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Default TYRES-JK Elanzos' or Bridgestone Duelers'??

Hi All,
I have two Scorpios and the first one came with JK Elanzo's as OEM supply. I have not so good experiences with Elanzo's. I changed the Elanzo's to Bridgestones after doing 35000km. Thereafter there is a definite positive change in the overall car handling. The new mHawk I purchased, I was very particular that I had Bridgestone Deuler's as OEM!!

I want to seek your observations specific to Elanzo Vs Bridgestones

1. Tread/Tyre life- I find Elanzo's tread life is very less compared to Bridgestones. At 35000km the car would wobble/skid when braked little hard!

2. Road grip(In dry and wet roads)-On normal roads, the car would behave fine with Elanzo's when braked in a straight line. But would skid/wobble badly otherwise. On wet roads, Elanzo's were very risky. I once bumped an Ikon ahead of me at 40kmph as the Ikon took a sudden right turn without flashing the indicators. I was following the Ikon with atleast another 2 scorpio's distance between us. This happened with slight drizzle on the road!!

3. Cost advantage vis a vis product service & life cycle- I do not find any cost advantage with Elanzo's as they had to be replaced earlier. Even If I had pushed my car another 5000km this would not have helped much!! Please note that I have my cars tyres balanced & rotated every 5000 km intervals!

4. Quality- This was another issue. The sidewalls of Elanzo tyres(2 out of 5) had bulged out of the normal shape at 25000km. I escalated this to JK tyres who sent thier reigional representative who examined/researched all tyres at my Cost(cost of removing the tyres, balancing & mounting!!) and said the two tyres have a minor side wall swell problem and I can exhange them for two new Elanzos' at a 10% discount! . At this point I decided if I had to change my two tyres to Elanzos, I would rather prefer Bridgestones which run longer(talking to other owners a mileage of 50-60k can be expected).

If I am an exception to the above experience, I am fine with it. I thought I shall post this here for everybody's experiences and benefit.

Note from Support: Thread moved to correct section.

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hello getsurya,

Side wall bulging problem has been reported with bridgestone as well on many scorpios who had about 2000 to 4000 kms on odo. Hence the problem is not specific to JK. The advantage with JK is that their customer service is friendly and are far more liberal than bridgestone.
As far as quality in general goes bridgestone is far ahead as rightly observed by you. But they arent customer friendly as JK.

regards vinod
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i would anyday vouch for bridgestone dueler h/t tires as i had very good experience with them (as my previous set of tires). good traction, beefy look, ideal for spirited driving. my duelers lasted for about 48K kms (of hard driving).
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Hi Vinod, Thanks for the note.
Customer Service is one side of the story, firstly I feel the quality of the product is important. Customer service steps in if the product fails in its delivery or not maintained properly.
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I personally feel Bridgestone duellers look and feel far better than Elanzo. My Mhawk has Elanzo as OEM and before registration , I tried my best to get it changed by the dealer but for some strange reason , they didnt. Anyway, this is the last time I went to this dealer. In all my other cars somehow, I always got Bridgestones as OEM and so far no problems ever in the quality and life of the tyre.

Hence, no experience of their customer service. At the same time no experience on JK as well. Done only 5K so far - so too early to comment.
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Default Re: TYRES-JK Elanzos' or Bridgestone Duelers'??

Just wanted to revive an old thread. I wanted to buy Bridgestone Dueller AT 265/65/r17 for my Pajero, and I got a quote of 12k per tyre from a local dealer.
Then a relative who is a JK dealer sold me JK Ranger HT 265/65/r17 at 12k.

Pros - I expect to get better service from the JK guy. JK service is said to be better anyway.

Cons - I hear everyone say Bridgestone Dueller is a far better tyre than JK Ranger. The tyre will last 50-60k kms, while JK may die at 35k.

JK guy verbally told me tyre has 5 year manufacturing warranty, and a 3 year or 50% tread any-cause warranty where they will replace the tyre for any reason at all. I am yet to get documents.

I am wondering what people think.
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