18 key observations from all three rows of my Innova Hycross

The Hycross I feel is an excellent choice for a car which is chauffer-driven 80% of the time.

BHPian Sanidhya mukund recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Have crossed 1500 km on the odo. Here are a few observations from my experience as a driver and a passenger in all three rows:

  1. Even though it is a very large vehicle, it is very easy to drive. The turning radius isn’t very large, the steering is light and the driving aids such as the sensors and the camera make it a breeze to drive even in the city.
  2. The driving seat, when set to its highest position gives you a very commanding view of the road. Almost like the erstwhile Tata Safari Storme.
  3. The calf support extensions in the middle row may not be practical for a fully stretched-out recliner experience, but they do prove to be very helpful in avoiding muscle fatigue even when partially raised on long journeys.
  4. Needless to say, the fuel economy is excellent for such a large petrol vehicle. However, I’ve noticed that it is quite sensitive to throttle inputs. A heavy right foot can lead to a 3-4 km/l drop in fuel economy. My FE range has been 15-18.5.
  5. The third row is decent for people of average height, but only if the seat is fully reclined. If you make it upright in the interest of luggage space, it becomes quite uncomfortable. I find the third-row experience to be quite similar to the erstwhile Crysta. Some areas in the third row, however, such as the mobile phone holder are horrendously finished. The plastic looks like it was cut by a 9-year-old using a hacksaw blade.
  6. There are no niggles/squeaks/rattles to report yet. The Apple CarPlay works very smoothly with my age-old iPhone XR and new 15 Pro Max without any random disconnections.
  7. The sunroof sunshade is of good quality and effectively blocks out sunlight. Even the rear sunshades are tremendously helpful for those who are susceptible to migraines.
  8. The dual zone AC, multiple fan speed adjustments and the option to open/close AC vents on all the rows make it very easy to find your ideal cabin temperature. The AC is quite effective just like the old Innovas.
  9. The lane-keeping assist is annoying at times, especially when you want to change lanes and it resists.
  10. I sorely miss backlighting on the sunroof controls. There are separate buttons for the sunshade and the sunroof. There are also multiple other buttons in that region. In the dark, you will find yourself taking your eyes off the road if you want to open/close the sunroof/sunshade while on the move.
  11. Enough has been said about the headlights already, but I would like to emphatically state that they are absolute garbage. Such lights have no business being on a 36 lakh rupee car, let alone an MPV that is expected to see so much highway action!
  12. Even though the car is quick and can attain triple-digit speeds really effortlessly, the CVT gearbox makes the engine whine whenever you plant your foot. Didn’t notice an appreciable difference in throttle response between the three driving modes.
  13. The NVH levels are otherwise quite satisfactory. Very little road noise creeps in and the engine is usually very quiet when the car is being driven sedately. Even at idle, when the car is not in EV mode, the engine doesn’t make much of a racket.
  14. Since it always starts in EV mode, temporary chauffeurs and valet drivers sometimes have a hard time understanding that the car has started. On at least two instances, I’ve had confused people coming up to me to tell me that my car isn’t turning on!
  15. The fit and finish on the outside isn’t great. The bonnet feels extremely hollow when tapped and some of the fixtures creak when pressed.
  16. Short occupants in the middle row have a hard time getting a view of the road ahead due to the fact that the front seats are placed very high thanks to the battery under them.
  17. The ride quality is really good. Passengers won’t be tossed about even on broken roads and the straight-line stability is just like an Innova. There is none of that annoying floaty sensation that some tall vehicles inherently have.
  18. I’m no audiophile, so the sound system is excellent in my books. At high volumes, the bass makes the IRVM shake.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my purchase. For a vehicle that is chauffeur-driven 80 per cent of the time, it is an excellent choice. Easy to drive, comfortable to travel in, loaded with tech, reliable and durable, spacious and practical and easy on the pocket. The only major flaw in my view is the weak headlight throw, but the other flaws are just minor irritants in an otherwise excellent package.

The inner side of the door handles are quite susceptible to scratches. Got them PPF’d. Also had them cover the shiny surface of both the keys as they also are quite prone to scratching.

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