2 lakh km up on my pre-owned Lexus NX300h

While its got all the tech to match what is latest in the industry along with typical Lexus build quality etc, It felt the interior to be way too cramped

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Update: 200000 Kms up!

200000 KMs up of which 23000+ are under my ownership [Feb 2023 onwards].

Key updates
- The damaged back bumper from Morocco trip (Solo road-trip from EU to Africa (Netherlands - Morocco) in a Lexus NX300h) has been fixed under Insurance.

Lexus showroom (Louwman Exclusive Cars) is what I opted for as they had a direct tie-up with my Insurance [ABN Amro] which meant all cash dealings would be done directly.
Louwman also arranged a replacement car [almost new Lexus UX 250h] that my Insurance offers.

While it's got all the tech to match what is latest in the industry along with typical Lexus build quality etc, It felt the interior was way too cramped - I mean I know it's a smaller car, but it's too tight even for that sized cars around. My kid could not stretch her legs properly while being on her car seat. The excitement of a new car went away just in a day and I was just looking for the NX to get back. It took 4 days to have the damage fixed.

After getting back from Morocco trip, there hasn't been anything major in terms of events/trips. Home - School - Work - Home is what is going on.

Some updates on numbers:
- Daily average: 87.2 KMs
- Monthly average: 2302 KMs
- KMPL overall: 14.38
- Next service: after another 6k KMs.

What's coming up?

There's not much in plan really. I may do some short trips during Christmas week and probably will get in for service in early Feb or so. I will keep this thread updated.

Now have done about 23k KMs, here are updates to things I like [Addition to the earlier list]
- Settings such as heated seats stay turned on until they are switched off. As the temp is below 10 these days, It's nice to have heated seats on all the time. All the other settings also follow the same idea.
- Doors extending all the way down to the bottom of the body ensure that clothes remain clean, especially given it rains a lot these days.
- No issues so far. Hope that the reliability factor continues.

Things I don't like [Addition to the earlier list]
- As it's been raining a lot, I noticed that the wheel arcs are collecting a lot more dirt than I'd like. It's not that easy to clean properly.
- I also see that the window glasses and mirrors are water drop magnets. It needs some solution.

As usual, signing off with another pic.


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