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Re: Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)

Originally Posted by d3mon View Post
Thanks mojo. I'm sorry but you can't just enjoy the pics here without adding your own too

For monitoring these stats, I'm using the Bimmerlink app with an ENET cable, connected to a USB C to ethernet adaptor to my phone. It's possible to use Bluetooth or WiFi obd dongles too but the refresh rate will be slower. The enet cable provides lightening fast updates at around 15 times per second. The phone is mirrored to the car infotainment display.
Pics in due time. Will need to give it a wash first!
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Re: Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)

This is quickly turning into one of my favourite ownership threads simply from the amount of interesting tid bits about the car.
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Re: Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)

So we'd gone to Ranganathittu bird sanctuary last week on the Ugadi Holiday. Turned out to be a fantastic choice of day as everyone else seemed to prefer staying indoors on the festival and we got to enjoy empty roads and an almost empty Ranganathittu bird sanctuary too!

As there were 4 of us, I increased the tyre pressures to 36 PSI. The recommended range is 32 (up to 3 people) to 39PSI (5 people + luggage). Despite the high pressures + RFTs, there was no hint of sharpness felt inside the cabin. The F30 was far more sensitive to high tyre pressures - an increase to these levels was immediately noticeable inside the cabin.

Anyway, I also got to experience the new Mysore expressway and it did not disappoint. I think it was pretty much fully done, with the exception of one small diversion along the way. By now, I've raved enough times about the stability of the car at expressway speeds, so there isn't much to add here, except that even with 4 passengers, there was no compromise noted to the body control of the car.

The onward journey:
Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)-20230322_094427.jpg

We had a fantastic breakfast at Thotada mane. We got served some of the crispiest dosas we've ever eaten here. Highly recommended place to have a relaxed breakfast.
Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)-20230322_084454.jpg
Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)-20230322_091840.jpg

Reached the bird sanctuary and found a nice parking spot.
Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)-20230322_122344.jpg

Spotted a 530i LCI at the sanctuary while heading back.
Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)-20230322_122417.jpg

Stopped at the Same Place cafe on the way back, with a really nice parking slot.
Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)-20230322_123500.jpg
Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)-20230322_123523.jpg

Back home with the final stats.
Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)-20230322_181338.jpg

In other news, I've installed ISTA on my laptop. It gives access to basically everything all the diagnostics that the official BMW service centers can run. There are tons of things to play with, control & monitor using this tool. Just as an example - you can monitor the individual status of the current going to all the dampers.
Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)-20230319_203452.jpg

And finally, a quick shot of the adaptive LEDs turning along with the steering wheel. The hotspot with the high beams is incredibly bright!
The claimed range by BMW is ~500m for these lights, vs 650m for the laser ones.
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Re: Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)

Congrats on your new car! @d3mon Happy to see you are enjoying your 530d. Did you take the extended warranty or BSP for you car?
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Re: Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)

Congratulations on your G30. It looks very beautiful and was well maintained. Wishing you a lot of carefree and happy miles in it.

Can you tell me what all changes did you do using the Bimmercode? I am specifically looking for the codes for "Easy Access" by which the seats will automatically slide back when the car switches off for easy exit. My G31 LCI only moves the steering up and down on entry and exit.

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Re: Meet Trie | My Pre-Owned BMW 530d (G30)

In 2019, I decided to get a pre-owned German sedan. I test drove a couple of options and finally found a very well maintained 320D, which had done just 33K KMs in 5 years and had a full service history.
Do you mind sharing how much you paid for the 320D? Even a ballpark figure would be useful.
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