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Default Tubeless Tyres? Not Enough! How about Airless -Michelin TweelTyres

There's an article on NY times on Tweel - the future of the wheel!

NY Times article
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Only prob with this design is that choosing between ride quality and performanc will no longer be as easy as "changing the tyre pressure".

Somhow, i'm not convinced these tyres will ever see mass production.

Even if they're launched, they'd end up being pretty expensive.

The good thing about these tyres is that we will no longer have to worry about checking tyre pressure, or gettin the tyre blown at over 100 mph.

It's a good design but i don't think it's fool proof. It will have it's weak points.

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Good technology. But when it will come out on cars and how expensive it will be god alone knows. Buts its a fascinating thing.
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Old 12th February 2005, 21:22   #4
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Default Tyres without AIR!! (Worthseeing)

Guyz.. found this link on!! The link is worth looking at. Michelin have made the worlds first Wheel and Tyre combination without any usage of Air!!
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Old 13th February 2005, 03:31   #5
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read about it in autocar or something
i figure it will be pretty useful in india given the condition of our roads
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Old 13th February 2005, 08:39   #6
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I also saw the article yesterday, but didnt bother much
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yeah ... i saw this in the autocar as well...but it looks kind of should look like a normal tyre.

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Old 26th February 2005, 20:00   #8
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Default intresting

lovely article dudes....
thanx for the info....
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Old 23rd March 2005, 12:05   #9
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Default Future of car tires

Hi guys this was originally posted by an NRI(US Based) member of xBhp(id:LocalStuntRider).

Since its car stuff i thought I would share it with you all here

************************************************** **************
I guess they are tesing these as we speak. Inner part is made out of flexable spokes.

I think they are flat UGLY probably wouldnt buy them like that, but im sure they will put some kinda side wall to cover the spokes.





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Old 23rd March 2005, 13:18   #10
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that seems to be a great idea - remember seeing this somewhere.

at least, that will cover the problem of punctures for life - with no air in these tyres. looks like that would need some special fitment between the tyre and the wheel - maybe 1 piece. that's bad news for alloy manufacturers and style freaks.

and oh yeah, that look with the car in motion - looks like it's running on a set of bicycle wheels - they've gotta do something about that if anybody is going to buy them.
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Old 23rd March 2005, 15:31   #11
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what about turning?? the sidewall or spokes or whatever between the tyre and rim seems to be bending too much, which I think robs handling and performance.
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Old 23rd March 2005, 18:43   #12
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Isn't there a limit to the flexibility of the spokes? There has to be a balance batween flexibility and rigidity, so what happens if you're drivin a REALLY heavy car/truck/pickup and you take a real sharp, wuick turn. Won't there be undue pressure on the spokes all of a sudden,a and then, won't they collapse?? Ad if not, won't ride quality be less than NIL, and won' the machine lose traction...??? This is definitely all thought of , but yeah, I'm still gonna ask.... hehe...
Ya, they are UUUUUGGGGGLLLYYYYY!!!! But I'm sure that if it comes to sellin em, the marketin guys will prolly put neons or fillin between the sspokes, or on top of the spokes so that it looks more accceptable and more sturdy (only to look at, and hecne will give immense satisfaction to an apprihansive customer...)
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isnt this the new Michelin tire ,which will be fitted in a 7 series later.???????i think this has come in a recent OD or ACI issue
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Old 23rd March 2005, 20:24   #14
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Guess its too early to coment on them...but as of now they look Ameteaur and <<<HORRRRRID>>> ....are those wheel chair tyres by any chance!??! .... nevertheless they will eliminate those cumbersome puntures permanently
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Old 24th March 2005, 00:05   #15
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i am wondering how much of the suspension will be tweaked...those spokes look like the stiffness of the suspension has to be corrected accordingly .. i really dont know how they can manage a bigger sidewall .. as the spokes bend quite a bit ( in the 3rd pic...

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