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Originally Posted by sudev View Post
Any idea of how long the life of kit is? I've had the kit and plugs(?) in car's boot for two year without cause to use. Would the plugs work after this time or should I buy new plugs every few months / years?
The kit's been lying there for 3 years! Never had a puncture in the car where the kit is! Don't know if it works now!
For other cars at home tyres keep getting punctured!
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IMHO this solution is excellent when you're on the road and can't get it repaired....but not a very good as a long term idea. The mushroom patch is the best way to get it fixed and remain fixed for many kms to come.
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Originally Posted by iraghava View Post
Original & Fake
Attachment 52799
Good guide Ishaan. I had bought a similar kit along with 25 straight strips and 1 patch strip in the US. And the strips look like the one you have shown as fake. I also used a straight strip to repair a puncture once (few months back). And I have had no issues so far. So I am not sure if we can make out what is fake from the color alone.
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A definite 5 stars to the detailed and easy DIY guide to one of the most useful and recurring issue.Overall great job done!! Wish there were more such DIY sections.
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Super tutorial! And thanks for taking the effort to illustrate the process so well!

Does anyone know where I can pick up this repair kit in Chennai?
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Almost all the tyre shops now carry this. Especially the one's selling tubeless tyre's
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I had a puncture in my front tyre (bridgestone turanza ER60) last week.
The puncture was caused by a screw which was inserted ina plastic rectangle. The Screw was inside the tyre and the plastic rectangle was creating a rhythmic dup dup dup dup sound.

I could easily identify the problem however i did not have a plier in my toolkit so was unable to remove it. There was no air leakage.

I drove for another 2 kms and drove into a tyre repair store in airoli at the start of the Mulund Airoli Bridge.

The guy finished the job in barely 10 mins using my toolkit and repair strip
I asked him for the charges he very casually said "saab 100 rupaiya"
I asked him why so much said "saab yeh to aapko 100 rupiya bola kyun ki aapka kit use kiya nahi to hum 150 standarad rate hain jo hum lete hain" (Sir i told you 100 because i used your kit otherwise we charge 150 which is the standard rate)
I was shocked that a 10 min job with my kit , not requiring to remove tyre since i just turned the tyre in a easily accessible position was charged so much. I finally negotiate at 80 since had to rush for office.

The guy even showed me the "Maharashtra Tyre Assocaition' board proudly displaying the charges. Tubeless tyre Rs. 150
Allother minor reparis were barely 30 to 50 rupees.
Thisis daylight robbery . They just expect to shell out more since we have technologically advanced tyres that they can be repaired with much lesser efforts.

I wonder whether the rates decided by the Maharashtra tyre Association are just fixed randomly to suck out money from informed mortals like us.

I tried calling Maharashtra tyre Association on 9892297290 to ask for a justification however no one picked the call.
I am now gonna keep a plier in my toolkit and show the finger to the guys next time i have a puncture.
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Single tubeless puncture repair costs ~35-40/- bucks.
There is a roadside repair guy in our City who is extraordinarily talented, for a puncture anywhere on the tyre, he doesn't remove the tyre & fixes the puncture with tyre fitted to the car. Only takes about 2-5 mins for the job.
Another talent of his is that he has magnifying vision, spots the puncture with tyre on!
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Tubeless tyre puncture repair in Mumbai is now (effective from 1st Jan 2009) Rs. 150 per puncture in Mumbai. Saw a notice to this effect at the local tyre-walla. Rip off !!
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very useful info from Ragava. Thanks and are these kits available in India or are they imorted. Once you have them in your car, you wont have the problem of flat tyres nevertheless to say tubeless tyres can run for more than 200 kms even when punctured.
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Irags, a great DIY guide mate.

A question: Does the angle of the 'nail' have an impact on how to use the smoothening tool / insert tool?

Should one be careful to insert the smoothening tool in the 'same angle' as the object causing the puncture. If say (for example) the 'nail' is at an angle of 45 deg into the tyre then use the smoothening tool in that angle. Do not use it 90 deg vertically?

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No KS, the angle has nothing to do with it unless the object spears your sidewall. Then you've a slightly problematic situation at hand as inserting the insertion tool can be a problem in the strengthened sidewall.

Just using the smoothening tool at a 90 degree angle is just fine.
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I have around 5 nails in my bike's rear tyre,there is no drop in air pressure,since I also have slime in it.tyre is in its last stages and should not last more than 3-4K kms.
Is it safe to ride on like this or should I get punctures repaired?
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A simple and very useful thread. Even today, not many puncture shops are accepting tubeless tyres. I should have seen this thread a week back. I had my first last week. And only then I was wondering how tubeless tyres gets fixed.
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Urgent advice on Spark tyres!

Hi everyone,
Need some advice urgently. Last week my Spark was driven down from Goa. A week after this, when I checked the tyre pressure, the front tyres read 37 psi!! Thr recommended tyre pressure on the Apollo Acelere 155/70 R13 is 30 psi.
Therefore I asked the tyre guy tp chek, suspecting there might be a puncture, and sure enough there were small punctures on both the front tyres. This waws repaired using the standard tubeless tyre repair method.

Now the problem that I am facing is that there is a very quick decrease in the pressure. For instance, last night I filled air to 31 psi, andf this morning it was down to 28 psi on all 4 tyres, with a travel os hardly 5 kms!

My question is :

1. Is this overnight decrease of pressure normal? Does seem to me that there is a leakage somewhere, since air pressure is decresing very rapidly. What should I do about this? Since this is the first time that I am using tubeless tyres (after my old 800), I am confused.

2. Further, is there a possibility of the tyre guys having messed up the puncture repair, and therefore the tyre might still be leaking air? In that case, what should I do? Should I have all tyres checked at a tyre shop?

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