above). I was 4th fastest of the day in the upto 700cc category and am very happy to report that I came first in the upto 3000cc category for cars (For turbo cars the organisers had added a +1000cc to your original engine cc)

First Place Yeey!
My pre-worshipped BMW 328i-img_1957.jpg

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Default Re: My pre-worshipped BMW 328i

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!

Rating 5 stars. More importantly, congrats on the engagement. Do you let her drive your 328 ?
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Default Re: Life with 328i

Congratulations on buying this beauty, ah.. this car is a looker!!
Wish you thousands of happy miles ahead.

Haven't gone through the entire report yet but couldn't agree more with your below statement:
Originally Posted by quickdraw View Post
It is an amazing thing really, it gives me joy day and night even when I sometimes don't get to drive it for weeks. Such is the love for an automobile a lifeless object which inspires so much life. I've always had the firm belief that a car will always be your true friend. It will be there in your life's ups and downs. It doesn't matter if you're happy, sad or angry. It won't judge you even if you've committed a crime and will happily sacrifice itself for your life.
What do these machines on wheels do to the man, well said
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Default Re: My pre-worshipped BMW 328i

Excellent report. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on the engagement too.

Recall your thread on UBERing with this car. Do you still do that?

Edit: Just realized you had called it out in one of the posts above. Had followed that thread closely and that had a couple of glimpses of this lovely car. Good to see the full story and history behind it.

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Default Re: My pre-worshipped BMW 328i

Congratulations Quickdraw. Loved your entire write up and many congratulations on engagement.
Your car looks gorgeous and have many miles of enjoyment.
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