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MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report

This is about our advanced MG Gloster. The car has been a part of our family for a year and more (we took delivery on 10/3/2023). A lot of hoops and obstacles were dodged for this car. The car buying process was extremely tiresome due to Mg and their weird antics.

General points:

The good part:
1)The ride quality is first class. It glides at highway speeds, giving the feeling of riding a cloud.
2)The seats are fantastic. They are comfortable, have a wide range of adjustment. Third row space is amazing and adults can sit for an hour or two no problem.
3)Car doesn't feel claustrophobic like its rivals. The Fortuner felt extremely cramped and the Kodiaq's interior space didn't complement its external size.
4)Loaded to the gills. L1 ADAS, heated/ventilated seats with massage functionality, 360 degree cam, huge panoramic sunroof, etc.
5)ADAS features work really well. They are:
Adaptive cruise control:It keeps you at a distance (selected by you) from the car ahead of you. It is camera based. It functions as advertised, no sudden braking issues were found.
Lane departure warning:Warns you from swerving from your lane and works really well.
Emergency braking:Decreases the speed of the car to 40Km/h when it detects a pedestrian, cyclist. I can't attest to its performance as it has been switched off in our car, but it shows warning on the dash when it does detect something.
Auto park:The car parks in the spot you choose. It can detect the space by using its sensors. We have used it to show it our guests and nothing much. It worked well, didn't hit anything. The only problem was that is was 'too quick'
It accelerates like there is no tomorrow.
6)The sound system is simply put sublime. It is crisp. Doesn't ring while playing bass heavy music, vocals are clear with melodies. It can be tuned to your liking with its extensive options. (I am not an audiophile)
7)The car received a 5-☆☆☆☆☆ rating from ANCAP (Australia)
8)Interior quality is absolutely amazing, it is sturdy and well built.
9)The ambience. Road noise is low, engine is loud but the sound barely gets into the cabin. A very pleasant experience overall.

The ugly part:
1)Ergonomics are not well thought. The volume controls, mode selection are located on the left side, wireless charger is a thin slot where most phones don't fit. It makes sense as it is a left hand drive car converted to right hand drive.
2)Bottle holders are useless. They are too small to fit even 500ML bottles, our i20 has better cup holders. Piano black can get scratched easily.
3)Fuel efficiency is non existent, and you shouldn't be surprised if the car returns 4-5kmpl in the city.
4)Weird bugs in the infotainment system, Apple CarPlay used to get disconnected out of nowhere, the navigation interrupts randomly with "speed breaker ahead" "left curve ahead" regardless of how many times you mute it. SatNav is bad and you shouldn't depend on it (maps are provided by mapmyindia).
5)MG's horrible after sales. The car is damaged every time it is sent to repair, representatives are lazy and you have to be on their tail for them to get anything done.
6)Connected car tech lacks features. Has no remote start (our i20 which costs 14L has it). It is slow to respond and the app is pure garbage, weirdly enough the Apple Watch app is really good.
7)The crash bar (official MG accessory) blocks the swipe sensor used to open the boot. you can still use it, that is if you don't like your shins
8)The key is incredibly cheap. It has a blank button, weighs nothing. The MG Astor that we got as a loaner had better keys. This car commands a better key.
9)Lack of paint options. only 3 colours were offered (website has 4 but dealer said only 3 are available). The ones offered are lacklustre (pun intended). Black was the best option for us between gold and white.

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Re: MG Gloster (ownership report)

The process:
The process started in early 2022. We were getting our car through my father's company leasing scheme.
The limit was 40L showroom price. We could have gotten it through an external loan and upgraded to a "nicer" car but there are other benefits associated with the scheme that my father didn't want to leave.

Choosing and buying a car was a tiresome ordeal. multiple cars regardless of segment were test driven, visited multiple dealers of the same make, most of the discussions at home were about new car. What made it particularly challenging, was that our XUV500 W11 was an excellent car, it never felt outdated, looked amazing, had all of the bells and whistles (except for ADAS), extremely capable and never failed us once in its 40000KM lifespan with us (would have done more if it weren't for covid). The new car had big shoes to fill in.

We considered selling our old trusty Santro Xing, and keep the XUV500. We went to a TATA showroom to check out the punch (as a replacement to the Santro), it was pretty meh but the punch salesman bought our Santro from us for 1L. My father then decided that he would sell the XUV500 and buy 2 new cars.

We didn't have a MUST BE THIS criteria. But, we did not want a downgrade from our XUV500.

Cars that were considered:

Ford Endeavour:
My father has always loved this car and he would buy it immediately if it were to go on sale again. Unfortunately, Ford pulled out of India in 2021, so we were unable to buy it.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-23_diffused_silver1.jpg

Kia Carnival LIMOUSINE+:
This was a car that my father liked a lot. But the service at KIA was bad, almost as if they didn't want to sell us a car. They couldn't provide a test drive car, with the excuse that it was at another showroom. Sales representative showed us a mid variant Carens, saying it is the same but different size. When we finally checked it out, it felt cheap. It lacked features that competition had. Overall it was disappointing and we dropped it. My father thought of waiting for the new model (which was launched in USA) but KIA said the car wouldn't come to India until late 2024/early 2025.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-2019kiacarnivalslidieselpeoplemoversilverjamescleary1001x5651.jpg

XUV700 AX7L:
They bought a manual AX7L (that was dirty) for a test drive, when my father specifically asked for an automatic. I wasn't there for this test drive but my parents said it felt too similar to our XUV500.To top it off, the long waiting periods didn't help this car. A lot of my father's colleagues had one which put him off even more.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-2021_mahindra_xuv700_2.2_ax7_india_front_view.png

Skoda Kodiaq:
The car was liked by everyone in the family. But, the dealer said waiting period was 1 year for L&K variant. One car was available (customer cancelled it) but we didn't like it. The low ground clearance would have been a problem if we took it to our village.The second row space was abysmal for a car of its size, felt like descending into a cave. It wouldn't make sense to have the XUV500 and Kodiaq at the same time, so it was rejected.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-99skodakodiaqmy2021faceliftofficialimagestrackingfront.jpg

Skoda Superb:
The Superb is my all time favourite car. I love everything about it. I have consumed every piece of media put out on this car. Everything from videos, newspaper articles, and TBHP reviews. I have read the 2016 superb (Skoda Superb : Official Review) and GForceEnjoyer (A Blue Beauty | Our 2021 Skoda Superb L&K | Ownership Review | 25,000 km up) multiple times. I was extremely eager to have this car. I suggested to my father that we could keep the XUV500 and this car, he considered it but it got dropped

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-58241_2021_skoda_superb_1.jpg

Jeep Meridian:
We saw this car while returning home from the MG showroom, decided to check it out as the showroom was on the way home. The car was fine The interiors were cramped, we liked it but decided against it and go back to MG
We didn't think much about this car apart from going to showroom once.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-frontleftside47.jpg

We decided to keep the XUV500 and bring home an EV. This car was quickly ruled out as spending 27L on a EV didn't seem fit. (our impression on MG was still decent up until this point)

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-_dsc4834copy.jpg

Tata Nexon EV:
Waiting period was too high, test drive car not available and me not wanting a TATA product (due to the niggles and problems I have read about the car on TBHP) led to this car getting the axe.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-20210108070223_nexon_ev_opening.jpg

Toyota Fortuner:
We were reluctant to even consider this car. This car gave us a feeling that I don't want to mention. When we did check it out (for fun) we didn't like it. Interiors were cramped and the car lacked features that our XUV500 had. Also, the Toyota showroom didn't give us a vehicle for test drive, and just said 1 year waiting time for every question we asked.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-2015_toyota_fortuner_new_zealand.jpg

MG Gloster:
I told my parents about this car at the start of car hunt, but my father didn't care much. A few months later he saw a gloster and that impressed him quite a lot. We went to the showroom (RAAM MG, jubilee hills). We test drove the car and we were absolutely in awe. Everyone in the house liked it. Everything was perfect about this car (for us) the way it looked, driving experience, features it provided. I can't put into words how much we wanted the car. The only other car buying experience I remember was our XUV500, and in comparison, we were absolutely obsessed with the gloster before we even purchased it.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-pa020913.jpg

We thought of looking at a few other cars, but didn't. So, I don't think they are worth mentioning. (Virtus, Tiguan, Tucson, city)

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Re: MG Gloster (ownership report)

The Buying experience

The buying experience of this car was bad. It is probably the worst we have seen in our 17 years of car buying (Santro, City, Duster, XUV500).

The only thing I can say is the experience disappointed us significantly.

Picture from delivery day:
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-img_8161.jpg

PPF (Paint Protection Film)

The plan to PPF this first occurred when we gave the advance itself. Premium car+black paint is what pushed us and we are grateful that we did it.

PPF was done by detailing mafia and they did a decent job, there were a lot of air bubbles in the initial days but some of them have disappeared now. My only complaint is finishing about the edges.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-img_5482.jpg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-photo20230327164702.jpg


We got a screen guard for the infotainment system. Screen guards in cars make no sense to me y'know. Not that it is going fall out one day (please tell me why they are given)

Doormats, boot-mat. They are of high quality but the adhesive is horrible. They started sliding in their place only after a few days.

Crash guard. Useful when someone rams you from behind but not executed properly. The crash guard blocks the swipe sensor which opens the boot. Prevents us from using one of the coolest features of the car.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-img_5479.jpg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-img_5480.jpg

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Re: MG Gloster (ownership report)


It is the first thing we see regardless of how you look at a car. In the showroom, parked somewhere etc. This car has an inoffensive design. You either love it or just let it slide. Personally, I love the way it looks.

The front of the car is its biggest strength. Has enough details to make it interesting, but not enough to make it crowded. The front camera is under the MG symbol. The MORRIS GARAGES badge is an accessory and adds to the car in my opinion. The DRL's are nice and big giving it a imposing look when seen in dark, the headlights flow into the car very nicely. The bonnet tucks over the grill a little. The grill is a mix of satin and chrome.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-front-view.jpg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-front.jpg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-tucking.jpg

The headlights look incredibly cool and are functional too. The throw is amazing in every condition. The headlights are really "smart". They can turn up to certain degree with respect to the steering wheel, it helps in illuminating the corners. The car has self levelling headlights, they can go up or down depending on the vehicle speed, load, and angle of inclination. it works really well, we noticed it illuminated the road better when we went to Tirupathi.
The temple is located on a hilltop, the road wraps around the mountain, so quick corners and severe inclines were common.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-headlamps-side.jpeg

The fog lamps are halogen bulbs. They have a cornering function where turning the steering turns the lamp located in that direction. The plastic trim around it is an accessory, there is a full chrome version of it but it looks garish. The vent is functional and is probably used to smoothen the airflow around the tires.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-lamp.jpg

The windshield is big (as expected) and holds the camera for ADAS and sensor for rain sensing wipers.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-camera.jpg

The side of the car is one of its biggest weaknesses, it makes the car look dull. It looks like someone took a ruler to draw the car and didn't care enough to finish it. The eagle-eyed will notice that it does not have a BRIT DYNAMIC badge and that is because this isn't the 4*4 variant

There is a chrome surround around the windows with a upward kink near the third row window, it matches with the roof rails. Something to see on the huge blank slate called the side of the car.

The car is extremely long (pictures don't do its size a justice)
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-side-view.jpg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-screenshot-20240605-2.47.39-pm.png

The side view mirrors are nice and big. My father has no problem using them in the city. They have a satin insert, and the side indicator is a thin strip that runs across the bottom. It houses the 360° camera and a projector for the MG symbol.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-orvm.jpg

One weird thing about the side view mirrors is that, the entire assembly folds instead of only the mirror (comparison with our i20)
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-screenshot-20240608-5.32.38-pm.png

If you buy the 4*4 variant, you get a different set of wheels, I don't like them. I prefer the normal wheels because they have a sophisticated and simple feel to them
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-screenshot-20240605-2.55.30-pm.png
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-wheel.jpg

There are sensors located in the fender piece (around the wheel) and they are used for the automatic parking system.

Now onto the rear of the car. Since our car is the 4*2 variant, it does not get the cheesy quad exhausts and chrome diffuser. In my opinion, MG should remove them on the 4*4 variant because it makes the car look like a glorified bullock cart.

The chrome used near the MG badge should have been of higher quality. It is showing signs of wear and tear only after year of use, this isn't acceptable on a car that is incredibly expensive
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-img_5483.jpg

The rear headlights have a G-shape to them (maybe to signify MG) The part on the trunk is also illuminated.

MG should do away with the internet inside badging, it makes the car tacky. In fact, they should get rid of every badge except for the 4WD one and make the GLOSTER badge more subtle. The worst offenders are the ones which have every chrome option, makes the car look like a toy.

The car looks amazing from the top. It gives a clear understanding of how big the car is. The sunroof panel is extremely large but seems tiny on the roof. It is ribbed for structural rigidity and prevent visual sag.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-img_2900.jpg

Panel gaps are tight and consistent. The exterior build quality is solid.

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Re: MG Gloster (ownership report)

Items related to the car

An important aspect to owning a car is knowing its features and their functioning. The instruction manual aids us in that.

The instruction manual is nice. It is simple, everything is mentioned properly and illustrations are good.

My only problem with is that it hasn't been updated to match the facelift. The facelift added features like RCTA (rear cross traffic alert) and door opening warning, you have to look it up on google which beats the purpose of the manual.

Manual PDF attached below.

The keys are very finicky. They have no weight, made out of cheap plastic, chrome is of low quality, senseless layout. The worst offender is a blank button. MG should have given a remote start or a horn/light (to locate the car) button instead of leaving it blank. Also, the battery life is pretty low as it has lasted only little more than a year.

MG sends a text message when the battery is low and a warning on the MID.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-screenshot-20240607-10.13.238239pm.jpeg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-warning.jpg

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-img_5486.jpg

(notice how the chrome is wearing away and gap where 2 pieces meet)
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-img_5487.jpg
Attached Files
File Type: pdf mg-dc-pdf-0309.pdf (10.81 MB, 41 views)

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Re: MG Gloster (ownership report)


The front doors open nice and wide. They open at 90°, ingress and egress is easy. Fitting a child seat should be a Childs play. Notice the illuminated sill with chequered flag design. The quality of materials used is amazing. Soft touch on top and where your arm would rest. The plastic used near the bottom is fine, nothing to write about. But, the insides of the bottle holders should have been lined with cloth to prevent rattles (expected on a car this expensive).
The diamond stitching is beautiful, looks like a million dollar job, even the plastics used have a nice feel to them.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-driver-door-opening.jpg

As soon as you get into the drivers seat, you are greeted with a foray of buttons. The car a has a digital drivers display mimicking the likes of a BMW X7 (very common through out the interior). Speedo goes clockwise while the tacho goes anticlockwise. The main display can display a ton of options. It is crisp (my phone is allergic to displays) and bright. The illustrations are nice and clear.

Steering wheel is soft and nice to hold. Manual tilt and telescopic adjustment, easy to find a position that is comfortable.
Horn is not a reach and can be used easily.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-steering-wheel-front.jpg

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-mg-mid.001.jpeg

Assuming a 3*3 matrix, the [1,3] image is for lane departure warning.
The A with a circular arrow is for auto start stop and the yellow car symbol is for FCW (forward collision warning).

There are 2 trips for anyone wondering.

The car in the MID should reflect the real car. Attention to detail is expected at this price point.

Official review (MG Gloster : Official Review) mentions the steering buttons, knobs to be of low quality, I think MG took it seriously and fixed the issue. The buttons are soft (not mushy) and have a nice 'clicky' feel to them.
All of the knobs and buttons feel high quality now.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-steering-controls.002.jpeg

The stitching on the outside is nice but the inside is a mess. In Telugu there is a saying that goes "did a chicken mess it up" and it is apt here.
Name:  Screenshot 20240608 at 10.53.49 AM.png
Views: 328
Size:  447.1 KB

Engine start stop button is located on the left side
The usual window, ORVM, door lock/unlock controls are located on the right side. The knob has to be rotated 180° to fold the side mirrors.
The fuel filler cap open button is located below. All of the buttons are illuminated.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-down.jpg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-orvm.jpg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-open.jpg

The Infotainment system is a large trapezium-shaped display that is very reminiscent of a BMW X7. Scroll below for more detail about it.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-infotainment-main.jpeg

The gear lever looks incredibly cool. In fact, the cockpit like style is what pulled my father to this car. Designers did not give a second thought to the button placement though. Gear lever blocks a good chunk of the buttons. Since this is the 4*2 variant, it gets a slot to place the keys instead of terrain selector.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-controls.jpg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-screenshot-20240609-9.57.33-am.png

The seats in this car are phenomenal. Driver gets a 12-way adjustable seat with lumbar support and heating/ventilating. It also has a massaging feature where it pushes the lumbar support front/back and moves it up/down. There used to exist a problem where it lumbar support would extend out for no reason. It always happened when the car was on and left in park. It stopped doing it around mid 2023, so maybe a software update fixed the issue

2 profile are present, should've been 3 in my opinion (Kodiaq had 3)
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-adjustment.jpg

Driver gets a sunglasses holder instead of a grab handle.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-sunglasses.jpg

Passenger seat is nice. MG should've given ventilation to this seat too. Heating function is useless in our weather. My mother thinks the seat should be a tad higher/have height adjustment. She said the seat feels lower than our XUV500.

Vanity mirror with lights have been provided to both driver and passenger.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-lights.jpg

Rear view mirror comes with auto-dimming feature. It is very useful and honestly it should be standard on more cars. But, it is chunky making it look very cheap and out of place in the interior (our XUV500 came with a very sleek mirror)
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-dimming.jpg

Centre console on the roof houses the buttons used to open the electrically controlled boot, sunroof blind and sunroof
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-objects.jpg

The buttons for the sunroof have one touch operation, which is very convenient (no way anyone is holding the button for so long)

There are 2 buttons to open the boot.
->The one without the mode opens the boot to its maximum height
->The one with the mode opens the boot to a set height

The boot opens reasonably quick but it is incredibly noisy and the motion isn't smooth. (Not an issue with our car, even the showroom car had this issue)

The glovebox isn't worth mentioning. Usable space is gone after the manual is placed there. few papers can fit there if you dont care about them getting crinkled.
Armrest is nice and soft, storage below it compensates well for the lack of space in the glovebox. It is heated and cooled too.

Rear Seats. They are top class, they are plush, you have an acre of land for leg room (it is so big!!) Even people that are 6 feet tall can easily stretch their legs and sit. They have a wide range of adjustment, can be reclined to your liking. The only feature they are missing is ventilation. The quality is amazing. The rear AC vent is located perfectly, and you can set it to your liking. Armrests are amazing, the only "problem" is the adjustment method is weird, it isn't something that should be taken seriously though.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-position.jpg

Cupholders on the doors are useless, using the ones attached to the seat is recommended.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-holders.jpg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-cupholder.jpg

Ingress into the car is very hard, made a bit better with the grab handle on B-pillar.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-handle.jpg

Third row space is amazing, and adults can sit there for multiple hours (even with second row seats reasonably back) without feeling claustrophobic. The only problem is under thigh support, but we had the same issue in out XUV500. They get there own reading lamps.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-3rd-row-space.png


The AC in this car is amazing. It can cool the car in 1-2 minutes even when it is baking in the sun.

Controls are good, have a high quality feel to them. They are backlit. The car has a red backlight for all of the button which looks very cheap. Our XUV500 had light blue/cyan backlight which made the car look very premium.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-main.jpg

It gets trizone AC. Second and third row AC's controls are the same. Wish the third row got a separate zone because the fan noise (from third row) gets too loud when fan speed is above 2, it ruins the ambience of the car.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-ac.jpg

The sunroof is huge. The glass area for this car is adequate and brings in a lot of light. It adds to the ambience of the car.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-glass.jpg

Cabin noise is low, engine is incredibly noisy (sounds like a tractor) but it barely gets into the cabin. Road and tire noise is low, the tyres also have a "low noise" symbol on them. It is a very pampering experience.

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Re: MG Gloster (ownership report)


It is nice and big. Resolution is amazing, and visibility is great even on bright sunny days. The way it performs is a gamble. It is either the most responsive system to exist or else just potato. In fact bluetooth refused to connect and Apple CarPlay got disconnected when I was taking pictures for this review.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-infotainment-main.jpeg

Gaana is lacklustre for music so the other options for us are:
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Bluetooth

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-music-sources.jpeg
USB-1: Port located in centre console (CarPlay works from here)
USB-2:Port located beneath the rear AC controls (CarPlay does not work from here)

Bluetooth music is played with little to no loss in quality, it is much more reliable compared to wired CarPlay. There is a weird issue with bluetooth not connecting after CarPlay is disconnected. It does not happen all the time, but it is annoying as hell when it does. You have to wait for a few minutes before connecting again.
Our XUV500 infotainment system was flawless, it had none of these stupid bugs.

Voice clarity through Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay during calls is fantastic. No road, wind noise creeps into the call.

MID shows music playing and contact list only when connect though bluetooth. When CarPlay is connected it just says “CarPlay is active”
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-media-mid.jpeg

I can't comment on how Android Auto works because we never used it.

The audio quality is absolutely amazing. In the initial days there was a ringing noise when certain instruments were part of a song. The car went over a speed breaker, it was followed by a pop and then the clarity increased by tenfold. Sublime.

Important note: I am not an audiophile. Most of my audio opinions come from screaming Australian man (Dankpods, great YouTube channel, he is a car enthusiast too)

There are a ton of tuning options that we never experimented with, because the default profile is good for us. One recommendation I have is to turn loudness off, it improves the voice clarity during calls.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-speaker-position.jpeg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-speaker-tone-effect.jpeg

Apple CarPlay is a mixed bag. It gets disconnected randomly (tried multiple wires), it freezes for no reason sometimes. When it works, it is very good. The big screen gives it a very premium feeling. But, wireless Apple CarPlay should’ve been offered because even cars less expensive than this have it. The USB slot is in a very awkward position.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-car-play-home.jpeg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-carplay-big.jpeg

The car reminded us to listen to music when we didn't have anything playing for 30 minutes. I think (speculation only) it analysed existing situation (day, time, our routine during this period, route) and reminded us to play music. It didn't do it when we were on the highway, and I think it is because it didn't have the data for it back then.

Voice commands are slow to react. You can feel the hamster wheel rotating whenever you ask it something. The voice assistant sounds like she smokes 50 cigarette packets a day.

Inbuilt Satnav is bad. The car does not display maps on the MID (like Audis virtual cockpit) regardless of what you use. That is a big miss. I though it would be available on a car that costs this much. It keeps saying "left curve ahead" "speed breaker ahead" for no reason. Comes back randomly regardless of how many times we mute it. Apple CarPlay gets disconnected whenever satnav interrupts.

Wireless charger seems to be an after thought because of the way it is placed (you shouldn't use it anyway, it heats the phone up a lot which might cause the battery to degrade faster).
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-charging.jpg

The infotainment system contains other miscellaneous bits
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-memory-mid.jpeg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-settings-ambient-light.jpeg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-tyre-pressure.jpeg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-vehicle-setting-lamp.jpeg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-vehicle-setting-lock.jpeg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-sunroof-setting.jpeg


ADAS stands for advanced driver assistance system. There are 5 levels to it, this car has level 1 ADAS.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-levelsofautomateddriving7200.jpg

Adaptive cruise control:
Adaptive cruise control is a type of advanced driver-assistance system for road vehicles that automatically adjusts the vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead
It works well. Sudden breaks are minimal and can detect vehicles ahead no problem. We have used it only in broad daylight conditions, can't attest for its night time performance. Sometimes, it accelerates in a wild manner which caught us off guard sometimes.

It works by setting a target on the car in front of it. Minimum speed to set ACC is 30km/h.

According to the instruction manual, adaptive cruise control can't detect bicycles and motorbikes.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-adas-front-distance.jpeg

Lane departure warning:
warns the driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane (unless a turn signal is on in that direction) on freeways and arterial roads.
It uses the cameras to detect if the car is swerving out of its lane. It works well, it gives a beep and flashes an image on the MID. Works well at night time too.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-adas-ldw.jpeg

Blindzone detection and Lane change assist:
Assists the driver to avoid a collision by detecting vehicles in the blind spot area when changing lanes.
It flashes an indicator on the side view mirror. It works well as expected.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-adas-blindzone.jpeg

Emergency Braking:
The FCW can prevent collision or decrease collision speed, providing aid when there is a risk of collision with other vehicles. The AEB is an auxiliary function which helps the driver to avoid collision at traffic jams, for example, when an accident may occur due to change of the front traffic or distraction. When a collision is going to happen, the function can provide aid for the driver by applying the brake automatically when the driver does not apply the brake and/or when he/she does not avoid an obstacle due to slow action.
It reduces the speed of the vehicle to 40km/h max.

it beeps and flashes images on the MID whenever it detects a obstacle (pedestrian, cycles, vehicles)

It applies the brakes when the driver does not do anything even after it flashes a warning.

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-adas-fcw.jpeg

Auto park:
it is an autonomous car-maneuvering system that moves a vehicle from a traffic lane into a parking spot to perform parallel, perpendicular, or angle parking.
Using it for the first time is a bit scary. But, the more you use it the more confident you get with it. Steering wheel turning by itself looks incredibly cool.

It gives prompts to change the gear on the MID. You can apply the brake by yourself if you want to. Sometimes it accelerates very quickly which scared us (what if the car hits a curb?) It never hit anything but still.

It is better to park the car by ourselves anyway

The car also has a fatigue reminder. According to the instruction manual there are 2 ways to trigger it:
  • Driving nonstop for 2 hours
  • Jerky steering wheel inputs. It can detect the small anomalies in the way the steering wheel is operated.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-adas-fatigue-reminder.jpeg

360 degree camera system is awful. Resolution is non existent. Lowlight performance is awful. Our iPhone 6 from 2014 has better resolution.
Image is grainy regardless of light levels. Cars that cost less than this get better systems.
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-cam-front.jpeg
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-cam-back.jpeg

The 3D view is awful and makes everything look like a 3D scan taken by a scanner that costs 2₹
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-3d-back.jpeg

3D view switches perspective whenever the indicator is applied.
Name:  3D view indicator.gif
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Size:  1.91 MB

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Re: MG Gloster (ownership report)

Technical Stuff

Since this is the 4*2 variant. It comes with a single turbo diesel engine. It is slow in the city, takes a lot of time to pick up speed. Fat kerb weight does not help its case. Get onto the highway, it shines. The way it cruises along is soooo good. Feels like riding the magic carpet from alladin.

Fuel efficiency is bad does not return more 8-9km/l in the city. Most of the time it give 7-8km/l for us, my father is a very sedate driver in the city.On highways it gets around 11-12km/l

It bounces a lot in the city due soft suspension setup, but that is fine. It is noticeable but not annoying. Can engulf any pothole like it does not exist. Bangalore roads are awful but it didn't bother us with this car time like it used to. The car wobbles sideways whenever it comes to a standstill from an incline.

The car has an electrical steering, it is light in the city, but picks up weight as the speed increases.

It is very manoeuvrable in the city, does not feel like you are driving a 2 ton elephant which this car is.

I can't comment more on the way this car drives because I'm still 17 and don't have my own driving license yet.

The mode button is probably a dummy. I think they just wired it to show symbols on the MID. Using it makes no difference whatsoever.


MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-screenshot-20240609-1.43.28-pm.png

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-screenshot-20240609-1.43.43-pm.png

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-screenshot-20240609-1.43.59-pm.png

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-screenshot-20240609-1.44.11-pm.png

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-screenshot-20240609-1.44.24-pm.png

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Re: MG Gloster (ownership report)

Connected car tech

MG I-smart is slow to respond, app is clumsy and the UI could've been better.
It does not have remote engine start stop which is a weird omission. The car comes with black interior and rims in the app even though it has never been sold in that configuration in India.

There is a weird bug that shows us that the car is located in Kenya. (actual location is blacked out)
Name:  Screenshot 20240609 at 3.22.26 PM.png
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Size:  191.6 KB

The Apple Watch app is really good, even the UI is so much better there.
Name:  Screenshot 20240609 at 3.16.03 PM.png
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Size:  76.3 KB

You can't share the car to other users like you can with Hyundai Blue-link.


->Holding the lock button opens all of the windows and sunroof
->Sunroof does not close when it rains even if rain sensing is turned on
->If the car is stationary and in drive, it goes into park when the driver seatbelt is removed. Nifty
->There is no protection near the bottom of the engine in the 4*2 variant. You can look straight to the ground.
->There is no way to open the fuel filler cap from the third row like our XUV500.
->rear door sills are smaller than the ones in the front
->The car greets you on your birthday and you can have it greet someone else too
->Update files say Maxus_D90, they should rename the files at the least
MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-img_5219.jpg


We get our car serviced at RAAM MG kondapur. It is awful. They damage our car every time we send it in. New scratches are common after the car comes back from service.

Staff isn't careful with the car. We constantly get over speeding alarms when the car is with them.

Time sense is non existent there, if they tell the car will come at 6:00PM, it will come at 7-7:30PM. Sometimes, they will delay it by a day too.

They will assign you a service manager, but that guy won't pick the call. All of them have the same excuse, that is "I am not in Hyderabad, I am at training"

MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report-photo20240404192043.jpg


Overall, it is a fantastic car. It isn't for the enthusiast but for people who crave luxury. This might be the last combustion car we might buy. I think we made the right choice. This is a car I will always admire.

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Re: MG Gloster (ownership report)

Thread moved out from the Assembly Line. Thanks for sharing!
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Re: MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report

Thanks for such a comprehensive review. In 2021, we considered Gloster to replace our Innova, but the maintenance-related aspects were questionable. No doubt it was a good car, but I still couldn’t convince myself enough to take a risk. In the end, gave my Innova a complete makeover, and it served us well. Wish you many more miles with this mammoth.

OT- Why did you misspell ‘chicken nugget’
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Re: MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report

Excellent ownership report. The car deserves to be a better seller compared to other cars in the same segment.
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Re: MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report

Originally Posted by ex-innova-guy View Post
Thanks for such a comprehensive review. In 2021, we considered Gloster to replace our Innova, but the maintenance-related aspects were questionable. No doubt it was a good car, but I still couldn’t convince myself enough to take a risk. In the end, gave my Innova a complete makeover, and it served us well. Wish you many more miles with this mammoth.

OT- Why did you misspell ‘chicken nugget’
Thank you so much! It is safe to assume maintenance related aspects would be a deal breaker coming from a Toyota. Also, I think the car was very new in 2021 (It was launched in late 2020) so it makes sense why you could be uncertain back then

I play this game called Minecraft sometimes, I wanted chicken nugget as a username but it was taken, so I spelt it in a weird manner. I spelt it the same manner on team bhp to maintain uniformity.

Originally Posted by nimbus1 View Post
Excellent ownership report. The car deserves to be a better seller compared to other cars in the same segment.
Thank you! It is a brilliant car no doubt in that. But, we can't say anything deserves to sell in good numbers.

There are a lot of good cars that didn't sell well in our market. Suzuki Kizashi, Skoda Fabia, TATA Hexa, Honda Civic 2019 etc. It might be because they were priced too optimistically, competition is much better, bad marketing (people didn't know about the car) etc.

But, this car can sell well if MG puts in the effort. It isn't available at most dealers (a lot of people don't even know it exists) and their marketing material excludes this car sometimes. Even if it is included, it is present in a corner. The Comet occupies more space in an advertisement than the Gloster.

the launch was mixed. It came at a time when Ford was pulling out so it could usurp some of the endeavour market, but in 2020 no one was looking to spend 50L to buy a car let alone that was brand new with unknown reliability at that time.

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Re: MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report

Exceptional, unbiased & detailed ownership reviews of cars have started going to our homepage reviews box. It's the ultimate stamp of trust from Team-BHP (as a platform) because lakhs of visitors every month check out reviews from there & make purchase decisions.

Your review has also gone here. Thank you so much for sharing .

Name:  Glo.png
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Re: MG Gloster Review | Ownership Report

We get our car serviced at RAAM MG kondapur.
Very surprising to here. I get my Astor serviced at RAAM MG Attapur (6 services till now and 3 body works) and i found the service experience very good. They keep the car very well, all the SAs are very friendly and thourough. I found that Mg also monitors the ASS aspect very carefully here.

Give Attapur a try next time.
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