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View Poll Results: The new 2017 Dzire or the Baleno? Pick your choice.
Maruti Dzire 86 31.27%
Maruti Baleno 189 68.73%
Voters: 275. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 12th July 2017, 15:21   #16
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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire

Voted for Dzire, simply because it carries bit of aspirational value as well to own a sedan.

New Dzire is definitely wider and has better rear leg room as well as rear AC vents, build quality though i felt is mixed bag.

For someone looking at a Diesel automatic shifts, i guess dzire is one of the cheapest(and popular) options out there.
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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire

I would take Baleno's side. Both the cars are similar package with different styling. The sheer value of Baleno to higher priced Dzire cannot be ignored. And, conventional hatchback shape is classic and in my opinion way better than the compact sedan's awkwardness. The only reason I would go for Dzire is if I wanted ZXI+ AMT of a diesel automatic.

I have compared them variant by variant here with pre GST prices
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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire

I have not driven the new Dzire, though have looked at it in the showroom; somehow it is not as pleasing to look at whereas Baleno gets attention. The reason could be many as the MSIL showroom was crowded, whereas Baleno was happily parked inside NEXA and test drive was available / at my disposal.

Having said that, I test drove the CVT Baleno and was quite impressed. It is extremely smooth, easy to manage in traffic, has lots of space (I was deeply impressed with Jazz, and Baleno is no less when it comes to space management).

To me it seems that Baleno was essentially developed keeping Jazz in mind and Suzuki has done a good job (Jazz was a path breaking product when launched earlier, though it made i20 successful, very similar to Ford Fusion, which was ahead of its time and now buyers have started buying cross-overs); whereas Dzire has been developed keeping middle class aspirations in mind, which is equally praiseworthy the way the final product has been delivered by Suzuki Designers !

I liked the fit & finish of Baleno a notch better compared to new Dzire. The driving position and the instrument cluster is also great in Baleno.

Baleno is premium to put it simply ! It is my choice between two of them.

No matter whatever is the final decision of buyer, the money goes to MSIL for offering two good and compelling choices.

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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire

Baleno for me. The reasons are as follows:

1. Right proportions
2. Full sized car (hatchback). DZire is now better than ever before but is neither a hatchback nor a full sized sedan. I am a fan of full size hatchbacks and crossovers.
3. Baleno is an international model
4. If I am out in the market for an auto, AMT is not something I will spend my money on
5. Higher Ground clearance (GC), though, it would be interesting to note if this 163mm is GC of a fully laden car (new ARAI specs) or empty car (old ARAI specs)

The only place DZire scores over Baleno is a better shaped boot with a low loading lip.

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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire

I voted for Baleno. The reasons are as follows:

1. I own it. (Baleno Zeta, Petrol)
2. Have been driving it in Mumbai's traffic & I am in love with its engine. Buttery smooth.
3. Proper 5 people car with plenty of leg room.
4. I'm a fan of hatchback cars & Baleno is best of both worlds. Looks like a hatchback & is spacious like any other sedan out there.

Well, all above are just my personal opinion. It's not that Dzire is bad, but I haven't spent any time with it so can't comment much on it.
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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire

Dollar for dollar, the Dzire makes more sense for me. But the upcoming Nexa service centres will soon become deciding factors too. I'm told that the Nexa service experience will be premium. I've seen the Nexa sales outlet and they're good enough to have a 20-lakh rupee car on the floor. The service centres should be good too.

Bring that into the equation, and my scale would tip in the Baleno's favour. And since Nexa service isn't a dream anymore, my definitive choice would be the Baleno.

P.S.: The first Nexa service centre (Prem Motors) is opening in Sec 16 Gurgaon by the end of this month. More will follow as all Nexa outlets have to pair up with an equally posh service centre.

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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire

If my choice boils down to them ie Baleno and Dzire I would pick the Baleno RS, rather than splurging 11+ big ones on the Baleno diesel AMT. Reasons:

1) Baleno looks better to me. Dzire's front looks overdone to me. Rear looks better when compared to the outgping model though.
2) Space is not a problem and the boot space is also impressive by hatch standards.
3) All black interiors, though I love the flat bottom steering wheel (minus the faux wood) in the Dzire.
4) The heart of the matter: The 1.0 boosterjet is the best pick here.
5) Bigger and beefier tyres and a stiffer suspension (as per the reports).

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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire

Baleno any day. Why ? I own one

This comes at the right time. I booked a Baleno petrol last November and as the waiting period was making me restless i booked the new dzire in the month of April. Slowly i reached a position where my Baleno was allotted in the first week of May and would arrive in 14 days. I had to take a quick decision between the baleno or dzire, since i was interested only on the manuals it was very easy to arrive at a conclusion. Here are my criteria for going for the Baleno.

For Baleno :
1. An all round package (a proper hatch )
2. Stunning looks (I love the curves)
3. Excellent ingress & egress
4. Loads of space inside

Against Dzire :
1. Compromised rear space (not for 3)
2. Low seating leading to poor ingress and egress
3. Ground clearance
4. Lack of some important features when compared to Baleno (UV cut glass, auto dimming IRVM, puddle lamps etc)

Although there are many other features which stand out from each other but the above are the prime factors for me for going with the Baleno.

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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire

D'zire. For the slightly better build (as reported) and the dynamics of a sedan vs a hatch.

Maruti and its success continues to baffle me (and that is a cause for personal shame, given that I'm a Marketer....clearly not a good one if I can't get understand this consumer behavior). I'm practically scared of the build on the boxes Maruti continues to churn and the India consumer seems to be lapping it up! This thread case in point!

Having driven both German made cars (Vento) and cost effective Koreo-Japs (i10 & city), I've always found it difficult to believe that the experience on Japs could be better. For me even the venerable City does not feel nearly as settled, secure and comfortable as the Vento (as much as I hate VW for being intolerable in every other way). But just being in the Vento feels so much more like home!

Even more staggering is that as the industry moves towards building more solid cars (including Hyundai & Tata's new stable), Maruti just keeps digging lower!! And still sells!
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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire


1. Looks better.
2. Will not be used as a "Taxi" any time soon (hopefully!)
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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire

Dzire, simply because that front end is drop dead gorgeous. The two cars are very similar under the skin anyway.

However, once the Swift is replaced, I'm sure I'll vote for that over the Dzire.
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I'd say go for the DZire if you want an automatic (that's more drivable than a CVT) in the top-spec trim and the Baleno if you want a manual.
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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire

Originally Posted by aryayush View Post
I'd say go for the DZire if you want an automatic (that's more drivable than a CVT) in the top-spec trim and the Baleno if you want a manual.
That is also my exact conclusion so far. Dzire AMT is more drivable than Baleno CVT as we need not worry about quick pickup and also have manual control in AMT.

If one wants manual and does not care about Sedan looks or more boot space in Dzire, Baleno is clear winner with some extra features and a bit lower price points of corresponding versions.
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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire

I would go strictly for the top end Dzire, it reminds me more of Jaguar F-type
Baleno is not bad either but I am tired of owning a hatch, and based on my brother's experience, I would prefer to buy a car which would accommodate a baby's pram and along with other bags in near future. I dont think Baleno's boot would do that. (I havent driven either car so maybe team-bhpians can help)
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Default Re: Maruti: Baleno vs Dzire

So nobody here has an issue with Baleno not having a covered underbody?

Also, the price difference between the Dzire ZXI AMT and ZXI+ AMT is more than a lakh. What do we get in the ZXI+ other than LED projector headlamps, DRLs, reverse camera and diamond cut alloys?
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