18 cars & 10 motorcycles show up at Team-BHP Pune-Mumbai Meet

You get to learn and listen to so much from your fellow BHPians and also exchange notes and anecdotes.

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Pune-Mumbai meet @ Mapro, Lonavala 19Feb

18 fantastic cars + 10 fantastic superbikes + 41 fantastic folks + 3 fantastic kids = a classical Team-BHP meet!

The moment this thread started rolling off on 30th January, quite a few jumped on it with enthusiasm. And the tribe grew steadily to the point where many like-minded people from the forum (and some off it, too) came together today morning, to have a great time!

The venue zeroed in was the tried and tested Mapro Garden, Lonavala restaurant - chosen due to a lot of parking space available (our TBHP meets can have a seriously big convoy) and the excellent food available (pizzas, sandwiches, that yummy strawberry ice cream topped milkshake, coffee et al), plus it serving as a nice median-distance rendezvous for Pune and Mumbai folks.

All of us started trickling in around 8.25-8.30 am at the restaurant from both Pune and Mumbai alike. And the moment people started parking, handshakes and introductions few thick and fast. Guess this meet was a long time coming!

Few pics for your viewing pleasure.

First up, the thundering yet beautiful superbikes raking in all the attention:-

You name a superbike - be it the Gixxer, the Ducati Multi, the Interceptor, the Super Meteor, the Duke 390 et al - you got to see one in the flesh today, an absolute joy on 2-wheels:-

Everyone wanted to have a close look and click a pose on these magnificent machines:-

Next, the cars getting lined up:-

Yes sir, standing at attention:-

Ran out of space on the main rack, so some had to park along the side:-

And then some more:-

Such a myriad ensemble - the Hybrid City, the Dark and the Kaziranga Harriers, the workhorse Swift, the classic Fabia, feisty Polo & the Vento, the reliable Duster, the majestic Laura, the ubiquitous Creta and the Nexon EV, the mighty 530d, the super Mitsubishi Lancers and an A4 thrown in the mix!

Some special attention and love being showered on Navin_V8's Lancer:-

Special note: BHPian Jaisalmeriya's son also joined in the fun and impressed one and all with his ability to sound off and identify cars in a jiffy. By the way, his name has been recorded in the Indian Book of Records (IBR) for identifying the maximum number of cars when he was aged ~3 yrs (link):-

Will the forum witness another record by having his registration maybe in the near future at such a tender age?! I hope so.

Then, the customary Team-BHP family pic

(missed BHPian PSM_360 in this pic, guess he arrived a bit later)

With all introductions over, time to head off to the restaurant:-

In the true spirit of family camaraderie, almost everyone got the food ordered in small groups so as to continue enjoying the food together and continue the car conversations.

Never knew how time flew, a couple of hours went by just like that - it was that great fun!

On the way back, a few of us paid a visit to the walk-in store and got hold of some classic Mapro goodies:-

This being just my 2nd meet in the last 10 years, have to admit that such meets are a great place to share 'n' care for our loved ones (yes, the ones over here on the forum)! You get to learn and listen to, so much from your fellow BHPians and also exchange notes and anecdotes - like you can never do anywhere else.

Wishing more of us can meet ever more so often going ahead.

Quite easily, one of the best Sunday mornings that I had spent in a long time!

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